Adult themed poems. Please read at risk!

Strawberry Love

This heart I give my love is plump and sweet,

my lingering sugared kiss a special treat,

such dimpled delights sent from heaven supreme,

cools down another fruit with smooth ice cream... 





© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Human Scroll

Read me slowly as you would a book,

every inch of skin holds untold tales,

battling dragons, hearts embraced by snakes,

yes my friend the needle never fails.


Fantasies are played out on my skin,

melting into green and purple hues,

interlaced with swirls and filigree,

misted into tones of aqua blues.


See them move as I breathe in then out,

dancing inbetween the rippled lines,

magic is created as we speak,

let your eyes feast on these wild designs.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Finger Flicks

A gentle finger flicks the hammered steel,

another look, maybe this time she'll see,

those haunted eyes will glance up from the wheel,

her breath is held ,whatever's meant, will be.


Her empty days are broken into lines,

a peering through into another world,

she knows about his walks and where he dines,

and still the cold steel blind remains unfurled.


He found her out because he felt her eyes,

they pierced his back when he got out the car,

she felt his heat, the sweat between her thighs,

he buzzed her intercom, one step too far.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Swede Indeed

Hello, my name is Inger a masseusse of high renown,

my fingers satisfy a greater need,

my comfort food is cloudberries secreted in my gown,

no- I am not some ordinary Swede.


My body is a temple many men seek to adore,

strong nimble hands much practised in their art,

massaging is my forte a technique not to ignore,

word to the wise- the berries make me fart.


With muscles like balloons I can deliver hefty blows,

it's best to hold your breath with each attack.

my patient ears are battered by each client's doleful woes,

(men loosen up when they are on their back).


My sauna is remarkable built to a high extreme,

within the mist my voice will hynotise,

relaxing later on before a roaring fire to dream,

while I crack massive nuts between my thighs.


A skier tre exceptional especially off the piste,

I'll swish and swerve to show off what I've got,

back at my lodge a workout that you know you can't resist,

then spanked with scented twigs upon your bot'.


Come visit me most anytime I'll make your body strong,

I rent a flat above the Bombay Duck,

my boyfriend Sven's a Viking and he wears a leather thong,

sometimes he lets me drive his massive truck.


My name is Inger Flogard and my fame has truly spread,

to say I am adept is true indeed,

come up and bounce upon my heated queensize waterbed,

there are so many ways to peel a Swede...


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Introducing Flo

Flo had always been a flirt she started very young,

to chase the boys and conquer with a kiss.

Eyes of flashing emerald a waspish little tongue,

a wiggle you would never want to miss.

Perfume placed strategically between her breasts and ears,

a heavy musky scent that drove men wild.

Mum and 'dad' looked on in awe as Flo 'progressed' in years,

she never really acted like a child.

Big of bosom fair of face Flo used her charms with ease,

too many to relate from one to ten.

Soon she tired of little boys she found too hard to please,

our Flo turned her attention to young men.

First there was the baker's son, she loved the feel of flour,

his hot cross buns were firm and filled with spice.

Quite an expert making cakes he taught her in an hour,

to squeeze his piping bag was very nice.

Then came Ted the butcher with his sausages so large,

Flo liked a well done banger now and then.

Late at night they'd sit with 'HP Sauce' upon his barge,

and dip their chips until the clock struck ten.

Men they came and went like buses cruising down the street,

and one by one they fell in-love with Flo.

But her net was thrown and to the chip-shop did retreat,

she thought -'I'll give the fishmonger a go' .

Stan was quite a charmer and he'd 'been around' himself,

so he was well prepared to take on Flo.

They settled down together like two jugs upon the shelf,

each Friday night she'd help him cook his roe.

Please be warned in case you see a redhead come your way,

a spirit on the loose and running free.

There again it could be Flo out 'hunting'-who can say?

Just catch the next ship then head out to sea!


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Sweet F.A

Left high and dry at a restaurant, it's your usual m.o.

I should have seen this coming, stupid me, I'm such a shmo.

Pick up the tab for my umpteenth drink, lets raise a glass to me,

and shout out 'Halleluja'-just how dumb-assed can you be?


You wipe the floor with my dignity( as if I've some to spare),

then make me empty promises -yeah-as if you really care,

the road we took to Morrocco was as rocky as it comes,

so with sweet F.A every single day I decided to do some sums.


Italian stud is so overused -you never did light my fire,

your fitted shirts and Versace suits were your only true desire,

testosterone you had too much of, and you use it like aftershave,

such a hollow heart with so little to give, you deserve an early grave.


Arrivederci to a wasted life, with no prospects left in sight,

you'll think of me in your sweaty bed, when your y-fronts get too tight.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved



The mirror tells me I am somebody else,

the man on the bed, just a 'joe',

I slip off my dress and think -'oh, what the hell,

he's too drunk, he just wants a blow.


He pours me a drink as I take off my bra,

a rule that I have-they don't touch,

a sad little man I picked up in a bar,

what he says doesn't interest me much.


In one ear then out, as I knock back the scotch,

and gaze at his fat hairy chest.

My hand travels down to his dark sweaty crotch,

in my heart I could do with a rest.


From dusk until dawn working all of the bars,

'Hey Sherree' they shout, 'need a blow'.

I smile and 'salute' them and shout 'in your stars',

move on down the street, nice and slow.


My kid doesn't know me, she hates what I do,

my man, he moved out long ago,

the kids on the block think they know how to screw,

but there is so much they don't know.


The guy underneath me has fallen asleep,

I fall back and light a cigar,

the mirror tells me I am somebody else,

'Sherree girl-you know who you are'.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

In For the Night

Chardonnay and I hit the hay at five

no one comin' round

just me and Chardonnay...


She's clean and white

and her long neck dribbles ice water

leaving rings on my stomach.


Cool cool Chardonnay

kick off the clothes

just expose...


We're in for the night

delightful delight

me and Chardonnay..


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Soul Destroyed

I wait for you on street corners

counting the cars

counting the snowflakes



blood pumping hot through my veins


I wait for you in crowded bars

watching the empty faces

ignoring the glances of wanabe romeos



moist sex between my thighs


I wait

but the clock on the wall

tells me to give it up

and the endless throbbing

in that darkest of places



© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved



Margarita Time

Hard day at the office, boss is giving her the feel,

turns the modem off for good, it's time to get unreal,

heads downtown, her favourite bar, she shakes her tight bun loose,

hey it's margarita time and sweet tequila juice.


Banging through a swinging door she slides onto her stool,

runs long fingers through her hair attempting to look cool,

'Margarita on the rocks, with salt around the rim'

barman nods and gives a wink, yeah, she could fancy him.


Watches every move he makes a cocktail being born,

shake it shake it baby, see me through before the dawn,

there it sits before her full of bitter sweet surprise,

touches tongue one second, see the stars fall from her eyes.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


I used to be an innocent naive and so tongue-tied,

until I ate a mushroom and my eyes were opened wide.

I felt the most amazing rush of heady sexual bliss,

and every man who passed me by I had to give a kiss.


My friends became embarrassed at my antics so bizarre,

they tried to keep me occupied -they didn't get too far.

I had become addicted to all mushrooms large and small,

no strong desire for chocolates I missed them not at all.


My dreams became erotic and they left me quite non-plussed,

my tired eyes betrayed me and I knew I would get sussed.

And sure enough one morning as I tried to do my work,

I got the hots for Simon who is really such a berk!


I siddled up beside him gave his bum a playful pinch,

he has a very small one and I barely pinched an inch.

Before long we were bonking on the hallowed storeroom floor,

half of me yelled 'ooh goodness' and the other shouted 'whore'!


And now we're both addicted to all mushrooms small and large,

we place an order every week enough to fill a barge.

Our greenhouse windows steam up every evening after ten,

and now we have a threes-up with our naughty neighbour Len.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Whipped Again

We opened up the fridge and started spreading from the can,

our skin was hot and sticky and it covered up the tan,

the butter started melting as he slid down to my knees,

but on the way he touched me

and that's when I screamed out 'please'!

The honey jar was empty from our fun and games last night,

his fingers started probing then he moaned- 'my god you're tight',

with nipples hard as pebbles he smeared on rich whipping cream,

his tongue attacked my mouth and stifled out another scream.

'You noisy little minx' he crooned, unwrapping the champagne,

I heard a faint explosion and he made me come again,

so up and down I slithered till his body was rock hard,

my fingers dug in deep into a tub of soft roulade.

I felt his body quiver as my nipples brushed his own,

he smiled and pushed his manhood in an oversized cream cone,

we laughed it seemed forever at the mess that we had made,

but what a bloody lovely way to get divinely laid!


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


We sip expensive coffee

in St.Marks Square

while the paid violinist

woos us to leave

make love

in quiet shaddowed alleyways

where water slaps

against ancient walls

in time

to our hungry bodies


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Porno Pecker Pepper Pot

Another night, unbridled sex,

all sweaty skinned and steamy specs,

my man and I upon the rug,

about to have another tug,

but what is this, his willy gone?

There's nothing there to sit upon!

Down to Ann Summers I must go,

but when I ask they say 'oh no,

right out of stock of willies dear

new ones are coming out next year'.

All down at heart and down at heel,

fustrated I begin to feel,

to get another willy-how?

And then I thought 'you silly cow,

the Farmer's Market go, make haste',

with not a single sec to waste,

right there before me red and hot,

enticing, naughty 'pepper pot',

a-peeping out beneath it's sheath,

I licked my lips and bared my teeth,

'I'll have a bunch of those' I said,

got home and tucked them 'neath the bed,

while in the dark we huff and puff,

my man shouts out 'that's quite enough,

lets get that porno pepper out!'

I grabbed one that was firm and stout,

(how did he know I would secrete

this naughty little sex toy treat?!)

Well, since that night things get real hot,

just me,my man and 'pepper pot'.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

In a Heartbeat

They touched fingertips through glass,

and met in secret silent places,

with each kiss to be their last,

they hid the torment from their faces.

In the long stemmed grass they climaxed,

as the sun danced through the branches,

making fruitless plans that tumble,

when you take too many chances.


But they loved like they were dying,

as if every second mattered,

never knowing or believing

what they had could still be shattered.

Everlasting pained embraces,

ending sweetly down a backstreet,

see two shadows on a brickwall,

they are kissing in a heartbeat.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Whipped Cream

Fuzzy bubbles travel to unchartered territory

scented whipped cream engulfs soft curves

hands slide beneath and round

cool tiles become a resting place

where water ripples down

in and out

whirls around my feet

down to oblivion



but oh,

how the scent stays

and stays....

until next time....


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Silken Envelope

Unseen, the white rose lies between two hearts,

it's thorns as sharp as each of cupid's darts,

but oh, the silken envelope within,

that strokes and kisses languid lovers skin,

still holds the scent that heated love has made,

where fingers touch white petals now displayed,

two meld as one, he hears her gentle scream,

and so to sleep, embedded in their dream...


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


I saw him

sheltering beneath a beach umbrella

I puckered and smiled

mango lipstick melting on my mouth

his green flipflops clashed

with blue socks

no fashion sense

smiling back he sighed a long sigh


summer heat was winning

sand simmered hot

dazzling white

blue waves fizzed on the shore


we met in the ocean

he wanted to taste my mango lips

-only if he took off his socks...


we watched them float

toward a blurred horizon

knotted through flipflops

my mango lips dissolved into his

and the beach umbrella took off

up the coast

blown by hot summer wind

along with the smell of mango

and salt kisses


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Just What...?

What can I get that sweet guy Earl?

A sailing ship, a precious pearl,

one thousand kisses on a sheet,

a mystery parcel small and neat,

a busty blond to soothe his brow,

with adept fingers and know-how,

big bags of sweets and sugar cane,

he has a sweet tooth that is plain!

Large chocolate bras -whoops I meant bars!

Soft violins beneath the stars,

a bubbly tub with 'you know who',

essential oils and all that goo,

a day in Paris on the Seine,

unhurried kisses in the rain,

iced 'champers' with a creme brulee,

(hot lustful thoughts wont go away)

a supper tray arranged for two,

with candelabrum plus sea view,

fresh jasmine scented featherbed,

cool fingers to massage his head,

romantic words against his ear,

"y'know, it's rather luvly 'ere,"

ah- forget the wine, forget the nosh,

I'll wrap myself up now, bish-bosh!!


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Tickled Pink

Pink tongue dances between wriggling toes

licks the arch

courses a warm wet line along inner thigh

her extended belly glows in the moonlight


Pink lips kiss the shaven mound

then up to smooth tight skin

he feels a kick and smiles


Pink tipped fingers sift through tussled hair

nearly there

heavy manhood brushes her belly


Pink tongues meet and twine like twisted candy cane

lick and pull

exploring ears and neck then travel down

to stilled feet and sleeping toes


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


Guess I was in the wrong place the wrong time,

she had me marked from day one,

planned it so well such an excellent crime,

that's how it all came undone.


M.O. a cinch you would never believe,

done with a stiletto heel,

victim is drugged not a hope they can leave,

she doesn't care what they feel.


Stretches them out on a hard stoney floor,

tying the hands and the feet,

taking one look at a face they abhor,

eyeing their throat soft and sweet.


She gets a rush when her heel hits the spot,

feeling the blood splash her skin,

gives her an orgasm sweaty and hot,

loving sensational sin.


Now I am here in a cell made for one,

she pinned it on me yes, for good,

one crooked cop a fine web she has spun,

I'd get her back if I could.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

One-Way Ticket

I checked into the Hotel California,

a one-way ticket screwed up in my hand,

the guy behind reception squinted at me,

like I was from some weird alien land.

He gave a sigh and fingered through the bookings,

a look of boredom passed across his face,

was this to be my final destination,

to end up in this godforsaken place?

'Room 24-the best that we can offer,

three dollars extra for the towel and soap',

I took the key and felt his eyes burn through me,

the evening air hung thick with booze and dope.

The stairs were stained and reeked of stale urine,

I held my breath, located 24,

turned the key to face a wall of perfume,

at least it masked the smell outside the door.

A broken blind hung halfway down the window,

the neon lights pierced spaces in between,

I chucked my stuff upon the grubby bedspread,

I had a strong desire to get clean.

The shower came to life after I banged it,

without the soap I didn't give a damn,

the last few days I'd given up on living,

deep down inside I felt like half a man.

The night was hot the shower didn't help none,

I wandered naked back into the room,

it's then I saw her clinging to the bedpost,

her sultry sexy smile lit up the gloom.

Brown eyes trekked down my body, 'hey there baby-

there aint no point in taking silly showers,

hey, we can do whatever stuff you fancy,

tonight the 'California's' all ours.'


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


Pussy Galore has got nothing on me,

I can jump higher than any old flea,

rub nice and close where you want me to rub,

purr in your ear while you're taking a tub.

All that I ask is you massage my back,

see how it arches, boy you have the knack,

masculine muskiness hangs on my fur,

think I can manage a big thankyou purr.

So glad to know we are in for the night,

licking my lips as you turn out the light,

curling up close on our sofa for two,

counting my blessings and one of them's you.




© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


When we kissed

I wanted to melt into your mouth

our eyes succumbed to dreams


your hand stroked my back

iced smoothies by the bed

sun warming our bodies


our hands found each other

in that moment I knew

I had always loved you



© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved







Baby when you pout that way,

blows my senses clean away,

all I do is want to play,

with those pouting lips.


Lick your lips the way you do,

shiny,sticky just like glue,

never fed up with view,

of those pouting lips.


Lips that taste of sugar plum,

leave a mark against my thumb,

licking from them one last crumb,

oh those pouting lips.


Hot slick lips that suck and bite,

I explode like dynamite,

tongue to tongue our lips ignite,

burning pouting lips.


Never take you lips from me,

close to them I want to be,

don't you ever set me free,

from those pouting lips.



© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


Fruit Bowl

Slide into my bowl of delight

plump fruits glisten with desire

aching for the covering

of smooth thick cream

my cherry awaits

the warmth of your

devouring mouth.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Chocolate Love

Break open the box of hot chocolates,

I feel like some sensual delight,

amore amore amore,

is all that I'm feeling tonight.


We'll have us a little siesta,

you put on that red velvet gown,

I smell the allure of your perfume,

frilled lingerie soft eiderdown.


Skin silky and smooth smells of roses,

a powerful hypnotic scent,

iced champagne mists on crystal glasses,

my strawberry creams are all spent.


Our life is a rich cherry centre,

a palace boxed up with a bow,

my matinee idol is calling-

'white chocolate petals to go'


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


Angora sweater tickles nipples

sinuous arms envelope waist

nectorine juices trickle between

voluptuous mounds of rouged flesh

glistening like pearl...


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


Slipping sliding bodies bounce,

calories burning ounce by ounce,

push me pull me where you please,

slowly sliding to my knees.


Breathing steady, breathing fast,

making every moment last,

ripping clothes, scratching skin,

honey dripping from my chin.


Nipples crushed against your chest,

giving you my very best.



© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

G Spot

Honed hands mould me into shape

my back arches

my arms link through the rails

disobedient legs engulf your body

wrapped like cling film against wet skin

as lips begin to travel then tease



to the fiery core

my wet desire

my darkest secret place

a strangled scream released

you've found me.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


Lips rainbow-sugared

dissolve into mine

tasting of raspberries

spiced blueberry wine

sliding and slipping

delightfully soft

unhurried dipping

eyes drifting aloft

just a sweet morsel

to lick and to savour

feasting from lips

devouring the flavour.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


Ice Pack

Long fingernails that tantalize and tease

drip ice cold water onto fiery skin

small frozen cube melts in a deathly squeeze

white freezing breath exhales from deep within

cascading frosted water slides between

ice massaged into muscles once relaxed

where other cooling rivulets have been

contort and strain sub zero upto max


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


We started with Banana Schnapps

hot crumpets with assorted baps

to soak up all the alcohol

we raised our glasses shouted 'Skoal'!

The Hurricane blew me away

a playful taste I have to say

we topped up with some Jungle Juice

which turned my body limp and loose

Between the Sheets just had me wrapped

into my psyche you had tapped

Bad Habits trickled down my throat

then you passed me a sexy note

which I dipped in my Blue Lagoon

and gazed into a fuzzy moon

your Casablanca made me hot

so we decanted to your yacht

to drink a truly cool Sea Breeze

which tickled me and made me sneeze

Erotica was something new

reminded me of something Blue

we only drank them for a lark

that changed when I downed Fuzzy Shark

I found it difficult to chat

as you poured me a Sewer Rat

I wanted so to 'steer your ship'

but Mai Tai's dribbled from my lip

the air was cool and shivery

Brass Monkey's made me livery

and so down to your smoking room

for Black Russians and va va voom!

Bikini gone dissolved to dust

Colada's rubbed into my bust

I waited for your Screwdriver

spread on the bed like Godiva

and then it came-Gorilla Fart

it hit my throat like cupids dart

you landed with a giant thud

a Kamakaze in the nudd'

but don't ask me what happened next

I'm feeling slightly oversexed

a Cubre Libre is the cure

regain composure feel demure

just put away the Daiquiri

lets make ourselves a cup of tea!


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


Day is over work is done Santa's going to have some fun,

got some presents of his own wrap them up and take them home.

Santa loves this time of day when his 'Elfletts' come to play,

plenty more inside his sack reason why they all come back.

'Elfletts' soothe his tired brow so please don't disturb them now,

soon as he takes off his boots watch his toy as out it shoots.

Naughty Santa feels so hot 'Elfletts' love him quite a lot,

cuddle down with spicy gin then the fun and games begin.

'Guns and Roses' blast the air hands and feet go everywhere,

disappear beneath the sheets tasting oh such yummy treats.


Santa needs to go to sleep sweaty bodies in a heap,

maybe when his dreams are done I'll come round and have some fun.


Nighty- night you naughty old Santa you!


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


Greasy hands use me as a rag

I love the smell of oil in your hair

unwashed stubble rubs against thighs

as I breathe in and out... in and out...

your lips find me

I scream

want more of you

tongue darts here ... there

definately there...

tiles once cold against my back grow hot

knees buckle

spin me round

I kiss the coolness

growing hot as you

I scream

want more of you

slide to the floor

into petrol and grease

thighs burning

lips scorched

sex holds us together

that's how we mend.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


I thought I might get lucky standing here with cool shades,

the 'come on' look was just a subtle hint,

just waiting for some curvy well endowed pretty maids,

for more allure I'm sucking on a mint.

It took me quite a while to come up with this cunning plan,

what better way to get to know a girl?

I used precision tools (a ruler) plus my sexy tan,

the writing was designed by my mate Earl.

No offers as of yet but then I've never lost before,

how can I with such subtle expertise?

Give me another hour or maybe three perhaps just four,

and then I'll knock them flat with my striptease.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


He placed flowers in my hair, paying homage to my skin,

that shone with joy and love, treasured in my heart for him,

liquid eyes that ebb and flow, I will gladly drown within,

take me far beyond this time, let the water boil and brim.


I smelt cedarwood and spice, tasted passionfruit so rare,

drowned in the azure sea, where I melted in his hands,

crystal rainbow water ran, from his mane of flowing hair,

as he wrapped me in his dreams, floating off to other lands.


Lips of fire and tongue like ice, marking secret places kept,

skin that sizzles and then tingles, swept upto a dizzy height,

never waking from this heaven, where my fantasies have slept, moonsoaked pillows hold the essence, of the oh so sacred night.


Kisses soft as cottonwool, feathered gently on my breast,

dying with each tender touch, praying I will not awake,

breath like molton oil ignites, as cool winds blow from the west,

I am like a fragile flower as each petal he will take.


Sensual oils invade the air, jasmine petals touching skin,

that shone with joy and love, treasured in my heart for him,

incense burns above my head, as he takes me from within,

let me drown into this love, as the waters boil and brim.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


I try to push his love away,

what are these crazy games we play?

Not knowing he should go or stay,



Each time is harder than the last,

he knows my future plagues my past,

a kiss like a volcano blast,



Heat eminates from every pore,

we always finish on the floor,

I hear my voice call out for more,



Soft satin tumbles from my skin,

forget where night and day begin,

embedded in our blissful sin,



So I give in to hot desire,

not wanting to put out the fire,

still knowing that he plays the liar,



© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

No Contest

I said to my mate 'Why not give it a go,

you've got just as much as the others to show'

(he's always been quite well endowed down below)

Boy, a showstopper!

He downed a few whisky's before he could stand,

with pats' on the back, an encouraging hand,

they say that the best things in life are unplanned.

My, he's a topper!

To think that he's been such a modest old sort,

he's not one to boast when he wins at a sport,

you wouldn't want THIS on your face as a wart!

Cor, what a whopper!


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


This gal's never off the scales,

only eats split peas and snales,

needle moves up, hear the whales,

'does my butt look good?'


Watches everything she eats,

cakes a no,no naughty treats,

works out underneath the sheets,

don't you wish you could?


One day she will meet a guy,

cook him supper bake a pie,

nicely rounded that's no lie,

doesn't that sound good?


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Threes a Crowd

How they squabble how they twitch,

quite forgotten which is which,

wish that I could flick the switch,

bid a tired goodnight.

Janey wants to hire a cab,

I of course pick up the tab,

such a neck I'd love to grab,

just don't want to fight.

Suzi always feels left out

oh to give that butt a clout,

she invented the word 'shout',

peace - what a delight.

'Whisky' tells me to stay in,

drown into delightful sin,

let the fun and games begin,

I'll stay home tonight.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


Still feel you hard against me

your perfumed sex clings to my skin

firm muscled legs wrapped round

squeezing me ever near

cool water touches like soft tongues

in secret places

juices mingled

where heat played upon heat

ceaseless throbbing

uncompleted act needs completion

unfinished business.



© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Love Me xxx Little Miss Naughty

Saw this in the shop window, it's rubbery and large,

as soon as I clapped eyes on it, I bought a tub of marge',

they asked me if I wanted it gift wrapped or special 'D',

so obviously they understood, this 'gift' was not for me.


Ten sheets of wrapping paper, was used to bind this 'toy',

the shop assistant smiled in awe, 'Is he one great big boy!'

I felt my face turn red, as yet another sash was tied,

it all looked so impressive, yes it cannot be denied.


So now it's on a Boeing and oh my, will you be glad,

my special 'little gift' is just the best you ever had,

one warning though 'sweet magic man' before you rip the foil,

if taken by surprise, this wondrous 'gadget' can recoil.


Please place it in the oven, reglo hot for just an hour,

then spread the marge' on top of it, to stop it turning sour,

at first it's very slippery, but soon you'll get the knack,

but if you find it's far too big, be good to send it back!


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved



You feed me grapes, you feed me wine,

I put my heart upon the line,

I do your bidding as you will,

and deep inside I feel a thrill.


You take me dancing to the edge,

away from you I cannot hedge,

I place myself into your hands,

we dance away to mystic lands.


You love me with a passion rare,

that sends my mind into despair,

my eyes are closed, so hynotized,

and all my feelings are disguised.


You come and go into my life,

I play the lover then the wife,

I do not care what depths to go,

because I do adore you so.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


Second Skin

White girl slides into black satin

feels like it's a second skin

likes the way it folds

into secret places


spiked black sandals

ten white toes painted black

mascara like a spider's legs


blond curls ripple

down a porcelain back

invading the satin

smothering the black


loves her second skin.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


A profile unmoving and tempting to touch,

within soft white hands gentle long fingers clutch

silk petals of roses, their blush faded gone,

the line of her neck curved and smooth like a swan.


She sits as her eyes freeze on something not there,

the afternoon breeze rearranging her hair,

slight hint of a smile but the artist will know,

sable brushes touch faintly the secrets below.


Soft breasts like small moons, hide a beckoning heart,

legs slender, hang loosely, relaxed and apart,

and there at the core, mystery dances in shade,

until on their palette stained brushes are laid.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


We meet in secret places, our eyes make furtive signs,

each move a dark agenda, of plans and wild designs,

I am his other lover, no one has ever met,

he buys me trashy presents and flowers to forget.


He loves me like no other and leaves me wanting more,

we start up calm and casual, to end up on the floor,

we never sleep together, for us there is no time,

act out erotic fancies, in strangulated mime.


We meet in backstreet bistros, where sweat and sex are one,

drink vodka and tequilas all knowing looks we shun,

he takes me in dark alleys, against the subway wall,

deaf to the jeers of winos and envious catcall.


He phones me when he needs me, he knows that I will come,

no matter what the time, is I'm underneath his thumb,

he gives me satisfaction and sets my skin on fire,

it's animal attraction and spiralling desire.


I know one day he'll leave me, for someone clean and pure,

a pretty little poppet, all sweet and so demure,

but soon that little body, will end up damaged goods,

a reputation sullied among bushes in the woods.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Stolen Moments

Meeting in secret yes that's what we do,

secluded motels and parks,

patiently watching the hands on the clock,

minutes are eaten like sharks.

Darkness devours our forbidden love,

curtains are veiled to disguise,

I feel the quickening pulse in your neck,

hot molten heat in your eyes.

Every time harder to push you away,

feeling the weakness begin,

my heart surrenders to your searching mouth,

quenching the fire on my skin.

So in the darkness, pretending once more,

fooling ourselves this is real,

these stolen moments, are all that we have,

my heart never wanted to steal.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


Body shimmers in the dark,

deep inside you feel a spark,

expert fingers seek their mark,

the lady's yours tonight.


Must not touch that is the rule,

life at times can be so cruel,

curling tongue displays a jewel,

the lady's yours tonight.


Satin skin rubs close and hot,

all nerve endings have been shot,

want to give her all you've got,

the lady's yours tonight.


Watch her slide around the room,

cleavage close, smell her perfume,

motor starts, your pulse goes vroom,

the lady's yours tonight.


Finally she lets you touch,

not too little not too much,

whispering rude things in Dutch,

the lady's yours tonight.


Plants a kiss upon your lips,

slides your hand around her hips,

searching jewel dives and dips,

the lady's yours tonight.


Control gone your eyes see red,

tied up, tussled on her bed,

if discovered you'll be dead,

the lady's yours tonight.


Married man you soon will be,

not so reckless, running free,

now abandoned(where is she?)

the lady's said goodnight.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


Behind dutiful actions,

lies a mind well trained and informed,

skills honed through years of perfection,

before all have woken and yawned,

he hovers at doors and window,

never missing a single beat,

listening to conversation,

watching quietly as they eat.

Ruling the household just a game,

at the sound of his voice they jump,

only his one side they all know,

holds all cards including the trump,

walls hide secrets only he hears,

voices of anger and passion,

the former he is quite used to,

politics being the fashion.

But at night when curtains are drawn,

doors bolted, the house put to sleep,

soft steps touch the wilton carpet,

east-wing walls watch a shadow creep,

even before he has reached the door,

he hears harsh orgasmic cries,

rests his forehead against the wall,

squeezes shut dark secretive eyes.

Pretending he is in the room,

desiring a part of the dream,

feeling the sweat trickle down his back,

to a hard red hot lava stream,

the bed creaks to a pumping beat,

the moans and cries more raised,

straining in restricted cotton,

a once flacid muscle is grazed.

Exploding in painful silence,

bites his bottom lip tasting blood,

slowly steady breathing returns,

beating heart ceases to thud,

early next day at breakfast time,

remarks regarding his lip,

dutiful smile does not betray,

the one thing he would not let slip.

He stands to one side watching them,

thinking back to the night before,

when he was just a step away,

watching the master and his whore.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


Your tongue is like a seeking eel,

my belly button I can feel,

between the cleaveage of my breasts,

your busy tongue it never rests,

each nipple poised so hot and red,

as we entangle on the bed,

to tangle more as heat turns up,

upon each perfect mound you sup,

our bodies slip and slide around,

entwined divinely to the ground,

sucking crazy on my toes,

biting nipping kissing nose,

each lascivious lick is mine,

your body rubs against my spine,

legs knotted tight against the wall,

heaven knows if I should fall,

long nails dig into your back

this is no casual attack,

this is tongue-love steaming hot,

come spoon that eel and stir my pot.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Hot Honey

Hot honey runs down my back,

firm pink tongue is on the attack,

aching below keeps coming back,

moisture of sex as our bodies smack,

hot honey trickles into each crack..


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


Closer to you is just never enough, greed eats away at my head,

I need to feel you sink into my skin, steaming and hot on our bed,

wanting you more like an addict on speed, muscles are tightened and hard,

you hold the pack as I shuffle and toss, ready to turn the first card,

no space between, as our bodies unite, all inhibitions are shed,

closer to you is just never enough, greed eats away at my head.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


His kisses burn a trail toward my heart,

they cease their restless quest not to depart,

where lungs fight for the air they cannot find,

and fingers trace a skin smooth and unlined,

long legs that trap a body in it's thrall,

and stifles lips that need so much to call.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


A blissful ache comes with the dawn,

pulsating ripples seek their way,

I strain into the sheets that wrap

around our bodies at their play.


Tormented cry that builds within,

to hurtle through the jasmine air,

and fold so closely round my heart,

long fingers comb dishevelled hair.


Try to resist and keep at bay,

the screamed release I long to give,

until at last all reason flees,

a heart that bursts begins to live.


You catch my cry within your mouth,

as eyes shut tight refuse to see,

in case this all has been a dream,

where only certain souls are free.



© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Busy Boy

In and out

dark then light

nice and smooth

keep it tight


out and in

light then dark

hopefully I

hit the mark


soft to hard

in a spin

cannot wait

to get back in


hard then soft

job well done

in repose

enjoy some sun




© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


Strawberry Cream

Lead me to dream, amidst strawberry cream,

all the sugary sweetness disolve,

slippery smooth, filling every groove,

as my dilated pupils revolve.


Every lick, tasting creamy and thick,

sweet nectar cascading on tongues,

honeyed desire, to encourage the fire,

as fruitiness fills up my lungs.


Coat me each day in your strawberry way,

as it drips off my shoulders and back,

rub it all in, even though it's a sin,

'cos I'll never get all of it back!


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

The Ploy

Come into my parlour, said the spider to the fly,

there's a particle of dust, that needs extracting from my eye.

Oh! Was it really I who dropped my hankie on the floor?

So kind of you to pick it up, oh- have we met before?

Excuse me, but I think I left my cheque book in your shop,

I never thought I'd fit into this skimpy little top.

My, what exquisite artifacts you have out on display,

your hands are so artistic, I'm an artist by the way.

I'm so extremely sorry, spilling wine into your lap,

please, don't get up, I'll gently dab it, with my cotton wrap.

May I sit here just for a while? I'm feeling rather faint,

I think it possibly might be the smell of your gloss paint.

I wondered if you'd be so kind to reach that jar of jam,

oh dear, my blouse has come undone, what a silly thing I am.

Please, don't mind me-I've got all day, footloose and fancy free,

but when you've got a moment, could you load this up for me?

I'm sure I had it yesterday, I take it everywhere,

oh! Golly me, and bless my soul, how did it get down there?


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


I have such quenching thirst it will not be restrained,

to peel your petals off with gentle fingers trained.

Small raindrops on your skin are scented as a rose,

your aromatic leaves I'll scatter on your toes.

An aura soft surrounds the softest satin bud,

so blushed with ripe desire will not stem cravings flood.

Silk legs gently entwine petals fall open wide,

towards your golden core my heated love will glide.

Raindrops melt passions tears upon the broken flower,

soft pink to crimson goes welcomes cooling shower.



© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


Running free just like the wind cactus blurs in desert heat,

soon tonight on tussled sheets, our hot bodies merge and meet.

Running wild and soaring high, foot full on the gasoline,

already I  can feel her skin, smelling of that peach sunscreen.

Running fast and playing hard, think about her day and night,

body hardens at the thought, always treat my baby right.



© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Silent Witness

Drawn towards the crystal fountain,

to be cleansed from what had been,

hidden neath great rocks of granite,

thinking she would not be seen.

Watched she was from secret caverns,

quickened breathing did not hear,

water cascades from soft shoulders,

unaware of who is near.



© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


I have never seen your face,

but you brought me to this place,

lips that scorched my trembling breast,

never wanted me undressed.

On a bed of golden straw,

blindfolded to play the whore,

not a word to pass between,

I feel you my love unseen.

Hands that move upon my skin,

awakes passion deep within,

smells of musk and cinnammon,

soft breeze stirs so quickly gone.

Single straw used to ignite,

hidden bud of pure delight,

then that laugh I've come to know,

watching as I buck and throw.

Sudden silence, warmth has gone,

cooling where my love has shone,

still the blindfold on my face,

of my lover, not a trace.



© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

White Satin

 White sheets so soft, white sheets so fine,

wrapping around you, making you mine.

Smelling so fresh, smelling so good,

slip down beneath them, I knew that you would.

Who can resist, my white satin sheet,

you, me and them, my world is complete.

Long may we linger, beneath my cloud

 of white satin sheets, only you are allowed.



© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Body Spray

Running fingers through your hair, fragrant perfumes fill the air,

hairs on skin, hold droplets fine, hands move slow, taking their time.


Spray me onto satin skin, let the masquerade begin,

gently rubbing in-between, up and down with silky sheen.


Steam engulfs, our bodies melt, through the mist, orgasms felt,

perfume cascades round the room, spray surrounds us in our tomb.


Lingering fingers probe and stroke, smells that only we evoke,

sliding gently to the floor, water trickling down the door.


Nothing spoken, just the eyes, cocoons of mist, our one disguise,

heavenly scent I breathe inside, used up body spray cast aside.



© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


Crackling fire, deep pile rug, nestling down, nice and snug,

flaming sparks, spit and fly, precious moments sliding by,

lingering kisses on my neck, tracing pathways I won't forget,

eyes that smoulder into mine, seeking out my inner shrine.


Snowflakes fall, white blanket spread, safe by the fire, our rug a bed.

arms stretch upward, feeling good, smell sweet fragrance, smoking wood

bodies move in harmony, giving into what will be.


And in that fire that burns so fine, warms our glass of blood red wine.

passion rising with each touch, how I love you oh so much.



© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


Come on now babe, don't be shy, try to look me in the eye,

can't you see I want to play, even if it lasts one day.

I will stroke your tired brow, speak seduction, soft mieow,

you'll forget, try to unwind, I can be so very kind.

Nuzzling down against your chest, doing things that I do best,

purring softly in your ear, come on now, nothing to fear.

Just because my claws are red, and my tiger is a bed,

I am harmless,you will see, gentle I can really be.

Come down here, sweet lover boy, you can be my special toy,

claws are in just for tonight, bare those teeth and take a bite.



© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Silent Scream

I write your name upon the misted glass, and realise how false a heart can be,

all this between us has become a farce, the problem is not you I know, it's me.

Becoming too obsessed and too involved, friends warned me of the slippery rocks ahead,

they say a problem halved is mostly solved, but all I feel inside is cold and dead.

Your name is on my mirror seared in pink, a blood red heart is wiped against my hand,

it's difficult to grasp, too much to think, I twist and turn the tarnished wedding band.

Of all the little loves my life has had, yours was the only love I thought I knew,

how come a life so great could turn so bad? I know I am to blame, it wasn't you.

Your face is everywhere, in clubs and bars, down smokey avenues and darkened halls,

I guess our fate was written in the stars, your eyes stare back at mine from nameless walls.

at night I hug your shirt against my heart, it smells of cheap cologne, strong, bittersweet,

I should have read the signs right from the start, my fault for ever letting our paths meet.

I know I should move on, make a new life, chuck out your things and burn them in the yard,

a shower to wash off the memories, and every single time I made you hard.

A fool to think you were above my class, with all those fancy words, you had your way,

I write your name upon the misted glass, my silent scream is drowned beneath the spray.



© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


The grass was cool beneath my back, your body warm above,

and there beneath the starry sky, we made fantastic love,

you played my body perfectly, so blissfully in tune.

in shadows of the broad old oaks, the spotlight was our moon.

No words had passed between us with our breathing passion filled.

through gentle urging from my limbs, your secret seed was spilled,

skins glistened with our heated sex, still lost for words within,

and as the moon waved it's goodnight, you kissed my fevered skin.



© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Hot Diamond

Dressed from head to toe in leather, everything put well together,

shakin' booty everywhere, diamonds flashing in her hair.


Rock hot baby sweet and light, black boots pulled high, skirt is tight,

sends a message loud and clear, downs another glass  of beer.


Hey there babe all dressed in black, nearly gave me a heart attack,

gives a glimpse of what's underneath, shows the diamond in her teeth.


Expensive rocks are hard to buy, won't hang out with smaller fry,

reckless, feckless, a little wild, no- this is not some flowerchild.



© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Unexpected Visit

Oh dear, you missed the party, and it was so much fun,

it ended just as quickly, from the time it had begun,

you really should have been here, the games we played were - wow,

I had a full bottle of 'mumm', alas it's empty now.

Oh dear, the room is such a mess, my clothes are everywhere,

but the simple truth my darling is, I really do not care,

I've not had so much fun since that last time we went to Cannes,

I overdid the sunspray and you got an orange tan.

Oh dear, here comes that giggle, it must be the pink champagne,

I truly, truly promise babe, this won't happen again,


Now, where did I put that champagne glass?

Did you say there's a love-bite on my arse?



© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Evening Angel

Baby won't you come inside?

Let me take you for a ride,

take your coat off, bury pride,

I'm your evening angel.

I can soothe and I can heal,

make you feel all this is real,

play it my way, that's the deal,

I'm your evening angel.

Smell the brandy on my lips,

feel my strong hands on your hips,

let's see how the scale tips,

I'm your evening angel.

Feel your breath against my skin,

scorching tongues of fire begin,

want to hold you fast within,

I'm your evening angel.

Sliding down onto the floor,

hear you moaning, wanting more,

just like all the times before,

I'm your evening angel.



© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


Message on the internet, office unaware of us,

words are scorching on the screen, must avoid a sudden fuss,

all the morning fevered looks, eyeing over business books,

words steam out onto my page, try to control sexual rage

meet you on the thirteenth floor, as I've done ten times,before

take the stairs, act calm and cool, aching to break every rule,

thirteenth floor and I am here, praying that the coast is clear,

lift door opens, there you stand, so on time and so well planned,

drag me in, you have your way, only so much time to play,

how we fight oh how we claw sliding slowly to first floor.




© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


'Hello' I said, 'it's raining', you laughed and took my coat,

I wondered why I'd said, that your face read like a note,

I dried off in the bathroom, my clothes were soaked, right through,

and then I smelt her perfume, but your wrap still smelt of you.


When I returned, two brandies were warming by the fire,

your body sprawled the sofa, dark eyes filled with desire,

patting the space beside you, I did not hesitate,

this wasn't some cheap meeting, no adolescent date.


Your crooked smile undid me, the one that always wins,

that is when I soon forgot, where day and night begins,

seduction I was new to, always a closed rule book,

but you could break the weakest heart with  just one smouldering look.


A magnet, you had drawn me, ever closer to your spell,

weaving webs of potency straight into it I fell,

my lips burnt with the brandy, your lips hot on my neck,

wanting so to make this work, inside I felt a wreck.


Molten eyes devoured mine, I felt that I had drowned,

arms entwined my body but without a single sound,

you pulled me up, I staggered, just like a drunken doll,

carried lifeless from the room the ceiling seemed to roll.


My fingers traced your laugh-lines, that creased around dark eyes,

all the time a voice inside 'stop doing this he lies,'

deft fingers released buttons, my heart was every place,

untrained in sex,our  lives complex, I felt my fears unlace.


Experienced your hands were, showing oh so many ways,

I learnt more in those moments, than I really had in days,

voices beating in my head, awoke in love-stained sheets,

steady tapping of the rain, words echoeing 'he cheats'.


Sliding from the dozing form, where shameless lust had been,

glancing back toward the bed, where I had felt a queen,

slipping into shoes and jeans, suppressing guilt and dread,

still voices pounding hard and loud through tears- 'Goodbye,' I said.



© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Blue Room

Come into my blue room,

you better make it soon,

my body is exploding,

heavy lust is still uploading,

nerve endings are on fire,

simmering with sweet desire,

skin yearning to be stroked,

sheets beneath my body soaked,

see my eyes are wanton pools,

busy hands await my tools,

stomach undulates in time,

to a sensual bliss sublime,

dim the lights as legs invite,

wrapping round as kisses bite,

bodies curl within the gloom,

in my pleasurable blue room.




© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved




Party Girl

Party girl is who I am,

making mischief is my plan,

have my pick of any man,

lucky party girl...

Spend my nights on sex and booze,

every light turned onto cruise,

damage stupid hearts that bruise,

cruel party girl...

I'm just out to have some fun,

empty kisses then I run,

somewhere far off in the sun,

teasing party girl...

Screwing punters is my game,

thick and rich they're all the same,

they don't ever know my name,

clever party girl...

Out in Cannes or St.Moritz,

all I do is flash my tits,

break hearts into tiny bits,

right on party girl.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


Saw you moving slick and slow,

not some ordinary joe,

levis pulled across your groin,

secretly I tossed a coin,

in a second our eyes latched,

knowing smiles evenly matched,

pulled you fast into the shed,

bike oil hands ran through my head,

smooth and hot our skin to skin,

as the love-dance did begin,

soft and slow with biting lips,

sliding levis off of hips,

up against the metal bench,

nothing could hot kisses quench,

breathing hard and rocking slow,

hands that felt a firm rock grow,

eyes dilated lost for good,

banging up against the wood...



© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Red Satin

Feels good lying here, red sheets, and you,

feeling the heat rise, knowing what to do,

red petals opening, shining in the light,

tangled and toppled, our secret delight.

Buried in perfume, covering skin,

now, come and find me, time to begin,

never, to separate, closely entwine,

tighter and tighter, your skin against mine.



© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Been waiting here ages,

let fate turn the pages,

tried hard to forget you,

but it just would not do,

drinks are poured, record's playing,

let's get close, start the swaying,

making up, making talk,

but just where did you walk?


Sip sweet brandy wine,

you forget, you are mine,

at my feet you will fall,

and my name you will call,

forget all that has been,

nothing will come between,

you will do as I say,

make the hurt go away,

I'm not going to leave here,

and my head is quite clear,

I am here, keeping house,

welcome home, little mouse...



© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Moonlight Dance

Sweet scintillating angel boogie-woogies to the moon,

wisps of silver hair carresses, slender limbs move to the tune,

unaware that we are watching, lost within her sensual thought,

her eyes closed tight, dreaming of heaven, in her sexual web is caught,

mesmerizing moonlight musings, undulates along the bay,

moaning softly to the music notes of love carry away,

heady incense like a mist clings heavy on her satin skin,

gently turning to the moonlight, making all the planets spin.



© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Butterfly Kisses

I can still feel those butterfly kisses,

tingling and tickling the base of my neck,

after the wine and delicious lobster,

looks that you gave me while writing the cheque.

I can't forget those butterfly kisses,

placed so respectively inside each palm,

feeling warm wine invading my body,

helpless and unsteady I took your arm.

I often dream of butterfly kisses,

wrapped in my sheet that smells only of you,

reach for the book you bought me in Paris,

inside a butterfly bookmark in blue...



© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


Enfolding like no other, your desire seeps into mine,

this is no infatuation, there are no words that define,

Legs and arms entwine like branches, locking tight as love flows in,

fever builds in steady circles, blackest pupils in a spin.


Inflamed the hidden places only lovers know about,

fervent kisses last a lifetime busy fingers searching out.

Two cocooned within each other steeped in passions' sweet embrace,

heart to heart as pulse beats mingle, between breasts tears start to trace.



© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Black Satin

Enter in, this dark abyss, lose youself, within my cave,

disappear, down silken tunnels, slowly, we can misbehave.

Blackness, envelopes your body, skimming thighs, without a sound,

suffocating, in the shadows, wrapping, silently around.

Feeling strangely, dislocated, limbs encased, yet, also free,

senses highten, fabric teases, leading us, to what will be.

Struggles stop, breathing quickens, sight is lost, covers close,

touching now, within a darkness, velvet bud, of soft red rose.



© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


Veena comes out when the new moon is full,

you know she's around, when the bedclothes pull,

'can I come in please?' a little voice says,

barely a whisper, with whimsical ways,

a tiny pale face, speaks fragments of pain,

with eyes in all colours, too hard to explain,

 so lonely and tired, with nowhere to hide,

I'm always here for her should she need to confide.



© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Juice Box Heart

I'm a juicy smoothie

tangy on your tongue

sugary but bitter with each taste

delicate dipped fingers

tingle with desire

don't let any of me go to waste

banana cream runs down my neck

hot tongue's dart

massage in the chocolate sauce

let black magic start

wrap me round your body

honeyed kisses sweet attack

cherry pops

licking stops

bite marks on my back

fruit shoots hot candy

bodies know their art

spiraling in heated bliss

towards my juice box heart.



© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


She longs to be free from public gaze

tiredness and boredom her face betrays,

hours performing for men on the take,

only concerned with how much she will make.

For one brief moment her chance to escape,

just be herself again pull off the tape,

the cool water beckons so quick she would glide,

discover a new life on the other side.

Tempting the thoughts racing through her young head,

wishing the person who owned her was dead,

night after night feeling cheap feeling used,

pains in her legs from a body abused.

Secretly saving, but just not enough,

silently striving, becoming more tough,

one day she will leave but on her own terms,

glad to get rid of the touch of these worms.

Far side is calling and soon she will go,

curtain will come down, so ending the show,

she glances round and her 'master' is there,

the steel grey eyes face down her defiant stare.



© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved





Hey let's play sandwiches

lay close no air between

something hot in the middle

let's play hide the fruit

I'll hide it

you can find it

sugared-ice spread thickly

sponge that crumbles soft on the lips

jam in the middle

time to put the cream on top



© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Black Beads

When the clock struck twelve she came,

something that you couldn't tame,

had no fear and had no shame,

I've only myself to blame.

Never thought I was the type,

never fell for all that hype,

with her belt she gave a swipe,

full black lips my face did wipe.

Buttons popped so did her beads,

bounced and scattered like black seeds,

freely partook in her deeds,

on my body now she feeds.

Rolling round upon the floor,

broken beads my back they bore,

tangled mass that tries to claw,

crying out I still want more.

Tossing, turning, am I dead?

Nightmares raging through my head,

empty room, black witch has fled,

one large bead left in my bed.



© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved