Remember little Abbie, who swung underneath our tree?

The swing has gone, but on the bark, there's still a part of me.

Remember little pale face, with freckles on her nose,

holding down her sun hat, sand tickling painted toes?

Remember summer days, filled with strawberries and ice-cream

sticky fingers entwined, marshmallow kisses unseen?


Her back was like a pillow, while resting from our play,

mouths tasting of the salt sea, like sleeping seals we'd lay.


I remember Abbie, floating out towards the sea,

there was no joy, I watched the tide, take her away from me.

Tangerine hair that melted, into the unforgiving wave,

a fragile petal afloat, too far for me to save.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

No blossom fell that morning,

trees stood statuesque and still,

grave stones firm since dawning,

the church towers' shadow chill,

tall into the ice blue sky,

sturdy, stout it's red brick walls,

and as the silent flock pass by,

a single bell calls.


Dimly lit faces moist with tears,

in funeral black, heads held high,

one woman serene, dignified in years,

her sad veiled eyes mystify,

hearts weighted with loss and grief,

prayers are read in solemn tone,

eyes close in silent relief,

all hearts find themselves alone.


A man in white makes the sign of the cross,

the black mass departs up the gravel path,

even the flowers hang their heads at the loss,

then back to a house empty, the aftermath,

sometimes to glance at the vacant chair,

pouring the tea, passing the bread,

expecting to see one who was always there,

trying to believe they are not dead...


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Madam Butterfly

Each day she sits waiting on the shore,

watching for the boat that will come no more,

her heart has been true, her spirit strong,

all she needs now is just to belong.

To forever be with the one she loves-

the one who vowed to return,

the small orchid mouth trembles,

sad almond eyes burn.

The child traces her gaze to the horizon,

his head against her breast,

hearing her steady heartbeat,

wishing that she would rest.

 The sun dies into an amber sky,

still no sign of the boat,

Butterfly hangs her head and sighs,

tears fall on the letter he wrote...

The child looks up at the salt stained face,

the orchid lips try to smile.

A slow walk back where the blossoms fall,

the silent, lonely mile.


Watching hypnotic flames dance upon a silvery blade,

from centuries of tradition pacts of death are made....


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


That last night was filled with eagerness, such high anticipation,

then I saw them bound together, on the dance floor tasting tongues. Piercing pain stabbed through my heart, erasing all past admiration, and the smoky air around me suffocated, killed my lungs.


Crazy music like machine guns sent vibrations through my body,

I just stood there like a robot unbelieving, like a fool.

Feeling used and cast aside, a broken toy, worn out and shoddy,

and the promise shared together, 'never break the golden rule.'


At the bar I found oblivion in a mix of pills and whisky,

and a guy was talking to me, please don't ask me who he was.

I was drowning in a river of delusion and self pity,

and this guy just kept goading me, I gave my name as Roz.


In his car we shared a bottle and I cried between the choking,

as the engine started up my heart surrendered to the night.

I was lost inside the darkness and the weed that we were smoking,

but the line was crossed already, always wrong and never right.


Yes we spent the night together, but the body wrapped around me

was another I had given all my true devotion to.

Dirty kisses traced a path where other lips had made this heart free, and the face that I gazed down on was the lovely face of you.


That one night my soul was blackened like the smudges on my eyes, like a flower searching sunlight now in darkness slowly dies.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


Even when you died your eyes were burning into mine,

blood runs cold in veins, our love affair a slow decline.

Daggered words that tore apart the sham we had become,

to bring all to an end, exploding bullet from a gun.


I shot you in the shoulder, but you didn't want to stop,

another to the breast bone and you still refused to drop.

Pay dirt, a third time lucky and it tore your heart in two,

and now I sit here wondering, what the hell am I to do?


I put you six feet under, still your eyes burn into mine,

my state of mental being going into fast decline.

I sneer into the mirror, realise what I have become,

the only way to end it all, my mouth wraps round the gun.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Midnight Hair

She was the girl with the soft midnight hair,

who slept when the sun said goodbye.

The one you might see when the moon shows her face,

the one who just wanted die.


She slept with strangers in high class hotels,

who pawed her with manicured nails.

The type you might see driving slowly along,

the type who were slippery like snails.


She slept alone in a cold attic bed,

who stashed all her money away.

The notes were all stuffed in the linings of coats,

the notes she had saved for 'the day'.


She was the girl with the soft midnight hair,

who knew she was going to die.

The one in the coffin beneath the spring flowers,

the one without friends, no goodbye.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved




'Thankyou for looking after me' she says

but all we've done is visit her again

checked the cupboards

the fridge is filled with biscuits...


We tear the 'begging letters' up

take the rest away

money is scattered in drawers everywhere...


Her eyes are vague and tired

but she talks

and talks

always about the same things...


As we walk down the drive

I turn and wave

her face peeps from behind a curtain...


In just a second she will forget

we have ever been there..


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved





Her skin looks grey and lifeless

no more the rosy cheeks and sparkling eyes

replaced now with a frown

gouged between tired brows

lost and bewildered

this week I am not her niece

today I am a forgotten face

I take the soiled clothes from the locker

clean ones take their place in the drawer

beside her bed

I hand her today's newspaper

and pour Ribena into a plastic beaker

she wants to pay me

I say ‘no’

she tells us how very spoiled she is

I swallow down hidden tears

we sit and chat

no memory of her life

no memory of being married

maybe next time I will be her niece again

but after we’ve gone she will stare

not remembering a thing

trying to

but it's so hard

the demons in her head won't let her

so she sits and waits

waits for a dinner she will forget


always waiting...


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved





Doreen sits regally in her chair

quietly surveying the room

watching her minions

her eyes hardly move

sometimes her head slowly turns

from side to side

Doreen was the first.


Gaynor wears her raincoat all the time

and carries her handbag

clicking and unclicking her purse

she is waiting for the bus

it never comes

yesterday she mislaid her glasses

but they were on the table all the time.


Sam moves furniture

even when there is something on it

sometimes he lays or sits on the floor

folds his arms

helped to his feet he is told

‘Behave’ in a jokey way.


Bill needs to pee by the radiator

my husband jokes

‘That’s out of order mate-

try the one further down’.

Bill never smiles

permanently troubled

he mumbles but nobody listens.


Maggie sits with her feet up

her legs are swollen

she has someone’s slippers on

they look tight

I take them off

to reveal ten sausage toes

her dentures have gone missing.

She worries about money

we tell her not to

‘It’s okay’

‘Ooh-how wonderful’

she croons

‘I don’t have to pay anything?’


There are others we have not met yet

the quiet ones that curl up in a chair

you never see their faces

heads bowed


maybe asleep

maybe awake.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved





Sweet Peggy

with her apple cheeks

granny glasses

sits and waits for her lunch

she cannot remember her choice


Peggy can hardly see

but when Maggie frets

Peggy leans across

taps Lou's arm and says

'You've got me'.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved



Hiding Place


You keep telling me we've

'done the right thing'

but the oppressive odour in the lift

catches me off guard

it's doors open

stale urine hits the back of my throat

sleeping faces skirt the lounge wall

no Maggie

Maggie is sitting on the edge of her bed

in her nappy and vest

her damp trousers folded on her lap

they tell us she sometimes takes her clothes off

after lunch

I don't believe them

Maggie finds it hard to stand for long

her top is folded over the back of the chair

by the window

I ask where her bra is

they say-'flippin' night staff '

but it's 3.30 in the afternoon...


Jean has a permanant dent

in her forehead

she rests it against the table

uses it as a pillow

Doreen is asleep

against her faithful husbands' arm

his face is pale and drawn

Gay talks to Finty

she's tells us she's going to France

coat and bag ready...


Maggie sips her tea and sleeps

I stroke her hand

she doesn't know I'm there

every stroke betrays her

betrays me...


Outside we look up and see Gay

we wave

she waves back

maybe she thinks we will come back

take her to France...


You keep telling me

'she's in the best place'

that's when I want to slap

your down to earth practical face

and scream out

'I know damn you

but it doesn't make it any easier!'


All I want to do is get home

watch my tears mingle into the tea

home has become a hiding place

but there are only so many rooms

you can hide in.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


Sunday Lunch


Sunday lunch

business as usual

Eileen shouts-

she's cross again

Rayzia demands her dessert

Doris watches over Doreen

chewing silently

Peggy isn't sure

but she's not hungry

the television blares 'Picture Perfect'

Maggie sits amidst this quiet chaos

as I feed her mince tart and custard

it smells good

today she did well


who knows?


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved



Dementia Revisited


What home is this a place so strange?

No ornament to rearrange.

The mirror into which I see,

does not reflect the real me.

Where is this place I have been brought?

Where are the things that I once thought?

A body weak, too tired to fight,

another confused lonely night...


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved





Blurrs and Smudges

Oh, to find a window clearly defined,

so maybe I can understand -see,

not battle with blurrs and smudges,

crease up my eyes, strain to search,

or reason why my life mists up now and then.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Antichrist-Watch this Space.

He will come dressed in disguise,

harmless friend in many eyes,

deep inside his plans are made,

still a genial smile displayed.


He will shake the greedy hands,

showing that he understands,

drawing people to his side,

evil feelings he will hide.


He will be someone we know,

in the east his power will grow,

double edged will be his sword,

tainted money his reward.


He will gently worm his way

into minds of softest clay,

look towards the middle-east,

therein lurks this corrupt beast.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


The Store

My house is a convenience store

buy your packet of love here

a tube of kisses on the shelf

free magazines full of wasted hugs

sell-by dates have all expired


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Black and White

Black angel stands victorious, waits in vain to claim the day,

but soon she will find out who truly wins,

this triumph will not last however long she thinks it may,

her blood runs black with many unpaid sins.


White angel looks defeated but my friend she will not fall,

her heart is true her blood is free of sin,

she crouches low in silence waiting for the final call,

then good will strike the evil down and win.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Taped up

I found out you were married, I suppose I should be glad,

that your new wife inherits all the things I never had,

I guess I should be thankful that I managed to escape,

but just in case you screw up... I have kept the video tape.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


Alexander swaggers down to breakfast every day,

turns his chizzled nose up at the fare that’s on display.

Always self indulgent at a very early age,

given to loud tantrums and unnecessary rage.


Alexander ruins every function every dance,

rips the soul from good friends with a single evil glance.

Comes between young lovers with such subtlety and skill,

listen to him laughing as he goes in for the kill.


Everything is not enough for this big-headed brat,

homes in Berne and ‘Monte’ one enormous Persian cat.

Gaming at the tables, huntin’ shootin’ in the fall,

visits all the stud farms who are at his beck and call.


Alexander likes to wear the latest fashion trend,

has a long time lover who he hijacked from a friend.

Travels down to ‘Monte’ in the summer for a flout,

comes home in the winter when his wallet’s out of ‘clout’.


Alexander saunters between tables at the Ritz,

scanning every table for a pair of well hung tits.

Rarely does he strike out, there’s a plan inside his head,

get the boyfriend legless take his girlfriend up to bed.


Last time I saw Alex’ he was lying in the sun,

told me he was finished with the frolics and the fun.

Said I didn’t buy it, but the next day’s paper read-

‘Playboy found in hot tub with a bullet in his head’.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Katie's List

Katie kept a list but hey, I guess that's nothing new,

but this was not a list of stuff to buy and things to do.

This was something secret that she hid up in her room,

and now it lies upon her heart encased inside a tomb.


Katie wasn't one to socialise or make the scene,

she never aimed too high or craved to be the best prom queen.

Deep inside I know she wasn't happy with her life,

but how was I to know that she would end it with a knife?


Sometimes we'd go walking by the river in the snow,

we'd talk of hiking off somewhere, she knew I'd never go.

Plans and schemes meant nothing, they were merely clouds of dust, and then she'd scream out to the moon how life was so unjust.


Over mugs of coffee she would scribble in her book,

I only saw the doodles when she let me have a look.

Funny that you think you know somebody pretty well,

I misread all the signs and now I guess I'll go to hell.


All I can remember was that day before she died,

her eyes looked dark and haunted as she sat down by my side. Nervously she spoke while pulling at her bleached split ends,

'When all of this is over Jethro, can we still be friends?'


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


I spied on you behind the garden wall,

I listened to your plans and cruel deceit,

I watched you write the lies that ended me,

So sure you wrapped it up all nice and neat.


I waited as you spun your web of lies,

I smiled inside the day you fell apart,

I felt your pain the day my will was read,

So sorry that I broke your rotten heart.


I got you back although I am now ash,

You're on the street discarded with the trash.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


Ropes of Silk

A tragic love we have

but still I allow you

to tie me up

with ropes of silk

and stroke my tainted body

with your lies


a heart so cold

blood freezes in your veins

still I endure the jeers

the sneers

and the back chat

and smile

at unwilling guests

you invite unwanted


manipulation is your game

your aim in life

sucking life

devouring honest hearts

the ropes of silk pull

tighter tighter


air expels

my chest caves in

with fustrated

useless quarrelling

your hand explodes

against my face

and the ropes of silk

suffocate my life


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Losing My Grip

They tell me I'm losing my grip,

but I know they just want to be

assertive and full of old lip,

not knowing the secretive me.


They bitch about us all the time,

I hear them at tea breaks and talks,

the ladder they steadliy climb

is not made of wood but of stalks.


I watch them while typing this trash,

all stupid red-tape, such a waste,

tight mouths filled with cigarette ash,

pretending like virgins, so chaste.


Slit eyes follow my every move,

from dawn until dusk it's a pain,

why must I feel I have to prove

that all this pretence is insane.


The boss is as dumb as they come,

no brain 'tween the ears that is true,

a short insignificent crumb,

who spends all her time in the loo.


I've made up a rubberband doll,

I stick drawing pins in her head,

she looks like a demented troll,

I wonder what she looks like dead?


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


She wasn't like the other girls,

a shy withdrawing type,

who liked to watch and listen,

never speak.

Her friends behaved like loonies

always following some hype,

they changed their fashions every other week.

A quiet thoughtful girl,

she lost herself in books and walks,

a need to be alone at times she craved.

Her friends would interrupt her

with their silly endless talks,

at times she felt she needed to be saved.

Her mother didn't love her,

labelled her a big mistake,

concieved one drunken night outside a bar.

Her friends dragged her away

to spend an evening by the lake,

but maybe this time they had gone too far.

The pep pills and the booze,

loud music echoed through the night,

a needle piercing white unblemished skin.

Her friends became a blur

and every star burned far too bright,

warm breath against her neck that smelled of gin.

A swim beneath the moon

just skinny dipping like a kid,

the water felt like silk as she slid in.

Her friends were having fun,

not caring what they said or did,

beneath the cooling liquid was no din.

She wasn't like the others

not someone to socialize,

they found her body washed up by the creak.

Her friends don't talk about her

'Rachel's gone so wipe your eyes'

but deep inside they knew she was a freak.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Madness of Jasmine

So unsuspecting usually,

young Jasmine was aware,

that somewhere hidden in her 'flimsy' drawer,

an undiscovered diary,

old and tattered, secrets held,

of what occurred behind her bedroom door.


At night the raging headaches

left her dazed and out of sorts,

an eerie presence always filled the room.

Wild crazy dreams on reckless seas,

huge waves and salty foam,

where she was crowned the Queen of Ilfracombe.


She found the diary floating

in a duck pond by the fence,

when she began to read,

she lost her grip.

For what was said within

mirrored her very self tis true,

and so she hid the diary on her 'ship'.


She was christened Rosemary Jasmine

on a thursday afternoon,

she found herself in Canada aged three.

You will find her in her bedroom,

of the diary? Not a word,

for Jasmine is still sailing on the sea.



© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


I killed her out of spite because she stole my lover's heart,

a heinous crime I never could forgive,

I thought she was my friend, instead she tore my life apart,

and that is why I could not let her live.


To think of them together, making love upon our bed,

it sickens me to know how she deceived,

I thought she was my friend, and now I'm glad to see her dead,

and not a shred of love can be retrieved.


I watch her body float across the shimmering blue pool,

a butterfly splayed out in red and brown,

I thought she was my friend until she took me for a fool,

so here I sit to watch a friendship drown.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


Life is like a garden you must tend with loving care,

diligently watching for the weeds,

Lately in my garden everything is looking bare,

winter chill has killed off all the seeds.

Going through the motions is a job I have to do,

trying not to race against the clock.

Picking up and fixing things like good old 'Mrs Glue',

swearing at the ominous odd sock.

Lately in my garden things have started to rebel,

here I am stuck in a muddy mess.

Never knowing if I am in heaven or in hell,

weeds are causing even more distress.

Watching you sail sweetly on without a single care,

sour grapes is just a tiny part.

Totally oblivious of thorns and weeds that snare,

silent words lay stifled in my heart.

Feeling quite unsettled and deserted, duty bound,

watch in desperation as the weeds push through the ground.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


Hands are washed but doubt still lingers,

betrayed by twitching and picking at fingers.

Lies like slime stick fast and furious,

yet it sucks in all the hopelessly curious.


Peel the skin back feed on rumours,

inject the bloodstream encourage all tumours.

Thick ink flows infecting rivers,

smothers newspapers and poisons all livers.


Watch the eyes they hide deception,

cover all trails with a hasty reception.

Late night news is just a filler,

smiling and friendly the face of your killer. 


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Running on Empty

I drink you from a bottle I keep hidden on the shelf,

so many times I've pushed you from my grasp,

but weaknesses are prevalent I cannot help myself,

as once again my shaking fingers clasp.


They say that it gets better but it's just a rotten lie,

I crave you through the day into the night,

a bottle cradled on my chest just staring at the sky,

I'll be alright if I just hang on tight.


My friends don't bother calling I've forgotten how to talk,

your picture lies face down among the mess,

I used to love the fresh air and our silent Sunday walk,

but now it's just a glass that I carress.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Web of Deceit

No good in bottling up this secret fear,

the memories keep nudging at my heart.

I feel the pillow dampen with a tear,

I know this love was wrong right from the start.


So foolish to believe that it would last,

always those sins will find you in the end.

No good in trying to escape the past,

put up a screen and play at make pretend.


Deceiving him I too decieved myself,

a stupid thing to do and so naive.

If not for him I'd still be on the shelf,

should I confess, he has the right to leave.


I watch his sleeping face bathed in the sun,

an innocent whose heart I could destroy.

I made him think he was the only one,

forgetting he was human, not a toy.


I know what I must do before the dawn,

come clean and tell him all that I have done.

Unload the lies this shallow heart has born,

and leave him dying in the web I've spun.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


Strange visions haunt me in my sleep,

they keep me from my nicer dreams.

A punishment for God knows what,

I fear they strip me to the seams.

‘Go taunt some other worthless soul,

disturb them in their quiet retreat.

Invade sweet dreams as you do mine,

and heap your sadness at their feet.’

I struggle so to rid my mind,

of images that will not rest.

They take life giving warmth away,

sharp spiteful fingers pinch my chest.

Please take the cloying dark away,

relieve me of this wandering ghost.

It will not let my tired heart sleep,

I shall refuse to play the host.

If I have failed in all I do,

I wish to know and be absolved.

Send down a light to break the gloom,

this tear stained puzzle is resolved.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


Viginia wasn't always such a bitch,

her parents pushed her when she was a child,

some labelled 'Gin' 'conniving little witch',

trapped in a jar, restrained from running wild.

To tease and taunt became a way of life,

high grades at school plus beaus of wealth and rank,

honed carefully to be the perfect wife,

high income bracket, millions in the bank.

Life unfulfilled in oh so many ways,

one empty void that stretched around her heart,

an actress living snapshot interplays,

while piece by piece the puzzle fell apart.

So gradually resentment filled the space,

a rat race built on flimsy dollar bills,

hot rivulets of tears would stain her face,

a comfort zone of pure cocaine and pills.

Escaping from her life was what she planned,

shake off the chain that held her for so long,

her suitcase shut, a ticket in her hand,

this was her chance to stand up and be strong.

A change of name upon the passport now,

engraved door keys are dropped into a dish,

just one more look and then a final bow,

another finger crosses ' make a wish'.

Out into daylight smelling air so sweet,

unnoticed goes the tinted windowed car,

it tails her to the corner of the street,

her fate is sealed just twenty steps too far.



Virginia sits alone beside the pool,

her eyes unmoving stare across the bay,

still planning her escape, demented fool,

watched round the clock, she'll never get away.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


He seemed a pleasant kind of guy,

warm friendly voice, a flattering eye,

yet underneath his subtle smile,

a nagging doubt was in denial...


Mysterious bloodstains on the sheet,

smashed bottle of Chateau Lafite...


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


He watched her on his monitor at home,

an empty room, in which he slept and ate.

Chained to the keyboard, sweaty fingers roam,

prepared to take his time, just sit and wait.


He watched her night and day, without a break,

her comings and her goings listed down.

And deep within his groin a nagging ache,

tormented mind, while she played round the town.


He watched her 'til his brain became on fire,

he needed her to know the way he felt.

A knife to to make his pledge, quench his desire,

each letter in his mind was clearly spelt.


He watched her as he sliced his finger off,

orgasmed as warm blood splashed on the screen.

A mind inflamed, he writhed and spat a cough,

he'd post the finger to his pretty queen.


He watched her as she opened up the bag,

long polished nails soon covered with his blood.

He smiled then laughed to see her body sag,

at last he started feeling like a stud.


He watched her leave the house the final time,

removal van parked, waiting in the drive.

He sat behind the wheel and planned his crime,

what he would do to keep his love alive.


He watched her as they drove onto the lane,

when she moved in, he'd start it all again.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


Woman of mystery

disquieting history

toys with the vulnerable

finds love insufferable

heartless, a wicked witch

shallow this heartless bitch


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

TV Dinner

He'd stalked her for a week around the city,after dark,

in noisy street cafes, hanging with friends down at the park.

Each time the need grew stronger, like a drug, he had to fix,

a throbbing head, his addled mind had started to play tricks.


Mad fever chewed him up inside, he had to have her, now,

he'd watched the films on TV, it was easy knowing how.

The flickering screen before him, stimulated every cell,

until, brainwashed with evil, he descended into hell.


It happened very quickly, two pink pills dropped in a drink,

and she became his greatest friend, or so the crowd would think.

She sits upon his couch now, watching TV, open-eyed,

and he just sits and talks to her, as if she never died....


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


Thought the flowers were for me, soft blush pink tied with a bow,

fool to think that they would be from the person I loved so.

Sorry, my mistake.


Box of chocolates on the bed, midnight blue, a tag attached,

stupid thoughts enter my head, all hope lost, a love mismatched.

Sorry, my mistake.


Satin top hangs on the door, treacherous bed we laid upon,

smells of her , the scheming whore, plans we made together, gone.

Sorry, my mistake.


Hear your laughter from the boat, hurried kisses short and sweet,

feel the gun against my throat, ruined night, a blood soaked sheet. Sorry, my mistake.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

The Card

I felt it again late last night in my room,

a touch on the back of my neck,

while reading a book filled with spine chilling doom,

my mind was a befuddled wreck.


I saw it today as I walked through the yard,

it's eyes seemed to stare through my own,

there, propped on my desk was an unopened card,

and suddenly I felt alone.


I smelt it as I slashed the paper apart,

the scent on the card appeared strange,

with trembling fingers and fluttering heart,

I felt the whole room rearrange.


Within the stained centre I could not believe,

a pair of lips freshly removed,

a message in blood made my whole insides heave,

the paper was bloodstained and grooved.


Handwriting was jagged irratic and small,

with bloodstains disguising a threat,

I read out each word as if held in a thrall,

'I watch you-it's not over yet'.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


I keep my brain inside a box,

sometimes it ticks sometimes it tocks...

my eyeballs burn when cold winds blow,

they push my eyelids from below,

I stare at things that are not there,

I hide away from verbal glare...

I keep my brain inside a drawer,

sometimes it's smooth sometimes it's sore...

my friends tell me there's nothing wrong,

I should be here where I belong,

four padded walls, a bare light swings,

the comfort an injection brings...

I keep my brain all safe and sound,

today it's buried in the ground.



© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved






Silent Scream 2

Life throws us curves that break then bend,

some we repair -forget to mend,

maybe the answer is to dream,

will that devour my silent scream?


You never see the real true me,

disguising feelings you can't see,

old secrets locked up,they will keep,

so please do not start losing sleep.


I draw thick curtains round my heart,

where deeper feelings come apart,

internal battles stifle rage,

my words are torn,I rip the page.


You never see the real me,

however hard you try to see,

my heart lies sleeping, drowned in dream,

you will not hear my silent scream.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved



Caught 2

His was a face you could never forget,

the kind that you see in the dark,

who carried a chip on his shoulder,

bad dogs liked to snarl back and bark.

He slid around corners in dark alleys,

and lurked in the shadows at night,

evil mind planned way ahead night and day,

all murders were put out of sight.

People were files locked away in his head,

he thought maybe I was the next,

to stalk me relentlessly home every night,

unseen was the message I'd text.

A door left unlocked with a knife in my hand,

now doomed to fall into the trap,

my friends the police lay in wait in the dark,

cold handcuffs primed ready to snap.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


He wraps his slimy fingers round my soul,

a darkness in my heart as black as coal,

I try to grab the key that sets me,

free only to find it is too far from me.


He taunts me with his wicked voice of hate,

and tells me to give up it is too late,

so this poor soul gets weaker by the hour,

it hangs defeated on a thorny bower.


He twists the words I say the things I do,

until my mind refutes things good and true,

a blindness filled with evil comes to stay,

I realise will never go away.


He took my soul and stripped me of my will,

and every day I taste a bitter pill,

in misery I roam, sad haunted soul,

a darkness in my heart as black as coal.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


Her skin was smooth as porcelain


but beneath the purity

lay broken bones

a tortured past

and dead eyes

that would never tell the truth.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


He won't come out you know,

however hard you blow,

he's lost in his own world,

within a basket curled,

so blow until you're blue,

he'll never come to you,

rebellion is his choice,

because he has no voice.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


He kept it hidden in the cellar

talked to it often

he liked it a lot

it never answered back

not like his brother...


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Lost Soul

All hope gone her soul is lost,

upon the heap of death is tossed,

tempted, wicked evil ways,

now her haunted heart betrays,

covered now the guilty head,

goes to join the great undead.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


Shredded gown hangs lifeless in the wardrobe

diamond ring flushed away

photo's torn into tiny pieces

mirror smashed

glass came in handy

deep gouges down the jag'

cigarette burns on the seats

tyres slashed to ribbons


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Cutting the String

I gave you my love, I gave you my soul,

you left me with nothin', a heart black as coal,

you stomped on my life and killed it stone dead

and now you are ready to mess with my head.


I gave you a chance, but that was way back,

repaid me with pain, my heart on the rack,

you took all my money all my self respect,

so now you come back babe you want to collect?


I see through you babe, and boy I got wise,

I'm ready to face this,cut you down to size,

messed with me real bad, you won't feel a thing,

and here's the good news babe,I'm cutting the string.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Not Enough 1

He buys me things to keep me sweet,

wraps me up tight, all nice and neat,

the love he shows is just a bluff,

I realise it's not enough.


He shows me off to all his friends,

as if it's all to make amends,

but when doors close the play gets rough,

I realise it's not enough.


The house we share is not a home,

and often from it he will roam,

returning with a lip-stained cuff,

I realise it's not enough.


Our life is just a big facade,

I see now just how much it's marred,

my self-esteem gone with one puff,

I realise it's not enough.


My makeup covers many scars,

of words that wound in public bars,

thought I could handle playing tough,

I realise it's not enough.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Swept Away

With willing heart, accepts the evil bowl,

not knowing what the fluid does contain,

believing it to be a well worn cure,

to rid her body of mind numbing pain,

endearing looks are not what they may seem,

this innocent will slip into a dream.


A dream from which she will not re-awake,

such deadly hands to snatch away a soul,

who has a heart as pure as driven snow,

her gentle lips take poison from the bowl,

the witch she smiles, securing power at last,

so soon the light to fade into the past.


The past is swept away, the bowl is wiped,

the poison travels into healthy veins,

experienced eyes admire their evil work,

she watches silently as young life wains,

such hatred for a child in line to rule,

now dying by her mothers hands, so cruel.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

The Rug

I planned it so well, no one would have a clue,

fell into my trap, what a fool you had been,

I missed not a beat, made my entrance on cue,

played me for a pawn, now I feel like a queen.


Alergic to rugs and as alergies go,

pathetic to think such a man would exist,

the seeds of revenge I would nurture and grow,

forget your deceit and false lips you have kissed.



As usual the bottle was emptied,I smiled,

your voice was a slur as you boasted and bragged,

to think that this man had me hooked and beguiled,

already the toe on your foot had been tagged.


Unconscious, you slid to the floor in a heap,

so easy to roll you within the shag pile,

your face like an innocent baby asleep,

but when you came-to, well, I just had to smile.


Your skin had inflamed and your throat became dry,

it closed up inside and you struggled in vain,

I waited and watched as you started to cry,

soon numbness would come and there'd be no more pain.


Moved out of the district the very next day

in search of a place that would reach to the sky,

your banknotes so handy, with ease I could pay,

then choose the new shag pile I've wanted to buy.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


Last Crime

I saw him by accident wiping the knife,

caught out in one more deadly crime,

the plump red silk cushion disguising fresh blood,

soaked through with a life snatched from time.

Eyes cold and forbidding defiantly so,

await my reaction once more,

for so many times we have been at this place,

how I wish I could close every door.

He smiles with a slant, hoping I will ignore,

a nerve twitches inside his cheek,

expecting to see my predictable shock,

but for once I'm unable to speak.

I know that one day he will point it at me,

that knife that he hides in his coat,

a man who gets off, slicing through peoples hearts,

eyes up the white flesh of my throat.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


Alone unloved she walks the night,

with eyes of grey and skin so white,

in search of her lost heart they say,

her tender love he gave away.

Sad dreams to haunt her sleeping mind,

to cruel deception had been blind,

in search of her lost heart they say,

such tender love to lead astray.

Cold winds press hard upon her face,

discovered in this heartless place,

in search of her lost heart they say,

a gentle soul who lost her way.

Condemned to meet a fragile end,

where darkness is her only friend,

in search of her lost heart they say,

softly disolves into the day.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


She's won the game already,

you can see it in her eyes,

she keeps her dagger hidden,

in long boots that hug her thighs,

her friends are magic mushrooms,

they stand guard both night and day,

blade sharpened at the ready,

naughty Alice wants to play.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


I watch you leave your dingy flat each day,

hide in the shadows with my cigarette,

your legs parade in trashy black fishnet,

such evil thoughts I wish would go away.


Your perfume drifts, infecting on the wind,

head high and proud you pass without a glance,

my eyes are held, as if caught in a trance,

forgetting all the times that you have sinned.


So unaware are you, lost in your thought,

if you could only see what rage you cause,

oh how I long to rip away the gauze,

for all the plans I made have come to nought.


I follow you down dirty streets of woe,

where punters of the night offer their hope,

in shadows of deceit and hands that grope,

and malice is allowed to come and go.


A line so thin you tread this fatal night,

with not a clue your life is winding down,

stained fingertips of nicotine are brown,

another cigarette to make things right.


I know that any minute you will stop,

my face will bring back memories of pain,

and as you scream, your mouth will catch the rain,

before I smile and watch you slowly drop.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


Knew it was wrong to reply to your note,

just didn't give it a thought,

two hearts that crossed one fine day on a boat,

now in a spiders web caught.


Too blind to see how such love could destroy

those whom we honoured and knew,

rampaging on in our own selfish joy,

busy admiring the view.


Now to be caught between heaven and hell,

difficult choices to make,

nobody dared to extinguish the spell,

blurring the real with the fake.


Kissing in public, too careless with talk,

causing some eyebrows to raise,

dying to run way before we could walk,

tempted in devious ways.


Shabby and dirty, my heart starts to die,

seeing the mess I have made,

such a mistake to continue this lie,

dangerous game I have played.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

End Game

A Queen defeated with one sweep,

I cannot look not even peep,

a heartless move bereft of care,

my love betrayed, an empty square.

Kings push and shove as they know how,

defeated pawns grovel and bow,

so eaten up with greed and spite,

our candle burns into the night.

I walk away, you follow close,

the moment dark, my face morose,

then suddenly, a smile unplanned,

you press your King into my hand.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


So many times she's had her way,

she snaps her fingers and you play

her stupid games, of grab and take,

you can't fight back for fear you'll break.


Relentless bully will not stop,

pulls you apart until you drop,

contented she will never be,

your tortured soul cannot be free.


So builds the endless wall of hate,

forever she'll manipulate

your tired heart that has no will,

if only you had strength to kill.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


They lived under the same roof for thirty years

but were strangers.

Shared the same bed, ate together, went to church.

He phoned his folks everyday,

few words that were left he gave to her.

She moved as a robot does around each room,

keeping things in their place

while he re-arranged them.

Car journeys were quiet unless he cussed,

which was often.

Nightime she poured out her heart to the monitor

while he fell unwashed into bed.

In the bathroom she tidies the shelf and brushes her teeth,

slides reluctantly into bed

and cries silently into her pillow.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


He saunters into the kitchen

where she's preparing vegetables,

'Are you crying?' he asks.

'It's the onions,' she lies.

He gives a shrug and heads for the TV,

leaving her to die inside.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


I fired the arrow in your back,

you did not deserve my attack,

my mouth has always been a flaw,

so I stand here outside your door,


strangled heart beating...


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


Her body lay in the gutter

blood trickled in the rain

mingling with petrol

making rainbows


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


My heart is ripped from north to south,

lewd evil words spew from my mouth,

one hundred evil thoughts I think,

my skin is slime my breath does stink.


All things I touch curl up and die,

I hate the truth and so I lie,

my soul is sold no going back,

a rotting life upon the rack.


Approach me not for if you do, I'll tear your heart from out of you...


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


Look at the face of this man,

for people he gives not a damn,

robs innocents of their true choice,

no chance for a one free voice.

Take a look at this corrupted face,

horrid slur on the whole human race,

there is nothing to cheer or rejoice,

while he sits in his precious rolls-royce.

What the hell have you done to Zimbabwe,

so-called 'president' Robert Mugabe?

The Battle Within

Unrest claims my heart, snatches tormented dreams,

I ache through the day with no hope of escape.

Vague voices invade try to tear at my schemes,

and words tumble out from the mouths I would tape.


A zombie, I move through the gloom of the day,

a heart that is tired from trying too hard.

Surrounded by people an insipid grey,

I go through the motions within this facade.


From A back to B like some robot I walk,

I wish for this battle to fade into dust.

Forget stupid words and the meaningless talk,

maybe only then will my heart learn to trust.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


Her heart was taken from her, alas she had no say,

and with it went all hope and strength somewhere too far away,

she hopes in vain it will return and spare her all the pain,

but I believe her waiting will alas be all  in vain.


It has been lost forever, gentle heart that beat with love,

alone, and now unloved with no direction from above,

she sits, forever patient,hanging on, not giving in,

and plans to beat this tragedy and somehow maybe win.


Reclaim her heart she must, or die a sad and lonely death, 

maybe the ice will melt against her warm embracing  breath?

a fading beat, the minutes tick as slowly time runs out,

so very hard, too scared to cry, impossible to shout.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


Vanity sits at the mirror

chocolate smearing her lips


body inanimate

extreme lustful desires taunt her

anger wins again

envy concedes


she runs the knife across his picture

cutting deep


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

The Taunt

He taunts me with his kisses of farewell,

for I know deep inside he will return,

to drag me from my secure silent shell,

and make my skin and senses crave to burn,

each night beneath the icy moon we kiss,

I tell myself that this is not true bliss.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


Soft skin unveiled

into the spongey depths of flesh

teeth disappear

sweet scarlet fluid swamps my tongue

it is accomplished


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


They say good friends are hard to find,

to this friendship I was so blind,

someone I knew, confided in,

don't really know how to begin.


Who would have guessed behind the smiles

the jokes and jests harmless missiles,

odd evenings out with just us three,

making small talk and sipping tea.


All the time behind my back,

so coldly planned and right on track,

her subtle move I did not see

my lover she would take from me.


You never think the time will come

when there will always be someone,

who comes along and wrecks your world

their other side become unfurled.


To try to put my life on course,

forgive the man forget divorce,

so much advice 'go change the lock,

chuck out his things, give him a shock'.


What is the point of doing that?

Destroying an unfaithful rat,

who in his weakness fell in love,

I've not been one to push and shove.


Feeling stupid, played for a fool

but in my heart I can't be cruel,

my lover hangs his head in shame

I start to question who's to blame.


A stupid fool of me she made,

stabbed in the back I've been betrayed.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Time Misspent

I have slammed the door on time,

time kills life now life is mime,

run out of steps that spread too far,

I'm wondering just where you are.

What is yours you cannot find,

what I own is in my mind,

thoughts are locked behind closed doors

in a box with guardian claws.

Time will flash across your face,

guilt edged blades will leave no trace,

time is precious, not worth tears,

cannot retrieve wasted years.

Love cannot be bought or sold,

how will you fair when you're old?

Life you never can relive,

hating who your heart is with.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

The Thief

I am an angel, fallen from grace,

collecting lost souls, for my dark marketplace,

feeding off hearts, and minds of the weak,

thieving off those, who have nothing to seek.

Deceiving people is what I do well,

preparing weaklings for a journey to hell,

it's an on going battle, collecting lost souls,

endlessly trawling the waters, for shoals.

I'll never tire of the work to be done,

gathering forfeits, until there are none,

some will succeed, in staving me off,

but those I defeat, are the ones who will scoff.

Fighting the truth, is what I'm all about,

nobody hears how I bellow and shout,

you think you can evade, my beckoning call?

well, the trap has been set, and I await your fall..


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

The Search

Gliding silently holding breath,

eyes ever watchful cheating death,

waters are still no ripples found,

feet find their way on sandy ground,

reflection gone the face has drowned.


Searching for hours with no hope,

each corner turned each mossy slope,

waters close in as if to know,

hopeless to find the face below,

reflection gone where did it go?


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Found Out

They say your lies will find you out, I  have lied now and then,

I thought that I could shrug them off, but they returned again,

nothing can fester like a lie it grasps at every heart,

the best way not to tell a lie is simply  not to start.

The little devil deep inside diminishes your brain,

if you don't give in very soon you will go quite insane,

cover tracks , but it's no use, those lies won't wipe away,

always tempting, trapping, endless torture, here to stay,


They say your lies will find you out and oh my friend how right they were, just like an ink blot on your mind, transforming truths into a blur.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


The guilt was far too much, such was the heavy weight of sin,

blurred memories of life, when evil wormed it's way back in,

a tired and tortured heart, that tried to fight the restless wave,

only to be sucked back in to webs that would deprave,

an isolated, outcast, she was cursed among her kind.

walked blindly through the nightime with no shelter yet to find,

collapsing on the viscious rocks, knees bloodied from the fall, relinquishing all hope, if there was ever hope at all,

to plead redemption now and then shake off her evil yolk,

and as her voice cried to be saved, on salty tears did choke,

they flowed as like a restless stream, upon the stoney ground,

as evening brought her lasting peace, redemption this soul found.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


Tatal Reflection

Calmly she looks at the face reflecting back

the dread deed acomplished too late to regret,

months of planning and waiting at last paid off,

plan for the future, her future and forget,

why then the feeling that all is not over?

Trying to smile and relax, play the actress,

make them all think how bereft you are feeling,

straighten that profile, adjust your satin dress,

it is done, he is gone, no more the tyrant,

now free as a bird, to do just as you will,

take a deep breath, move away from the mirror

ignore the strange feeling inside when you kill.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Wreckless Game

How sad that it should end this way,

too many wreckless games to play,

 pushing herself and luck too far,

too many notes to fill the jar.


Caught fast within a self made trap,

bad money falling in her lap,

profit her nothing good at all,

amounting to her own downfall.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


Trapped in chains that tear and bite,

gouging out my heart at night,

wrenching from them is futile,

wrapping around mile after mile,

never more to be set free,

someone threw away the key,

ugly thoughts invade my brain,

slowly driving me insane,

bloodied fingers pick the lock,

steady ticking of the clock,

thirty feet below the sea,

nobody to hear my plea.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

No More

Take this cup from me, I don't want it back,

tired of all these lies, that you love to stack,

always using me, in your make pretend,

stabbing every back, of a loyal friend.


Take your hand away,from this tired face,

what you used me for, brings on soiled disgrace,

always scheming hard, time to fold the show,

so undo these chains, and just let me go.


Take this cross away, from my tortured soul,

go and slip into, yet another role,

always grabbing things, that you claw and tear,

when you look for me, I will not be there.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Dangerous Obsession

What made me do it?

I cannot say,

I felt like a puppet, alone and at play,

one very sad puppet, with one broken string,

a church that is empty, a bell that won't ring.


Why did I do it?

I cannot tell,

it's not that I knew her, got on all that well,

I just felt that something cried out to be done,

why should it be everyone else having fun? 


When I watched her fall, it stifled the rage,

I could juggle the moon, I could take centre stage,

I could laugh and feel free, turn my back on the blame,

but deep in my heart, I felt nagging shame...


Why did I do it?

I cannot say,

there wasn't a plan, or required chosen day,

I'm not a time keeper, but who's keeping score?

She meant nothing to you, know it's me you adore.


Did I regret it?

Old father fate,

took hold of tomorrow, but now it's too late,

I do not regret it, unlucky for some,

I sit in the dark knowing you will not come...


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Dead Petals

Nobody knew her nobody cared,

gatecrashed a party somebody dared,

thought to have fun let down her hair,

trouble with her was she liked to share,

eyes dilated popping her pills,

walking on thin ice until it kills,

thought she could handle her crazy life,

only to end it with booze and a knife.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

So I Lied

Okay so I exagerate,

my heart is in a sorry state, ,

she ripped it out the crazy witch,

now all I want to do is bitch,

so now you know about the scene,

you think that I'm some drama queen,

perhaps your're right, but it's not fair

and anyway, why should you care

about this heart that's torn in two,

with bruises in all shades of blue?

I know you want to be my friend,

but I know this will never mend,

you warned me this would come to grief,

and from your book should take a leaf,

she took me for a proper fool,

thought I was acting pretty cool,

pull up a chair and pour a beer

and bring this broken heart some cheer,

I promise not to blub again,

have you a pill for this chest pain?


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

No Voices

What stories these hallowed walls could relate,

fearsome beings lined up, behind iron gate,

blood curdling yells of pain by battle made,

satisfy sick minds, as on chess board played,

a thumb goes up, another life is saved,

the witnesses consist of minds depraved,

a thumb that turns toward blood sodden ground,

no hope for those within, no saviour found,

with blood stained sword, decapitated limbs,

a seething mob who have no time for hymns,

dead bones below this ancient monument,

no voices from these walls where life was spent.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Drenched Hearts

Drenched hearts

both beings lost

hopeless now

at what cost

strength wrung out

reliquish all

feeling dead

feeling small

unbending rain

cold needles beat

no hiding place

no safe retreat

so bends the head

drowned hearts lie dead.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Forbidden Meeting

In secret we are meeting, do not tell the gods above,

so earnestly entreating, do not damn him who I love,

I should be feeling guilty, though I swear that I do not,

please forget you saw, us give us up as a bad lot,


I beg of you forget us, else our souls the gods will rot.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Night Visit

He comes every night

drawing life each bite


skin pales body dies

triumph in his eyes


I lay on my bed

lace pillows blood shed


He's gone

Visit is over...


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Different Now

I shall not wait to see the final flag descend,

off comes the makeup of old wasted yesterday's,

on, new diguise of frozen smiles and winning ways

all is at an end, finished with the make pretend.

Different now somehow.

No more the partner to this ruthless game again,

out of my depth this time I found this lake too deep,

run out of all reasons why, no more tears to weep,

decision made, but who is to say why or when.

Different now somehow.

At last to escape this dark suffocating mist,

welcome in reality find me here right now,

did not want to change, fought against every vow,

some things in life you cannot forget or resist.

Different now somehow.

Hard to forget I know, believed he was the one,

to see but not to look in love, must not despise,

on goes the frozen smile the thinly veiled disguise,

all friendly meant 'hello's' endevour not to shun.

Different now somehow.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Lady Death

Be careful now don't look away, just hold my gaze and start to pray,

you fell in-love with my blonde locks, now be prepared for nasty shocks,

you crossed me one too many times, you forced me to commit these crimes, my sword is honed as sharpened steel, oh yes my friend, this weapons's real, it's such a shame you turned your back, from your sad frame, your head I'll hack,

I'll have it stuffed and keep it hid, just now and then I'll lift the lid.



© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


The great house held her perfume, each corridor you walked through, floating drapes engulfed her room, conceals her spirit from view,

such dark secrets from the past, taunting looks cruel disdain,

someone who did once exist resurrected causing pain.

To compete a futile art, restless ghost has hate unfurled,

mousey wife tries to fight back, melts into the chair, tightly curled.

Such a hard act to follow, this woman with a black heart,

played her friends as chess pieces, thought herself so very smart,

now the sea lays claim, at last silent waves cover her grave,

smoke and flame will fill her house, Manderley you cannot save.

Innocent Victim

Laying prone among dead leaves,

somewhere near a family grieves,


Missing after her school prom,

victim of a fire bomb.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Dark Eyes

Scheming sister knows

how a wicked lie grows,

better watch your back,

these dark eyes attack,


protective heart is black.



© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Lost To Darkness

The house he lives in he doesn't see,

retaining one room, he keeps the key,

scared of the sunlight, cries through the night,

food pushed away, not touched a bite.

Pupils dilated due to the dark,

nightmare of childhood has left it's mark,

just gave up trying to venture outside,

mind in a muddle, strong ropes are tied.

Trapped in a place with walls moving in,

accepts the fact that he will never win,

energy wasted, body dried out,

forgot how to speak far too painful to shout.



© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Within the Mirror

Mirror in her hand, disappears within,

leaving life behind, forgetting her sin,

seeing not the mask covering her mind

seeking something more, her true self to find.

Mirror keeps close, held within it's power,

fragile face and mind fatefully devour,

fingers hold tight, not wanting to let go,

scared of what she'd see, too frightened to know.



© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved