After a night of incredible lovemaking, smiling, he looked in her eyes, inhaling her scent as his hand touched her skin, travailing her smooth silken thighs.

‘So what do you want us to do my sweet love, take a walk in the park, scare the ducks, go visit a gallery or a museum, it’s not that I’m short of some bucks?’

But she remained silent her smile getting wider, a look of contentment, serene, he carried on talking as she watched his lips move, remembering where they had been.

‘We could watch a movie, a show or a ballet, a play or an opera tonight, take a boat down the Thames, ride an open-topped bus, or we could just stay here and keep tight?’

She smiled at the last bit, moved closer beside him and nuzzled his neck with a purr, and his voice became whispered, again his lips found her, all words just a romantic slur.

Their plans to go out would be filed well away, he immediately knew how they would spend their day…

© HILLY KENDRICK. 2019 All rights reserved



Amongst dishevelled cotton, legs with dark hair find some rest,

a strong firm hand with seeking fingers cups a firm young breast,

red lips still tender from hot kisses, nuzzle perfumed skin,

and after some brief respite, more love making will begin-

once more, two bodies find themselves entangled in the sheet,

they join again in aching bliss, to make their love complete,

a gentle tapering finger travels downwards to ‘that’ place,

the magic smile he freely gives, will brighten up her face.


© HILLY KENDRICK. 2019 All rights reserved