Three people waiting for their flights, but it's not only bad weather that disrupts finely tuned plans.



Just my luck

all set to go

then this bloody fog...


it was enough

that Liv panicked

back at the hotel

leaving her straighteners behind



should have known

this journey was going

to have the kiss

of death stamped on it...


the one chance we get

Sundance Film Festival

Salt Lake City

some hopes of getting

there on time now...


where in hells teeth

 has she got to?

only needed to

powder her nose



could be worse

could have married her

time is marching on

Freddie boy

35 years old and

still not hitched

maybe I’m fated

never to get hitched?



where the hell

are you?



why now?

why me?

why here?



© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


What a mess

what do I look like?

mirror never lies Livvy

should have gone back

for those straighteners

in fact

I could STILL go back

with this bloody fog

holding us up...


pain in the arse Freddie

do I really want to go to Utah

for a film festival-

well do I?

all he talks about

film festivals

eat sleeps and breathes them

I wonder if it wasn’t

for the fact his parents are loaded

he would be still interested...


what a mess

hair needed cutting

no time he says

got to go he says

I could have retrieved my straighteners

AND had a trim by now...


bloody fog

bloody Freddie...





© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


Just when things were

going so well

should know by now

never get your hopes up Leo

it always goes wrong

when things feel like

they are going right...



might as well

grab a bite to eat

who knows how long

we are going to be

stuck here..?


guess the vineyard

is going to have to wait

to think

right now the sun is shining

over there

granted the nights are cold

but during the day

just the thought of walking

through it...


now this fog


let’s get fed and watered

why is there a que?

what is the hold up?

who is that woman

making a fuss?

some bimbo blond...


‘S’cuse me,

some of us need to get some food here!’

‘What do you think I’m doing,

playing ping-pong?’

‘Eh, no. But it would help matters

if you just sorted the problem out

whatever that is

before we die of starvation’

Oh God, she’s coming towards me,

she’s got the red face



not so brassy more classy

pale grey eyes

pink lips

‘What did you say?’

‘It’s just there is a wee bit of a que here,

and we all need to eat’

‘Don’t you think I don’t know that?’

‘Ah, it seems you’ve lost your place’

Oh no, she’s gone scarlet



Leo, she’s gorgeous

say something

‘We could try somewhere else?’


‘Somewhere with less people queing?’

‘Look around, do you see anywhere

less crowded?’


Leo, she’s still red

‘Hey-grab a table

I’ll go fetch us something’

‘Sorry, but do I know you?’

‘No, I don’t think so’

‘Well thank you

but no thanks

there’s a bar round the corner

I’ll elbow my way through there’



she’s moving off


she’s gone...


damn fog...



© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved



where the hell

have you been?’

‘Don’t ask!

Total morons!’


‘Oh, nothing

Any updates?’

‘Afraid not,

fog isn’t lifting any time soon

looks like it’s going

to be a long wait’



‘Who is this guy

coming towards us

with a tray?’

‘Oh bloody hell

he’s someone I met in the que.’


‘Hi. Remember me?

I managed to get us something-oh-

I didn’t know you

were with someone’

(the guy with her looks a real weirdo

what is she doing

with the likes of him?)

‘Oh, it’s really

shouldn’t have bothered,

I got something at the bar’



you will have to relinquish

her stuff to him

the weirdo

be friendly

‘I’m Leo Bianchi’

‘Oh. Pleased to meet you,

I’m Freddie, Freddie Gold of

Gold Enterprises UK’

‘Oh yes, Gold Enterprises’

(never heard of them)

‘This is my business partner

Olivia Harmon’

‘Nice to meet you’

(I’d like to get to know YOU Miss Harmon)


‘Please-help yourself-

I can’t eat it all’

(No Freddie mate..only take half

not three quarters)




She’s frowning at Freddie

obviously not amused

at his greedy grabbing nature

when it comes to food

I wasn’t hungry anyway...


‘So where are you heading?’

‘Utah. You?’


Why is she looking bored?

Not speaking

‘So what’s in Italy?



‘I have a vineyard there...

in Tuscany’

her eyebrows are up  Leo

now she’s interested

‘I’ve often wanted to visit Tuscany,

Sting has a place there,

it always looks so peaceful

and people free’

‘Yes it is in Tuscany’

‘Bet there isn’t any fog there either’

‘No, not at the moment’


whoops, Freddie is frowning now

‘So, what’s in Utah?’

‘Film Festival, Salt Lake City’

whoops, she’s frowning again

or is she bored...?


Say something Leo

‘Well, I guess I’d better

go and check on my flight,

nice meeting you both,

I hope the fog lifts soon

and you don’t miss it’


damn fog... 



© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


Might as well

stock up on some

aftershave Leo

here it is

good old reliable chick magnet


oh no

not another que surely?

hang on

wait a minute

I might have guessed

it’s her

the blond...



are you sure that is the

largest bottle you have?’

the lady has good taste

‘Oh, okay,

I’ll leave it for now’

she’s seen me

‘Having trouble again?’

‘Oh, they don’t have the large size.’

‘That’s a shame,

why not try mine-

plenty of large sizes in this?'

bad joke Leo

women don't use aftershave

she’s not laughing

why doesn’t this que move?

why am I not disappearing into the floor?

but-she’s not walking away

she’s going to speak


‘Freddie has a thing for Chanel 

my favourite too


So- You own a vineyard?’

‘That’s right’

‘Your surname

is Italian but you are obviously Scots’

(this girl is quick)

‘That’s right. My mother and

father met when she was

out there working’

‘How romantic’

‘Not exactly,

she was a cleaner,

she used to work abroad

in the Summer

earn some extra money

learn the language

at the same time’


but still romantic

I mean they got married

in the end’


look Leo, she’s feeling



He loved the way

she kept everything lovely

and tidy and clean’

(this is getting silly

change the subject

or she’ll walk)

‘Would you like a drink?’ ‘

Well, I would, but Freddie

can be an impatient sod,

he likes to know what’s

going on,

he gets a bit insecure when things

go tits-up

gets all wound up,

this kind of thing is a nightmare for him’

(stuff Freddie, stay here with me)

‘Surely a few more minutes

won’t hurt?’

‘Just a teeny one then’...





© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


No news regarding

the flight

where has she gone now?

Livvy you are the end

talk about testing patience

and as for this fog...


I need a drink

no I don’t

yes I do

sorry Livvy

I’m disappearing too...


duty-free looks busy

wonder if she got the perfume?

ah, the bar,

oasis in the fog...


hang on

there she is

with that Scottish bloke

 come on Freddie

intervention time...


‘There you are’

‘Oh Freddie, I was on my way back

but then I bumped into Mr Bianchi’

‘Did you get the perfume?’

‘No, they didn’t have the large size,

I’ll try when we get to the U.S’

(Freddie looks disappointed

maybe he wears it?)

Stay cool Liv, make Freddie buy

the next round, he stung Leo for the food

put your wallet away Leo

Freddie is a cheapskate

‘ Freddie, could you get me

another white wine please

a large one

oh, and Leo, what are you drinking?’

‘Half a lager, if you don’t mind’

(I do mind, you Scottish/Italian

haggis head)

‘Of course, no problem,

I was just going to

have a drink myself,

anything to take my mind

off the fog and this waiting...’


Say something Leo

‘Well, it’s all a waiting game this

isn’t it?

I wonder if anything

will take off tonight?’

Freddie looks grumpy

‘Hopefully Mr. Bianchi,


then we can all get

on with our lives’

was that a dig?

Liv looks amused

‘Very profound Freddie,

here’s to - ‘getting on

with our lives’

(Do I really want to go to Utah with you?

Maybe I don’t...

I hope the fog doesn’t lift

not yet anyway... )




© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


Don’t stare at her Leo

stop looking at her legs


they do seem to go on forever

as for Freddie boy

he’s already going bald

scrawny too

probably lives on his nerves

not much of a babe magnet

‘So eh Freddie

how long have you been

involved with Gold Enterprises?’

‘Since my father’s health


I inherited it

all of it’


(this guy is so far

up himself

he can’t see what an utter

wally he is

Liv on the other hand

well we are talking

a whole different kettle of fish here

she’s going to speak again)

‘So Leo, may I call you Leo?’

‘Only if I can call you Olivia’

whoops Leo,

Freddie boy is scowling

over his beer

‘Please call me Livvy

everyone does’

‘So Livvy

how long have you been

working for Gold Ent.?’


I don’t really have a job

I’m a general DB’

steady Leo

she meant 'dogs body'

not the other thing

‘Right. But I guess

you get to travel

all over the place’

‘Yes. Though I have to say

once you’ve been

to one Film Fest

you’ve seen them all’

(Whoops Livvy

Freddie picked up on that

he’s draining his glass...

don’t finish your wine Livvy

stay a little longer with me...)




© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


So it seems we need to find a bed

no flights out tonight

why is the Scot looking pleased?

Livvy doesn’t look fazed either...


‘Just going to see about

a room

you coming Liv?’

‘You go.

Two rooms Freddie

oh and what about you


glad she picked up on the room thing

‘It’s okay

thank you

I have a friend close by’

she’s looking disappointed

‘Oh, I see

right then’


you wally

why did you say that?

‘Second thoughts

it wouldn’t be fair to wake him

this late

he might not be in

so yes

thank you

really appreciate it.’


Bloody Scot

‘I’ll go see what they have-'

'On second thoughts I'll come-'

'No need to come along Livvy’

‘I thought I’d make sure we

get the rooms

and since when have

we shared a room?’


‘Freddie Gold,

you are either

a crafty Casanova

trying your luck

or cheapskate,

which is it?’




Oh Leo

what on earth are you doing?

why are you even bothering?


you fancy the pants

off of her

she’s hot

cute bottom

in those tight denims

when was the last time

you felt like this?




they’re coming back


‘Rooms are booked,

Holiday Inn Express’


I’ll settle up with you

when we check in’



© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved



Holiday Inn Express

Here we are.

‘Liv, I’m heading for bed

you coming?’

‘Eh, no. Not yet Freddie

bar’s still open’

‘Where’s Leo?’

‘The loo’

‘Oh, right...

see you later then’

(Eh, no Freddie we have separate rooms,



‘Freddie headed off then?’

‘Yes, he’s tired

not used to all this hanging around’.

(Good, Liv and I

alone at last)


‘Bar closes at 11,

fancy a nightcap?’

‘Good idea,

I’ll get these’

‘No, let me’

‘I insist’


Leo, stay cool

she is beautiful


‘Thanks’ ‘

My pleasure’

(No the pleasure is all mine



(Say something Liv

the poor guy obviously

fancies the socks off you)


‘So, the sun is shining

in Tuscany?’

‘Not now, obviously

but during the day

it’s good

the night’s turn cold’

‘What’s it called?’


(stop staring at her Leo)

‘Your Vineyard?’

(get with the programme Leo

stop looking at her legs, her eyes, her lips...)

‘Bianchi Vigneto’

Bianchi Vigneto....’

(stop looking at her mouth)

‘Simple really, nothing fussy’

‘Well it certainly

has no frills’

(not impressed?)

‘But the wine

is selling well,

we brought out a new range

last year’

‘What is it?’

‘A full bodied red...

very fruity’

(why did I say that?)

‘I can buy it over here?’

‘Yes, at select places

or online of course’

(she’s smiling)

‘I sound like a salesman’

(she’s still smiling) ...



© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


‘Well Mr Bianchi

it’s been very nice’


Leo, she’s sliding off

her stool

do something


‘I guess it’s

time to catch

up on some z’s’

(a curt nod)

‘What numbers

have we got?’

’34 and 38,

Freddie has 36’.

(piggy in the middle then)


Walk her up


be a gentleman


‘So, here we are’

‘Here we are’

‘See you tomorrow’

‘It already is’

(why are you checking

your watch Leo?)

‘Well, sleep tight

don’t let the bed bugs bite’

she’s laughing Leo

‘Haven’t heard that expression

in years-

same to you Leo’



(walk away Leo)

‘Night...pleasant dreams’


(keep walking)

‘See you tomorrow’




© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


Well Leo

breakfast for one

it seems

no sign of Gold or Livvy

maybe they left early

you are such a plonker


she saw right through you


Hang on

here they are



‘Oh Bianchi

is waving to us

Choose that table

over there Livvy’

‘No, let’s not’


‘Good morning

you two

sleep well?’

‘Well there weren’t

any bugs’

(was that a smile

twitching those pretty lips?)

‘So,the fog

has lifted

I checked the flights

your’s too

seems everything is on track’

(was that a happy smirk

creeping across

Gold’s face?)

‘Thank’s Leo’

(my pleasure

lovely Livvy)

‘Breakfast looks


(her nose is even

more turned up)

‘Smells yummy’

‘Let’s dig in’

‘Yes-why not?’


I sense tension between

these two

talk to her

she’s at the scrambled eggs

he’s at the toast

‘I take it you had

an uninterrupted

night’s sleep?’

‘Actually, no...’

‘Oh, so the bed bugs

did bite?’

‘No, just one annoying bug

next door’

‘Freddie you mean?’

‘Knocking on my door at 2am’


‘Couldn’t sleep’


‘He always

tries it on

everytime we go away’


‘You know

for a vintner

you have a very

limited vocabulary’


(she’s rolling her eyes)

‘Sorry...I didn’t know

you were

I mean-’

‘We’re not,

but he likes to think we are’

‘I see’

( was that an inward sigh of relief Leo?)

‘I just let him keep knocking

and whispering

until someone comes

to shut him up’

‘And did they?’

‘Yes. I phoned the

night porter’

(neat Livvy, very neat)




© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


Livvy, where the

hell are you now?

always fussing

hair not right

makeup not right

clothes not right...


frustrating night

give it up Freddie

she’s not worth

sweating over...


at last!

‘You ready?’

‘Guess so,

wanted to say

goodbye to Leo

we shouldn’t

have left

while he was

in the loo’

‘Well, we needed to get on,

so does he’


she’s frowning at you

‘Come on, tempus fugit’

‘If you say so’

‘Got your ticket?’


(what is this card?

Bianchi Vigneto?

cheeky sod, must

have slipped it

into my bag when

I wasn’t looking!)

‘Something funny Livvy?’

‘No, hadn’t we

better get moving?’




that was nice

disappearing while I

was taking a pee

bet he was behind that move

sour grapes from last

night’s failed attempt

of seduction


she’s got my card

she knows where I am

come on Leo

let’s get on that plane...



© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

'Trickery Pokery'


hurry up

what you doing in there?



I’ll see you downstairs’




it’s been a whole hour

you look...flushed’

‘Do I?’

And what’s that mark

on the side of your



cut myself shaving’



‘What’s that smell?

I know that smell’



you wreak of it’

‘Do I?’


what have you been up to?’







‘Vineyard is looking good

Angelo, good work’

‘We are pleased Mr Bianchi’

‘So am I, very pleased,

I need to make a phoncall’



‘Is that Miranda?’

‘Is that Leo?’

(she’s giggling)

‘How was your flight?’

‘Smooth Leo, very smooth’

‘Good. And Freddie?’

‘Freddie was very smooth too’


‘Oh could say

if there were any rough edges to

file down

I filed them’


‘It was so nice

to meet you earlier

at Heathrow,

that large bottle of Chanel

must have cost a bomb’

‘Well, you scrubbed my back,

I scrubbed yours’

‘He’s taking me out



how is Livvy?’


‘Livvy Harmon.’

‘Oh her, she’s gone’


‘She flew out this afternoon’


‘Sorry, not a clue,

gotta go Leo

Freddie’s waiting

in the hot tub’


‘Bye-and thanks

again for the




‘Mr Bianchi,

are you alright?’

‘Fine Gisella,

I’m just going for a walk’



Leo, stay cool

she might still come

the best laid plans



© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved



One Week


‘Mr Bianchi,

you are staying longer

this time?’

‘Yes Gisela

couple of weeks’


I change your bed’

‘Thank you’

she must wonder

what I’ve been doing

in it

duvet on the floor

sheets rucked up

pillows bashed

to pieces...


Go for a walk Leo,

cool off

let them get on

with their jobs

walk it off...


Never realised

how huge this place was

how long this lane was

how hot this sun was

I need a drink

turn back Leo

a beer is what you need...


‘Any calls Gisela?’

‘ call’


‘I’ll be in the cellar’





cool and dark

down here

‘Hello Leo’


‘Long time no see’

‘When did you get here?’

‘While you were out on

your walk

I swore your staff to



‘Quite an impressive place

you have here'


‘I found your ‘invitation’

in my purse’


(she’s rolling her eyes Leo)


here I am.

Aren’t you wondering

why I’m here?’


‘Freddie discovered



‘Yes, oh.

Well, Miranda

discovered Freddie

all told,

it seems she has

the same taste

in perfume as me’





‘Come here Leo’



Oh Leo

you naughty boy

can you smell her

perfume now

can you feel

the soft curves of her

beneath her shift

feel those pink lips

opening like soft petals

beneath yours?


‘Pour me a wine Leo,

full bodied and fruity’




© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved