Accidental Meeting

An accidental meeting with a man I never knew,

while walking through the heather, in a morning hung with dew,

I told him he was tress-passing, he scratched his head and smiled,

and from that very instant I was hypnotised, beguiled.

I told him that my father owned the land he walked upon,

advising him politely for his safety to be gone,

my father owned a shotgun which he used occasionally,

again the stranger gave a smile and asked ‘Would he shoot me?’

He turned toward the camera crew and told them to ‘take five,’

once more I recommended if he left he’d stay alive,

instead he sighed resignedly, he needed just one shot,

‘okay guys let’s get movin’ give it everything you got’.

I watched him move around commanding all that he surveyed,

and I just stood in silence camouflaged in purple shade,

and now and then his head would nod, a happy thumb was raised,

and everyone was smiling, bathing in the well-earned praise.

They started packing up their things, soon I came face to face

with the tall dark handsome stranger, my poor heart began to race,

‘I’m sorry to be trespassing and I can only think,

what say I make it up to you and we go for a drink?’

Was then I seemed to lose my voice, it melted clean away,

and then without a warning heard myself say- ‘well okay’

I didn’t think as he grabbed my hand to negotiate the slope,

it was if our hands had bonded, tied together by a rope.

Just an accidental meeting, with a man I never knew,

and a drink we shared together at a table made for two.


© HILLY KENDRICK. 2020 All rights reserved

Blueberry Eyes

He stands on the footstool conducting his orchestra,

arms waving round in mid-air,

he nods to the violins then to the timpani,

he sees them, though they are not there.

Mounting his stead, gallops out of reality,

he hears a distressed maiden’s cries,

his arrow is fired, defeating the enemy,

the young boy with blueberry eyes.


Alone in the world, on a quest to find something,

a road unfamiliar and new,

not taking the obvious choices laid out to him,

knowing inside what was true.

Discovering an art which would shape his whole being,

immersing himself in disguise,

a world filled with characters, coloured scenarios,

the student with blueberry eyes.


A journey now taken and hard to accomplish,

but dogged devotion wins through,

long years treading boards, working bars, endless striving,

experience taught him what to do.

So sudden the jolt from the sane to insanity,

from unknown to well known, still wise,

he looks on and wonders at all the celebrity,

the young man with blueberry eyes.


Throughout all the years that brought pain, also happiness,

his boat is now steady, on course,

becalmed are the seas and the rocks are dissolving,

his pen and his paints now endorse.

Inspired to write, exorcize private demons,

his brush dips in pots of bright dyes,

creating and loving his life as he wanted,

the man with the blueberry eyes.


Dedicated to Actor/Director/Writer/Artist Paul Michael Glaser. Turning 76  this year 2019.

© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved



Heaven Scent

I wake to find you sleeping on my breast,

your gentle breathing duets with this heart, 

in silence do we find eternal rest,

where sunlight steers our course to play a part.


Sweet freesia threads between your silken hair,

strong heady scents engulf my sated mind,

each velvet flower no lover could compare,

against the dew kissed skin of one so kind.


This treasured love is shared in gentle hours,

where angels serenade us with their wings.

gold pollen dusts our lashes from the bowers,

the gentle hum of bees a slumber brings.


We twine and turn as honeysuckles do,

beneath soft clouds and skies of sapphire blue.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Another Notch

Okay 007, you know why I'm here,

drop the pretence, you have so much to fear,

I was not born yesterday, as you may believe,

and unknown to you, I learnt to decieve.


I have stalked you silently in shadows dark,

beneath shallow waters, just like a shark,

one false move you get it, right between the eyes,

heaven knows you've given it, far too many tries.


Kick the pistol over here, do not stop to think,

my gun is fully loaded, I could kill you with a blink,

slowly, gently does it, do not hold me with that gaze,

do not think for a moment, you can set this heart ablaze.


I warn you, turn your face away, back against the wall,

you have no power over me, just because I'm small,

I say again, please back away, I'm warning you my friend,

my gun is cocked, one false move, these bullets I will spend.


My gun! What happened? It's been knocked from my hand!

This was not meant to happen, not the way I planned,

your eyes have hynotized me, there is nothing I can do,

I'm totally powerless, beneath the weight of you.


We can strike a bargain, split the gold and run,

make for the speed boat, and head out for the sun,

come on, be a sport James, this is a fair deal,

I'm just a simple woman, no robot made of steel.


I do not think you realise, how deep we are getting,

just how many enemies, who on your life are betting,

okay 007, I'll come clean, on one condition,

give me space to breathe so I can adjust my position!!



© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Homage to a Striped Tomato


Hear the screech of tyres as a siren stabs the air,

better give up now, try to stop them if you dare,

they have tracked you down when you thought the coast was clear,

yes your time is up and your heart is filled with fear.


Hear the engine roar as you swerve to take a bend,

thought you had them beat but it’s you who’s lost my friend,

skimming through the streets like a red typhoon on heat,

they are on your tail, very soon your fate you’ll meet.


Hear the tyres spin round as they take the shorter way,

see the dust kick up blocking out the light of day,

they have got you trapped like a weasel down a hole,

yes they have you now and they know they’re on a roll.


Up a dead end street out of places you can run,

feel your body tense as you see a flash of gun,

slammed against a car, red and hot with a bold white stripe,

feel the handcuffs lock and your life goes down the pipe.


You can never beat this Tomato on four wheels,

in worn leather seats only ‘they’ know how it feels,

as she’s brought to heel, listen to her thankful purr,

soon to hit the streets in a wild vermillion blur.


Dedicated to Zebra 3 Ford Torino used in 'Starsky and Hutch'


© HILLY KENDRICK. 2019 All rights reserved