Hilly's Dolls

A page dedicated to my two lovely guys-enjoy x

Starsky & Beth

My first effort-as you can see-no title! Contrived-Enjoy x

Starsky's Lady (the tag)

Two weeks after the death of Starsky's girlfriend Terry he carries out her wishes at the stroke of midnight. A book about how to improve your Monopoly skills and her teddybear Ollie along with a letter for Hutch, telling him to look after his partner Dave and Ollie xxxxx

Cruisin' Capers

Mmmmm things don't always go to plan on a cruise

Vespa or Watch...?

Contrived scene. Enjoy x

Starsky and the Bee

Scene from The Avenger (S&H) - Enjoy x


Scene from Gillian (S&H) Enjoy x


A Scene from 'Class in Crime'. (S&H) Enjoy x


Baseed on a scene from Discomania (S&H). Poor Judith-she tried! x Enjoy!

Boys and their Toys !

It's the feel of all that power between your thighs! Enjoy!


Guys having a chill out time on the beach - enjoy

A Man and his Dog

Starsky and one of his dogs-enjoy x


Playing Pool

Photo Shoot with the Girlies

Wrestling Bout

Class-Up Sport-Undies Fashion Show-'Undercover'


Mischief in the Kitchen

Starsk's Fright Night

Culture Shock

It was going to be a good day; Hutch could feel it. Ever since he had managed to talk Starsk into going with him to the new Art Gallery down town he felt a kind of mini victory. Sure, they’d had a few drinks at Huggy’s and his buddy always was susceptible to innuendos-of any kind after a few beers. But the final answer was a resounding ‘yeah-why not, I’m as artistically appreciative as the next guy’ (well he managed the ‘yeah’-just). So at last they were standing in the first room of the gallery. A host of paintings covering the walls. First up-Landscape. Hutch wasted no time in extolling the expertise of each artist. ‘Look at those brushstrokes Starsk, it’s as if you were really there, such atmosphere…’ His buddy stared for a while at each one and gave a huff. ‘It’s all trees and flowers’ Hutch couldn’t believe what he just heard but walked on to the next section, Still Life. More flowers-this time arrangements and food set beside jugs and plates. Again Hutch shook his head in amazement. ‘Incredible…you can smell those apples…the texture of those oranges...such impeccable style…’ Once more a familiar voice resonated round the room. ‘It’s just a piece of cheese…and as for those apples-makes me hungry…is there somewhere you can get a burger round here?’ Hutch closed his eyes. ‘Do you ever stop thinking of your stomach for one minute. You just had breakfast’ ‘That was a couple of hours ago…Lookin’ at all this started me up…’ He was rolling his guidebook up and using it as a telescope and started scanning the area. ‘You sure there isn’t a snack bar round here?’ Hutch decided to ignore his buddy and carry on with the tour. He didn’t notice his friend slink off into a corridor which had a sign on the wall with an arrow pointing to ‘Vintage Pin-ups’ something had spiked his interest and he suddenly forgot his hunger pangs… Heaven…he had found heaven. Wall to wall heaven. The curvaceous shapes that greeted his eyes spoke tomes. ‘Mamma…’ he murmured and sidled up to a revealing naked body painted in acrylic So engrossed was he inspecting the fine brushstrokes of the artist he didn’t see Hutch enter, looking rather cross and flustered. ‘Ah well’ he said to himself as he watched his friend assess every framed picture of erotica ’I tried’. He sat down and gave a wry smile. ‘So, you’re not so hungry now?’ Starsk shook his head in wonderment. ‘Hungry? How can anyone think of food when this is on the wall…’ ‘This?’ ‘Yeah-these beautiful works of art…look at the line, the soft strokes…the sensitivity…it’s all there.’ ‘Oh, it’s all there alright.’ They sat silently together then eventually Hutch spoke. ‘So, I guess you’re glad you came yes?’ Starsk relaxed back in his seat, his gaze fixed on the final picture which had the inscription - ‘’Oh, yes, big round ones are really in now.’’ Hutch whispered. ‘I think they mean the sunglasses Starsk’ To which his dear friend smiled and in his sexiest drawl said- ‘I’m not thinkin’ about sunglasses…’

Culture Shock

Bowled Over

The guys thought they would coach the girls but they were wasting their time it seems!


Fun in the snow

Christmas Wishes

Catching up with cards and playing Santa

NY Resolutions?

Turning Over a new Leaf?

Relaxing in the garden room at No.3. Time for Hutch to catch up on his stocks and shares and as for Starsk...immersing himself in his heroes...After a while Hutch glanced at his buddy- 'Spidernam lives to fight another day?' 'Mmm?' 'Starsk, haven't you felt that sometimes it would be a change to look-read something a bit more challenging?' 'What could be more challenging than Spiderman? Scaling buildings....defying gravity...rescuing the damsel in distress?' 'True....But I meant something less...visual' 'Visual?' 'Well, yes. How about broadening your mind a bit...experiencing something new...' 'Like what?' 'Well. Like keeping your finger on the pulse of current affairs...' 'You mean that thing that's goin on between Zarelli and Perkins...Personally I think he's way out of her league...' 'No. I didn't mean that kind of affair...Things that are happening around the world...' 'Hutch, I don't need to read about what's happnin around the world. I just turn on the TV to catch up with stuff.' 'Look, I know that's one way, but there's lots of other ways...Sometimes it's nice to do your own thing, discover what's going on by yourself...' 'Well, all I can say is there's more goin on in this than in what you're reading. That pink paper of yours hardly has any pictures and it's all one colour. Whereas my magazine has everything-colour and captions.' 'Okay, okay....I just thought maybe you could broaden your outlook a bit' 'Outlook?' 'Yes buddy. The stuff you read kids read-don't you want something that suits your age more?' Starsk thinks for a minute and goes out the room. A few minutes later he's back with a plastic sack full of 'reading matter' Hutch watches as he rumages through the sack, eventially pulling out a glossy magazine titled -Penthouse. Starsk settles back in his favourite chair with a beautific smile spreading across his face. Hutch sighs and returns to his FT-so much for turning over a new leaf-hot pages more like!

Party Time

In the Studio