Wake Up Call

Medication needed for a planet in despair,

crying out in torment for some tender loving care,

deep within her core, there beats a lost and broken heart,

but how to tend her wounds before all life here falls apart?


Medication needed for a planet in distress,

just 60 measly minutes to clean up the tragic mess,

and people everywhere are giving up too easily,

not thinking that they are the ones who hold the sacred key.


Wake up, gather all the world to save this planet blue,

and concentrate all love and thought, bring all your passion through,

from north to south and east to west, we link our hearts as one,

and start to mend this great old heart before we are undone.




© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

My Sea

My soul is filled with longing, for the secrets of the sea,

the hundred thousand stories that its depths convey to me,

my searching for those treasures, buried deep beneath the waves,

go far beyond all reason, hiding many watery graves.


My soul is always taking me toward the foaming shore,

where I have walked so many times to see white horses roar,

to feel the salt spray mist upon my lips, my arms and face,

then gaze across the blueness, to a vast eternal space.


My soul will ever linger, like the sand between my toes,

and every time I come here, such a love inside me grows,

while I will sit and watch the hungry seagulls swoop and dive,

I know this is the only place where I can feel alive.



© HILLY KENDRICK. 2019 All rights reserved

Cross of Sunlight

The cross shines bright upon the snow,

from sun's reflected light,

and seems to point a safe way home,

to pilgrims in the night.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

After the Rain

After the rain a cleansing silence,

rivulets wending their way in the road,

flowers are purged of dust from the day,

birds emerge from a safe dry abode.


Air perfumed with dampness of earth,

clouds pushed away by a freshened wind,

everything new just like in Eden,

dewdrops in cobwebs multi-sequined.



© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

North Wind

I can only offer you the unimagined,

day seals her eyes to the divine night,

no morning star has flared,

no fowl have gathered on the turf,

cheerless winter will come,

soon all things will consent to dreamy slumber,

when the home of man is wrapped in white,

when lakes stiffen,

blossoms breathe their last,

perished branches sway to the music,

of the north wind.



© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Magic Place

Magic place where we would go,

watch the rainbow waters flow,

smell sweet lilies floating there,

nothing spoken, only stare.


Thoughts would melt into the sun,

where her opal spotlights run,

lingering perhaps to pray,

in my heart these moments stay.


Magic place that holds such dreams,

draws me towards silken streams,

dip my toes in now and then,

'til my love returns again.



© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Pearl Fishers

They dream upon the rocks of destiny,

drowning in thoughts of everlasting love,

heady smell of roses and flowing wine,

soft opal skin as white as a young dove.


Fathomless blue sky that holds clouds of down,

pearl fishers' caress the evening tide,

make love under diamond patterned skies,

reflected on a sea whose treasures hide.


At the summit the greatest pearl of all,

mother moon alights on salt stained faces,

contented they rise embracing silk nets,

returning to sand in distant places.



© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


Graceful Faces

Three faces bathed in love serene,

floating above in azure sky,

guarding the earth with watchful eye,

each pure spirit a treasured queen.


Bird's wing, flower, and butterfly,

protecting all forever near,

every light raindrop a tear,

softly cascades only to dry.


For these three graceful faces own

a world of blissful wonders shown.



© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Tuscan Summer

Tuscan summer's never end,

they stay with you like an honest friend,

painting sunflowers divine,

grapes mauve and green to taste as wine.


Seductive hills beckon me,

asleep beneath the olive tree,

warm, inviting like the sun,

all voices speak Italian.



© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


Unknown the wonders up ahead,

hypnotic mist beckons the heart,

trees silent ever watchful guard,

the journey this lone soul must start.


Faithful the feet pacing the way,

gentle the breeze that cools my skin,

in awe I stand within this place,

where now my journey must begin.



© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved



I see great caverns in the sky,

the wonder of the human eye,

to feel to touch to stretch to grow,

a flower searching, aches to know.


We are as buds, unblossomed flowers,

weaving our way through sunny hours,

inborn with love, strength, hope and fear,

all this to us is precious, dear.


Warm sunshine draws us from the ground,

the midnight moon moves without sound,

soft clouds bring shelter from the sun,

wind takes the seed, new life begun.



© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


Flaxen headed figure cuts a swathe through bobbing blue,

heady scent surrounds as she removes each seed-filled shoe,

smiling to herself for now she is among her best,

clasping small bouquets of saphire blue against her chest,

knights in lapis lazuli weave slowly back and forth,

sheltering each other from the chill winds of the north,

Queen she sits amidst her gentle petaled paramours,

carpets of sweet bluebell beckoning gentle amours.



© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


Baby acorn fast asleep,

nestled within green cup deep,

gently if you take a peep,

of this baby acorn.


Tiny body fitting tight,

never knowing day or night,

wind may blow so hold on tight,

to this baby acorn.


Gentle dreams of oak trees tall,

golden leaves cushion the fall,

raindrops shower one so small,

on this baby acorn.


Soon awake with smiles serene,

stretch within a pod so green,

presents from the Springtime Queen,

for this baby acorn.



© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


Electric stars are touched in space,

spiked hair of golden candyfloss,

angel begins her gentle dance,

floating within the blue cosmos.


To reach the farthest galaxy,

bewitching sylphlike in her flight,

encompasses all moon and stars,

and holds them close throughout the night.




© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved





You may look if you wish

but do not touch

I am like a flower

and a flower you can crush...



© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Rainbow's End

Where does a rainbow end,

do they hide a pot of gold?

Or is it make pretend,

strewn within by colours bold.


Rainbow ribbons flow down,

to the silken waters deep,

seeking a treasured crown,

where the gentle fairies sleep.


Where does a rainbow end,

do we know where they begin?

Too soon they melt away,

giving way to sunshine's grin.



© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Come Summer

Winter, and the oaks are bare,

leaves at your feet, nobody there,

come the snow, frost and rain,

all hoping for sun in vain,

but the children play more on the warm coasts of Spain...


Springtime comes, love is born,

farmer stands watching, waiting for corn,

thinking ahead, wondering why,

eyeing the unsettling sky,

but the children play more on the sands of Dubai...


Summertime eventually comes,

sand is collected in empty drums,

candyfloss and chocolate smears,

waves come crashing round your ears,

and children dig pools thinking they will last years...


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Silent Goodbye

Summer you vanished, with not one goodbye,

your flaming head shook, as you heaved a last sigh,

I looked at your face, so tired and grey,

and I wanted you so much, but you went away,

so the daffodils died, as did all my trees,

the air has gone dead, without humming of bees.



© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Spring Celebration

Bobbing heads of perfumed hues,

bringing forth the wondrous news,

born of love and tender care,

we can only sit and stare,

daring not disturb this joy,

sleeping girl slumbering boy,

curled within silk petaled case,

peaceful innocence in place,

celebrate this season do,

blessings on these tiny few.



© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Bubbles to the Moon

Blowing bubbles to the moon,

hope my message gets there soon,

see- they dance up to the sky,

rainbow hues to catch the eye,

softly pops upon my hand,

wonder where they next will land,

floating high above my head,

knowing not where they are lead,



make my wish now.....



© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Blue Planet

Magnificent mystery,

another day created,

oh to rise above the clouds,

inquisitive mind sated.


To become the universe,

discover what lies beyond,

my heart would soar forever

and to nature's call respond.


Treasured gift that spins in space,

where there is no borrowed time,

only a world that lives free,

uplifting and so sublime.


Magnificent mystery,

continuing to confound,

in the silent galaxy,

blue planet makes not a sound.



© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Awaiting Snow

Swing me slow, like a windy cloud,

covering softly, my cottonwool shroud,

speak in a whisper, so no one can hear,

while the sun tells the rain to disappear.

The snow I know, will come again,

freezing the lake, covering the lane,

transforming nature, like sugar-iced cake,

when the snow returns, my heart will ache.

I have not a heart, as big as the moon,

not very clever at making a tune,

but God has His eye on me, day and night,

I know things I do, are being done right.

I have not a star to call my own,

I have my friends and a place called home,

they come and go as seasons have done,

but when the snow comes, away we all run.

Leaves turn to gold, as the air becomes cold,

branches turn bare, as a nip hits the air,

park seats stand empty, swans are asleep,

here by my window I watch the frost creep.



© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

What Being...?

So as we speak,

the vast star system,

in which this planet stirs,

are pulling across a veil of unequal sorrow,

inhaling sadness within an unfathomable darkness...

What being can interpret,

in tempest or galaxy,

the nature of an intimate destiny,

as heaven twists the earth for us to alter?

If the future is to be a confusion,

akin to a blazing chaotic wave of tyrannical forms...

What being can reverse the heavens,

thus starting creation once more?



© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


And so the gardener turned away,his back against the sun,

the mind that he posessed, was a hard and bitter one,

daily he would toil, so solemn, yet at peace,

as though there was a secret shared, between him and the geese.


By the well he would sit and ponder,lighting up an old clay pipe,

watching springtime turn to summer, knowing soon fruit would be ripe, and there beneath the silent sun, where flies would hover close,

there grew apart from all the rest, one single thornless rose.


And one cannot imagine, that in such toil as that,

the flower had grown upon the spot, where this man smoked and sat,

for he was loved by no one, and no one did he love,

but only that one flower, did he ever hold above.


He sat to watch it open velvet scarlet arms,

like some adoring goddess, that gently soothes and calms,

soft raindrops sought the centre, where dwelt an inner well,

and when it had been broken, the petals slowly fell.



© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


You will come no more with me across the frozen snow,

to build a frosted castle, for the birds to come and go,

my lips are chilled, as winter holds my sterile misted breath,

and nature takes her silent toll, of youing innocent death.


It will be a while before I walk the Springtime earth,

to wander inbetween the pines, and know what life is worth,

the scene before me never to be erased from my mind,

all is cupped in natures hands, the deed by her is signed.


I know deep down inside, that surely there will come a day,

when Summer love will find her path and she will come to stay,

my love will blow me kisses, as he takes my searching hand,

and we will walk a thousand miles, our feet sunk in gold sand.


Maybe you will not come with me across the flowered field,

my thoughts will be my treasure, my trembling lips are sealed,

the Winter will return, as it has myriad times before,

but hopefully it's icy fingers will ignore my door.



© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Blue Mountains

Like a ship in the wind, afloat on the tide,

I soar like a seagull, through clouds that collide,

wings spread like a cover, below heaving sea,

forests of blue mountains, are far beneath me.


Oh give me a song, that will last through the year,

musical rainbows, make stars disappear,

tossed on the waves, with the sun shining down,

feeling a freedom, that I cannot drown.


Such sights, I have never seen before,

out of reach and protected, on the silent shore,

a life that I cannot ever live again,

reality was just a pretence of pain.


Soaring still onwards, to beckoning light,

towards the one thing, that can bring me delight,

my heart is a seagull's, flying high and free,

beneath, the blue mountains, still beckoning me.




© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


We sat in Italian shade,

sipped in silence our iced lemon tea,

fragrant smells lulled us into our garden,

distant hum of the wild honeybee.


I gazed at the soft bobbing blossoms,

gardenia, lavender, rose,

such glorious treasures surround us,

then I smile as you start to compose.


Air soaked and scented with nature,

ferns bend in a hypnotic dance,

I am lost in the heart of our garden,

an aroma of rainbows entrance.


No sound except you, bee and Bluebird,

soft comforting scratching of pen,

I wish for these days never ending,

returning again and again.


We sat in Italian shade,

shared an orange, sipped sweet mellow wine,

fragrant smells lulled us into our garden,

black grapes hung like jewels from the vine.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Green Sea

Strong rays of sun they are beckoning to me,

as I stand in a wavy green sea,

wind at my back, I can taste the sweet smell

of grass at it brushes my knee.


On and beyond where the beams dance and play,

shed light on the dark path I walk,

nothing is said as my feet carve a way,

feeling safe no need to talk.


World at my feet and blue sky overhead,

sweet birdsong and butterfly dance,

life must be treasured whatever the cost,

we all are bequeathed that one chance.


On the horizon soft evening sun melts,

turning green sea into gold,

outside my body I feel a new change,

inside beats a heart growing old.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Loch Voil (contest)

Still waters draw me to it's seeking form,

calm winds resist the threatening storm,

harsh craggy rocks once scanned by the foe,

hold mysteries and legends of long ago.


Below the deepest point lie spears in rust,

dissolving slowly into weeds and dust,

where silt and weaving fish duet,

old ghosts where lovers pirouette.


Dark mirror to the sky the water lies,

breathe hypnotic mists into our eyes,

cool winds awake the threatening storm,

we disappear into it's seeking form.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Moon Goddess

Only at dead of night she comes alive,

to cast her loving light on all who dream,

surrounding those whose lives are filled with tears,

drawing lost souls towards her guiding beam.


Rest here a while and watch her smile serene,

as stars perform their dazzling dance of love,

hung in a velvet sky for all to see,

a thousand twinkling eyes light up above.


Oh, how they worship this pure orb of calm,

that sends her light of comfort to us all,

how great in stature yet of gentle touch,

to make us feel so infinately small.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Spiritual Guardian

Spiritual guardian stands watch on my soul,

wings are at rest, sleek, black as coal,

eyeing the sky, defies evil threats,

sings to the day, retrieves what night stole.


Spiritual keeper of thoughts and schemes,

guiding protector of all dreams,

eyeing the sky for devious thieves,

flashes of jet reflecting sunbeams.


Spiritual sentinel watches the day,

keeps all evil spirits at bay,

eyeing the sky, prepared to defend,

sings to the night what the day took away.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


Sometimes I feel that I'm walking on water,

with no tide to send me back home,

I feel a gentle pull towards life's harbour,

yet still my soul hungers to roam.


Sometimes I feel as though my heart is drowning,

with no love or lifeline in sight,

angry waves tussle and argue about me,

an endless sea surrounds the night.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


He saw her in the flower shop,

pink roses cradled in her arms,

inhaling scent, vanilla cream,

pale satin skin and eyes like charms.


He followed her to a cafe,

sat in the shadows, a long wait,

her soft mouth hardly touched the glass,

pale hands one moment hesitate.


Light fingers brushed delicate leaves,

one bloom had fluttered to the floor,

in one swift move he bent the knee,

wanting to tell her so much more.


Two hands upon soft petals met,

deep azure eyes looked fondly down,

so unaware of whispers, stares,

he smelt the freshness of her gown.


It was the rose she gave him then,

on every anniversary,

a special table where they sit,

outside the florist' sipping tea.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


If only I could scale those heights

of wondrous rock that beckon so,

to skim across waters between,

crisp air to bring my skin aglow,

to silvered mountains I would go.


Freedom within each step I take,

shrug off the heavy chains that bind,

venturing forth to the unknown,

such cherished treasures I would find,

refresh my thought empty my mind.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


I am as one with the ebb and flow of life

feel the push and pull, I float above the sea

watch the shifting sand disappear beneath my feet,

then a sudden rush,

release, finally free


I am as one with the ebb and flow of life

feel the wind surround my heart

take me away, watch our ancient earth wave farewell

blowing a kiss, then the darkness comes

to steal my light from day


I am as one with the ebb and flow of life

feel soft clouds above, gentle mist above my head

watch the dying sun as it drowns in golden sleep

then my journey starts

where the silent souls have fled 


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved



Frozen Artist(Millais) (contest)

Standing alone in Pimlico,

the frosty air moves cold and slow,

between the silver cobwebbed trees,

still so far off the hum of bees,

the artist frozen stands.


Standing alone in London, cold,

a statue proud, mightily bold,

surrounded by natures domain,

dusted in snow but shows no pain,

the artist frozen stands.


Standing alone and unafraid,

palette held high, creations made,

watches in silence from his place,

mad back and forth of the rat race,

the artist frozen stands.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved



Life is but a fagile work of art,

here today and maybe still tomorrow,

cherish it and love it with your heart,

treat it with contempt - there will be sorrow.


Easily we stroll without a care,

going through the motions every day,

never thinking truly who is there,

life is just a game for us to play.


Blown along by winds upon the earth,

we are but a single grain of sand,

particles of puzzles that are vast,

in a life that is already planned.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Raven's Wing

She flies on in silence above the cold ground,

oblivious to colour and disturbing sound,

the raven her guardian becoming her sight,

unresting in daylight nor sleeping at night,

with eyes ever open her voice never sings,

soft feathery breezes a flapping of wings.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Crimson Bed

Oh, but to drown in this crimson lake,

to curl deep within your soft velvet arms,

dissolving in bliss so I never awake,

surrender myself to your sweet scented charms.


Silence engulfs, it caresses my pain,

alone and at peace in my crimson bed,

droplets of dew, and the sweet smelling rain,

reviving my spirit, refreshing my head.


Never to wake,sealed tight are my eyes,

ears fold like petals to shut out all lies.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


The Link

Break not the daisy chain, holding life in silent length,

destroyed, our lives would end ,a diminishing of strength,

hold fast, repel attacks, look towards an allied sun,

for our love is unified when a thousand links are one.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


Footsteps in the snow I wonder where they go?

To some unchartered land, you take me by the hand,

through drifted virgin snow, how, wither will we go?

Together through this land, I hang on to your hand.


I marvel at the sight this scene so crisp and white,

a miracle we see how can this truly be?

Our home is within sight dressed in it's winter white,

all life for us to see, it's wonderful to be.


So keep me ever near this special time of year,

when thoughts of others stay throughout this winters' day,

it's good to feel you near and know that with each year

your love will always stay for always everyday.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Idle Play

Cedarwood feels cool beneath her feet,

grains of bronze and gold reflect the sun,

look to where the rainbows dip and meet,

morning is refreshed new life begun.


Spicy smells attack a freckled nose,

hear the steady drip of drying leaves,

moisture oozes up between soft toes,

shards of sunlight filter through damp eaves.


Sultry air tugs gently at her dress,

insects venture out into the day,

resume duties- but time to confess,

in her mind there is but idle play.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Healing Hearts

He walks with his thoughts as she follows behind,

a man and a dog through the pathways that wind,

I hang back and watch my meandering loves,

my heart stops and starts like two fluttering doves.


Away down the pathways that cut through the field,

a mending of fences a heart fully healed,

before the tide turned and eroded our lives,

where sadness creeps in and despondency thrives.


Oh just to return to those fields fresh and green,

to soak up the sunshine to breathe air so clean,

to laugh at the clouds just to scare them away,

before I curl up in my pillow to pray.


Yes we will return to our long country walks,

with bright conversation and joke ridden talks,

our dog in-between looking this way and that,

impatient to know all our secretive chat.


Our sad hearts must heal before we can move on,

returning to pathways where friendly light shone.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Magic Shell

Can you hear the sea as it crashes onto sand,

whirling round my ears and in my head?

Deep within this shell are the sounds of wonderland,

whistling through my fingers as I tread.


If you close your eyes many wonders you will see,

as the salty air invades your ear,

mysteries, imaginings like there will never be,

all the seven wonders I can hear.


Hold it very close let the waves take you away,

to another place we dare not tell,

curled up tight are secrets that you must never say,

all contained within my magic shell.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Many paths that we have trod

holding hands along the way

leaving footprints in the sod.


Listen to the steady plod

feel your body gently sway

many paths that we have trod.


Shared with us our pet Nimrod

as we say goodbye to day

leaving footprints in the sod.


Playful hound a golden god

rooting through the mouldy hay

many paths that we have trod.


Towards home we gently nod

smiling at Autumn's array

leaving footprints in the sod.


Early evening feels so odd

makes me wish again for May,

many paths that we have trod

leaving footprints in the sod.



© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Autumn Walk

So I tread through morning mist,

now and then to stop and stare

at the wondrous gentle touch

Autumn paints, with tender care,

fragile is the tightrope walked,

by the spider in her tree,

hung with dew as diamonds are,

capturing small bugs once free.


Leaves dyed crimson, gold and bronze

float towards their final rest,

joining others on the ground,

multi coloured paths are dressed,

on we walk my dog and I,

now and then to sniff the air,

she to watch the nervous fox,

I to dwell on my despair.


Thoughts invade my tired head,

as the sun breaks through the cloud,

bringing warmth against my face,

lifts the mist, a ghostly shroud,

with each step the crunch of stone,

splashing paws through puddles go,

'til we reach the old farm track,

where a horse is neighing low.


Stand and watch the gentle beast,

grazing in the morning mist,

noses twitch, tail idly sways,

berries with a frost are kissed,

lean upon the mossy gate

watching blackbirds take their fill,

everything as it should be,

time to walk back down the hill.


So I tread the puddled lane,

Autumns' colours at my feet,

leaves like armies on the ground,

bruised and flattened in defeat.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Walking slowly through the night,

feet are numbed from hard frost-bite,

pulling the collar up to my face,

clenched chilled fists,upping my pace.

Mist hangs round me, breathes a sigh,

as if to softly say goodbye,

my cheeks feel tight they ache with cold,

harsh wind tries to my coat unfold.

I hear the cracking of the  ice,

a fire would be such paradise,

I hunger for a snuggling arm,

a little of the old world charm.

A welcoming light at a-top the hill,

a kettle boiled and cups to fill,

white fluffy face that pants and barks,

so good to know I'm home at last.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

In dreams of long ago I'd walk, through fields of golden corn,

returning to a world, that was not dark, cold and forlorn

I'd stroke the burnished husks of life, as though they were my own,

they radiated such a glow, my heart had never known.

And far away, the outer world, was banished from my mind,

I didn't care for things undone, I'd left them far behind,

just feeling safe, secure in the seclusion of the grass,

praying that my hour of peace would never fade and pass.

My quiet heart was covered by a bed of silken flowers,

and through the days of summershine I'd spend such drowsy hours,

the stillness in my heart told me to be no other way,

that we must go on living and be ready come what may.

And if I should exist again, I know what I would do,

I'd give away my treasures, for a sea so wide and blue,

the corn I'll leave behind me, until all my dreams come true,

I'll sail on love and count the days, and all my blessings too.

I shall remember long ago, I walked through fields of corn,

in hiding from life's battles that were waiting to be born,

where I'd curl up in my cocoon of love, my secret dome,

and lay in silent slumber there 'til  birdsong called me home.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Yesterday the rain came down,

it trickled down my face,

the fallen leaves had all turned brown,

each cloud was lined with lace.

Yesterday I dodged and ran

as raindrops splashed my hair,

golden Autumn had begun,

I'd  not a worldly care.

Yesterday I heard the rain,

beating at my door,

tap tapping on my window,

pitter patter like a paw.

Yesterday a rainbow came,

and crystalized the ground,

the sun shone out, and round about,

a season had been found.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Walking by the shady pool,

branches hanging overhead,

here we sit to feed the swans

and ducks pieces of bread.

When the Spring is here to stay,

sad old clouds will pass us by,

all past dreams will  gently float,

and sail towards an open sky.

Flowers bring their word of birth,

leaves turn into emerald green,

birds above us fly on winds,

all  invisible...unseen.

We will pass each silent hour,

 surrounded by the summer sun,

to walk through wispy blades of grass,

together we will always run.

Springtime nights will melt away,

into sparkling morning dew,

waiting for us here and now-

a world so polished, clean and new.



© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Worldly Wise

Like a top, that spins forever on,

our world ages, and the seasons are soon gone,

then at night a million stars perform,

they will give way to the crispness of the dawn.

And not a soul, can hide their face away,

but only wait, to welcome in the day,

eyes do see, a world embalmed with love,

can only stare, into the velvet sky above.


Will they not stay, these seasons of our time?

While the moon, weaves it's fine web of nursery rhyme,

just like the leaves, that float upon the pond,

we are as ships, the gentle wind pushes us on.

Each dew-drop hangs, like diamonds from a tree,

birds spread their wings, and skim the clouds, so free,

if only we, could also fly away,

not run and hide, from the searching light of day.


For this world, is growing very old,

as the seasons change, the story is still told,

once again, the buds will flower, fade and die,

we will be left, to sit and wonder why.

We know, we'll never walk this earth again,

with just this life, to remember like a friend,

one last glance, a touch, a smell, a sound,

something to keep, a secret treasure, found.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Winter Song

The winter presses on, towards the sun,

rivers spread, and bronzed leaves toss and turn,

the dawning of a new life, just begun,

as the crispy air our skin begins to burn.

Trees, once green, are shadows in the sky,

no more reason now, for love to fade and die,

hidden feelings, woken up to start anew,

it's wonderful what winter love can do.


We'll dance a Christmas song, our feet are bare,

holding hands, flushed faces, cheerful smiles,

on such a day, there's many who would share,

to walk in silence, through white fields for miles.

Rainy days, are a long, forgotten dream,

pushed aside by snow, and bubblings of a stream,

flooding all our thoughts, and painting every view,

and the sky above was never quite so blue.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


Daisy picks the buttercups, reflected on her chin,

spins round in her petticoats, in the stream, she sees her twin.

Daisy chases butterflies, heart of the days eye,

flitting gently from each flower, wishing she could fly.

Smells sweet honeysuckle, trails a daisy chain,

draped about her ankles,to warn off threatening rain.

Do not venture near her, so at peace, alone at play,

approach her as she were a fightened bird, for birds can fly away.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


Oh little flower

floating in the breeze,

only you can keep your secret,

closing each scented petal around your heart,

how can you disclose

your rare perfume

that hangs about your head of sweet array?

The wind may blow you here and there

but in you, all sweetness remains,

oh little flower

bloom on in our hearts.



© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Priceless Gift

Golden leaves at my feet

silver snowflakes brush my window

holly berries,rubies all, blossom through the day

and too the fields in emerald array

diamond stars stud the sky

a velvet sky so full of wonder

gentle moon with pearly glow dips her head to sleep

as the great sun through white fur peeps

these are nature's pricless gifts

to watch, to smell, to taste, to touch

humble though it all might seem

to us it should mean oh so much


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


Her garden sang with life

and all around the tall trees stretched

toward the sky

flowers hummed a windy song and twirled

like gentle ballerinas

in the wavy grass

around my feet fields lay scattered

a patchwork of natures' game

reflecting the sun

in my garden flowers hang their heads

crying tears of dew

their colour is fading fast,and I fear

I doubt if they will last the year

I will have none to call my own

only dead patches turned to stone




© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved





True Peace

Just walking along the edge of the shore,

surf bubbling around my feet,

a day to myself with nobody else,

at a point where earth and sky meet.

Just walking in tranquil silence,

the waves egging me on,

the sun shining down above me,

footprints behind me - gone.

Shadows play amongst the dunes,

and spread across the sand,

cool and soft between my toes,

so difficult to stand.

I lay down and close my eyes,

the salt spray cools my face,

I feel the world is at my feet,

I've given up the chase.

True peace, my peace,

everlasting peace forever,

pure peace, earthly peace,

I pray will leave me never.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Nature Dream

Imagine yourself on a day by the river

ripples of shimmering light in the sky

suddenly everything changes to silver

and all you can hear are the buzzing of flies.

Curving above you the smooth oaken branches

stretching their arms out to embrace the sun

everything close and so wonderfully quiet

as if just like summer, peace had at last come.

The sounds of the river drift into the day

as the birds fly above in their circle of song

winging and singing on winds like a feather

reflected in splendour that never fades on.

What God has created is truly a wonder

a blessing to all of us who strive to see

the day the night the sun the thunder

a miracle of nature and not just a dream.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


Softly,slowly, sleep comes to me,

bringing the deep night for all to see,

stars hung above me in a peaceful sky,

old mister moon is heaving a sigh,

sunk in my pillow, so deep I am drowned,

all is at rest now, a calm I have found,

warm and in slumber the silence of sound,

clouds tumble under, I'm way off the ground,

so here I will stay until morning appears,

cocooned in my world miles away from all fears,

oh, let me linger in this velvet night,

as I'm borne away on my boat of delight.



© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


My moon she moves across the skies,

makes crystal tears flow from your eyes,

they sparkle where the moonbeam lies,

a golden stream of light.

Gold shining strands inflame your face,

together we stare into space,

and watch my moon haloed with lace,

intrepid scan the skies.

Such mystery does the night conceal,

that everything becomes unreal,

so unaware of what you feel,

until the moonlight sets the seal.


Some things in life you may repent,

they come and go as time well spent,

what was once there you may have lent,

much more than life can give.

We may think once, we may think twice,

so many memories turn out nice,

our fingers click, gone in a trice,

some never to relive.

Strange memories in this heart of mine,

they will not melt away in time.

some last eternal in my soul,

they fill a void, an empty hole.


My moon moves in mysterious ways,

so deep inside my heart she lays,

a gentle little tune that plays,

as I gaze at her grace.

The crystal tears fall from your eyes,

they sparkle where the moonbeam lies,

and overhead a thousand sighs,

as we stare into space.

Such sweetness does my moon disclose,

the fragrance of a Summer rose,

to try to trace her highs, her lows,

who knows just where the moonlight goes...?


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

The Test

There's no need to say it,

no cause to explain it,

don't have to display all your love for me.

You've just got to keep it,

sleep on it,

dream on it,

keep it inside just for me.

There's no need to stop it,

no reason to drop it,

our love is the top and that's true.

You've just got to keep it,

sleep on it,

dream on it,

keep it for me and for you.

There's no need to cry now,

you don't have to sigh now,

it's only goodbye til the Spring.

You've just got to keep it,

sleep on it,

dream on it,

wait and see what seasons will bring.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved



The Race

chase me

trace me

face me

race me down the sandy beach

skim along the bubbling surf

feel the wind of life rush through you

scream at the skies with abandoned glee

race me


Show me

slow me

know me

flow me down the rippling stream

fill me up with carefree mirth

touch the golden autumn

our feet pound out like thunder

flow me


lace me

brace me

pace me

race me to the end of the world

move like tornadoes through tunnels

fleet as gazelle's being hunted

too breathless to stop and be seen

race me


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


There is nothing more to say except, thanks very much,

you made each year gay with a magical touch,

there is nowhere to go, nothing to do,

but sit and watch the seasons change, just like you.


There will be things to think over, dreams to erase,

bridges to cross, rainbows to chase,

old friends to call, letters to write,

places to see, wine and dine everynight...


There is nothing to say, except, it's been fun,

now all the remeniscing is done,

nothing to cry for, it's useless to try,

no more to say, only goodbye.


There will always be something to keep me awake,

only at night time, I feel a deep ache.




You never used to shout at me,

I thought it was a game,

a touch of the old masquerade,

but soon I felt the shame.

I didn't want to face the truth,

of knowing how you felt,

I thought you were just fooling round,

the facts are cruely spelt.

So now you say it's over,

I can pack my things and go,

I guess that fight meant something,

not just put on for a show.

I don't know where I'm heading,

I haven't booked a flight,

I suppose I'll still be treading,

while you live-up the night.

Someday perhaps we'll meet by chance,

but would it be a thrill?

I don't think I could face you-

I doubt I ever will...


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


They call me a super speedway star,

I make my living racing my car,

Frisco is my favourite spot,

once there,I give it all I've got.

Sometimes it's rough, sometimes it's cool,

but my machine-she's a little jewel,

I never really was a regular Mike,

who stick to handling a boat or a bike.

Let's face it, there's not the feel of speed,

I guess it must be selfish greed,

I'm a super speedway ace,

I love the feel of a gruelling race.

Gripping the wheel, foot flat down,

playing the hero, maybe the clown,

the car is an animal you've just got to tame,

before it's the black and white end to the game.

Of course once or twice I've smashed my leg,

for medical help-you don't have to beg,

high speed doctors and fast talking nurses,

while the crowd shouts out their ill-favoured curses.

I never set my hopes too high, 

I have my girl to kiss goodbye,

behind that wheel nothing messes my head,

life is ticking, in a minute you're dead.

I remember a fella who felt that way,

he never lived to see the day,

Frisco bay is nothing new,

its just a blur when I drive through.

The roads take a dive and swim around,

you feel as if your're underground,

first you're up, then you slide,

it's a crazy helter skelter ride

only real-you dig well in,

until you find you're in a spin.

It takes some guts to blow your tank,

for that little mishap, I've no one to thank,

only myself for scrambling out,

and giving the tyre a hefty clout.



Well lets say,

I'm a retired speedway star,

polishing my family car,

living now in old 'Monte'

with my wife and children three.

Scars have welded back the years,

looking back eyes fill with tears,

I lost my nerve, and that's not all-

I guess I'm feeling kind of small.

My young son Toby is peddling his trike,

he fancies himself on a motorised bike...

I know deep inside I was like him once,

not the biggest brain,a bit of a dunce.

Who only wanted to race and win,

drink champagne til it spilled down my chin,

covered in kisses and a friendly smack,

relief in your wife's eyes to know you're back.

But that's how it is in the race toward fame,

it's the machine inside you've just got to tame.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Love Sick

I don't care much about the weather,

it doesn't really mean a thing,

to me it floats by like a feather,

I'd never know that it was Spring.

I just don't care about the grey clouds,

I take no notice of the rain,

the Summer to me could be Autumn,

the seasons are an endless chain.

I wake up to the sound of singing,

I slide, heartbeating from my bed,

perhaps it's church bells ringing,

maybe something that you said.

No, I don't care about those grey clouds,

to me they never will exist,

for you I'd travel to Siberia,

and not regret the sun I missed.

If I seem crazy please don't worry,

this feeling doesn't last for long,

cos when you leave me in a hurry,

I always get my seasons wrong.

I just don't care what springtime sends me,

the summer-time can fade and go,

in Autumn, leaves will shine out emerald,

and winter-time will keep it's glow.

So who cares about the seasons,

with all this love I just don't care,

there doesn't have to be a reason,

all fades away when you are there.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


It's a crazy world, some people say,

but we seem to get through every day,

we find we learn from our mistakes,

what we don't realise is the time it takes.


Every minute has centuries in it,

every day is like a year,

characters change,events re-arrange,

every news headline a smear,


Protests,strikes,they're all the rage,

newspaper's cover it page after page,

someone once said about how to right wrongs,

'keep violence in the mind,where it belongs'.


But really,it shouldn't exist there at all,

and the crime-rate figures never cease to appall,

there are millions of cliques with their own little war,

most of them fight not knowing what for...


They rave and scream for something that's new,

because they have nothing creative to do,

and then when it's over, assuming it is,

they're left out in the cold with worn-out memories.


This world full of things, it's turns and it's twists,

without them around us we wouldn't exist.



© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved



Remember them old Seth and Pete,

who'd call your name out in the street,

slap your back each time you'd meet,

take you for a bite to eat?

We used to rub our beery brows,

round up all those old stubborn cows,

weathering the stinging heated dawns,

sucking hot butter on sizzling corns.


Remember too old Jake and Clint,

who dreamed one day they'd own a mint,

always digging in the ground,

searching every rock they found?

Hoping to be millionaires,

riding the plains on silver-grey mares.


Remember friend your ma and pa,

who scraped to get you where you are,

never earned a decent wage

never really seemed to age?

And now they all have left the place,

we never will replace each face..


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Down On the Farm

Down on the farm you can run you can win,

stroll arm in arm see the hawk swoop and spin,

feel nut-brown soil, watch hot-pot boil,

wake at sunrise, see the strong labour toil.


Over the ridge, young lambs bleat and play,

kneel at the stream,rink the cool crystal spray,

bite on the corn, stifle a yawn,

watch in the hay,buds open to day.


Down on the farm it's full of old charm

one sweeping arm of eternal calm,

smelling the pines on a dew covered day,

and lingering  moments spent in the hay..


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


Maybe we will meet up again,

in summer heat or winter snow,

perhaps we'll sit and just recall,

all of the things we've done and know.

Maybe our eyes will speak for us,

no need at all for lips to kiss,

if I did see your face again,

there'd  be no time to reminisce.




© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


Standing alone in a field, thinking,

looking up at the sun without once blinking,

thinking of things that used to be,

thinking how much you meant to me.

There is no beginning,only the end,

let's not cover up or try to pretend,

these things end as most dreams do,

there's so much emptiness in that sky of blue.

A soft heart can soon turn into stone,

a heart that hates to be left alone,

and the leaves at my feet whisper 'you are gone',

now I'm left wondering what went wrong.

I know that without you I can't go on,

my spirit is weak and the pain is so strong,

what do you do when life has been sweet,

now to taste bitter and so incomplete?

No hope, no new horizon, just a blank mass of grey,

trying to function each long futile day,

without any pity I glance down at my frame

that it might find the happiness before it knew blame.

Not like it is now like cold old stone,

bruised and tormented and always alone,

I must try and leave this hurtful place,

stop the chill winds from numbing my face.

I know that I can finally run free,

be just the way that I used to be,

to be able to push away this hard shield,

that will set me free from this lonely field.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Don't hang your head in darkness

which confounds your mind,

the people all around you

will not seem unkind.

Your eyes will open up

to see a newer light,

the  heavy shroud of sadness

will fade into night.

Let not your worried heart

be burdoned down with fear,

smile, hold your head up high

and wipe away that tear.

I'll stay here close beside you

'til the end of time,

our hearts will beat as one

as we begin our climb. 

We'll shed the bonds that hold us

from our suffering land,

and soon we will be walking

through it hand in hand.

We'll shoulder all the hopes and fears

along the way,

and vow that from each other

we will never stray.


Wherever we may wander

they will follow too,

and while we live we'll see the good

and bad things through.

There'll be a time of peace for us

and we will know,

the happiness we find

we all will gladly show.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


Tolerance is a way to peace,

peace we can hope to share,

but how can this be satisfied,

if caring isn't there?


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Once there was a someone,sad and so alone

like many other people,he lived on his own.

I met him one Sunday,while strolling in the park

on a bench we sat talking,'til the light gave way to dark.

He talked of his failures,he talked of his life

we dicussed the world,and all the needless strife.

He recalled his mistakes,and his few past loves

now and then throwing, breadcrumbs to the doves.

I listened in awe as he told me his philosophy,

of how we could live in a peaceful  society.

His clothes were not his own,his left hand a hook,

a voice was so fluid, I read him like a book.

His leg shook steadily as he talked about the war,

and all the crazy happy times that went before.

A relic left over from what seemed cruel deceit,

I visit him often in his solemn quiet retreat.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved



Life Chain

When first I thought about the world

into which I had been sent,

my mind had not matured with time,

images came and went.

When first I saw the face of love

my heart beat fast and clear,

each place I went to turned to gold,

each spoken thought sincere.

When first my eyes looked into life,

they saw a different light,

a world of mixed emotions,

people who smile then bite...

When first I saw the cloak of death,

I faced it with some fear,

but it's just another open book,

to show I had been here.

When I look back on my chain of life,

everything will have become clear,

there'll be regrets-or none at all,

maybe I'll shed a tear.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


If I told you I just could not care,

would that make you rise from your chair

would you be moved to tell me 'no'

would it hurt more to know what I know?

Telling the truth is a difficult thing,

think of the joy or the pain it could bring,

perhaps telling lies is an easier way,

but once you start the guilt seems to stay.


If I said I had told many lies,

would you curse my name to the skies,

would you let hate come between us now,

even though we took the vow?

To stay friends and share the pain,

give and take like nature's rain,

live in peace without deceit,

dream and plan whenever we meet.


If I'd told you I'd been wrong,

would it take you very long,

to turn on your heel and walk away,

would you be so disgusted you couldn't stay,

would it hurt more if I turned to clay?

Maybe to repent and just have done,

wipe the slate clean battles won,

embrace the truth and welcome the sun.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

The Stranger

He didn't care for endless work,

his money never lasted long,

and though it may be good to save,

he tried to but he wasn't strong,

and so he slept in sleazy bars,

drowning whisky,sniffing coke,

wandering streets of broken stars,

need I say his spirit broke,

he lived alone in darkness,

dodging from street to street,

hiding in musty subways,

a pavement for a seat,

in the end nobody knew him,

he was a stranger in our land,

he died without the company,

no one to hold his hand.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

The Wall

She said-

My life is in a shambles,

I don't know where to turn,

my voice aimlessly rambles,

and people are so stern.

I'm like a little sailing boat,

surrounded by the sea,

heading for a tidal wave,

never again to be free.


He said-

I'm up against a giant wall,

trying not to hide,

but what is true fear after all?

That, no one can decide.

I'm waiting to be rescued,

from things I fear and dread,

I wish for days when I can feel,

intensely brave instead.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Toy Top

Lying here upon the bed,

flickering light hangs overhead,

trying to discard all thought,

wishing I had never sought,

all the love I sold and bought.


Regretting every hour,

fading as within a flower,

everything is out of place,

ideas all I hoped to trace,

ready to pack up my case.


Hands no more I can hold,

loss of touch has made them cold,

clutching at invisible strings,

thinking of all unsaid things,

round and round the toy top spins.



© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Light Across the River

There's a light, across the river,

and it's beckoning to me,

it's sending out a message,

telling me, I should be free.

There's a light across the river,

burning slowly, like a flame,

and a voice is gently whispering,

whispering my name.

Only once before, I've seen it,

softly,drawing me away,

sending subtle words of comfort,

that I know, will always stay.

There's a light, across the river,

that only I can see,

soon my heart will join the flame,

that engulfs the love in me.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


I often lie here dreamimg

when I am left alone

there's no planning and no scheming

just the quietness of home.

The things I dream are secret

nobody knows but me

that makes it more exciting

only I'm allowed to see.

Dreaming can make you happy

never a dreary day

imagination plays a great part

sends reality on it's way.

So it goes on forever

just like the old moon beam

when I'm old I'll still remember

how I used to sit and dream.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


Vision (1)

While our leaders sit debating,

in the cold we all stand waiting

for the thousandth promise that will now be read.

But despite the hesitating,

there is still unrest and hating,

still deceiving words are pounding in your head.


Why can't people see and understand themselves?

They stand like dusty books upon crumbling shelves.

Shelves that soon give way to weighty deceit,

which makes it more difficult for us to make ends meet.


While the world turns in derision,

every person has their vision,

a vision leading to the promised land.

But some minds alas are fading,

from political masquerading,

it's been said that these things do get out of hand.


Why do people let themselves be taken in,

by power happy fools who love to shout and make a din?

They play on words as if it were a spelling game,

when all they really are is just a face behind a name.


Soon there'll come a day of reckoning,

another promise will be beckoning,

but we'll be wise to camouflaged deceit.

Our minds mature with time,

protesting will not be a crime,

and to acheive true peace we'll not deceive or cheat.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


I'm just a someone who once lost his way,

with not one penny of my own to pay,

nowhere to go and nowhere to stay,

dejected,rejected,dying each day.


People and faces, they don't mean a thing,

my feelings for them have all taken wing,

my home is nowhere, the traffic horns ring,

I hold out my hat and willingly sing.


At night the newspapers help me keep warm,

then I am rudely awoken at dawn,

police move me on as I give a tired yawn,

and another long fruitless day is reborn.


I tumble out onto streets of decay,

with not a penny to pay my own way,

my feet are numb,I've walked all the way,

what can I do to endure everyday?


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Because of You

There's just no point in trying to understand,

you refuse to submit to a life that aint grand,

you just want to fuss over fine silks and lace,

and sit at the mirror admiring your face.


You're wrapped round your world like an elastic band,

way up in those clouds gazing down on the land,

and I'm looking up trying hard not to cry,

searching for a face alone in the sky.


You ask too much of a country boy,

for what you want we can't enjoy,

and the task would be a heavy one,

trying to pull you away from the sun.


Give me back the will to live,

give me back the will to give,

you've taken all I ever had,

and they say in this world starvation's bad.


So I've had my say and slammed the door,

I won't be back here anymore,

I'll find a simple country maid,

who won't mind blistering her hands on a spade.


We'll build us a house and plough us some field,

come fall we'll reap in a heavy yield,

we'll have ourselves a merry do,

and it won't all have happened because of you.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


She blossomed at daybreak with the sun in her hair,

sky in her eyes soft shoulders bare,

the wind gave a sigh, cooing just like a dove,

she held back the tears that were born out of love.


And he lay in silence as she moved from the bed,

stretching her arms shaking her head,

not really knowing how or why it had been,

half wishing somehow it had been a dream.


She blossomed at daybreak the sun in her hair,

sky in her eyes soft shoulders bare,

feeling the warm empty place he had been,

wishing that somehow he had been a dream.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


I was thinking while drinking my sorrows away,

with a whole lot of others who had come through the day,

how bad things were getting back down on the farm,

 that things that meant something had lost their old charm.

Now some folks don't smile when you lift up your hat,

they don't have the time for a drink and a chat,

funny how people can suddenly change,

when you're young you don't notice these things re-arrange.


When you're old you can creak back and forth in your chair,

watching younsters play kiss-chase and do double dare,

drift right off to sleep in the warm midday sun,

and try to forget just how old you've become.

How well you prospered in those early years,

making good friends- shedding quite a few tears,

some of the faces are lifeless and cold,

new youth takes over, you're withered and old.


I was thinking while rocking alone in my chair,

how good it once was to touch things that were there.



© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Sweet Polly do not cry for me,

for tho' I'm leaving town,

I hope one day to see you,

maybe next time when I'm down.

So wipe those silly tears

from the face I've come to know,

and whisper 'God speed' in my ear,

for comfort when I go.

Polly sweet sweet Polly,

don't let me see you grieve,

it tears me up inside to see,

the sadness that I leave.


Sweet Polly I've a photograph,

of when we two were small,

when you would laugh and call me names,

cry for me when I'd fall.

We won't see days like that again,

so fast we both have grown,

but I won't forget you Polly,

and the life that we have known.

Polly sweet sweet Polly,

don't shed tears for me,

cos I'm bound for Alabama,

with a rifle on my knee.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


In evening peace I tried to trace,

the hidden patterns in your face,

I looked into your clouded eyes,

but nothing would materialise.

Your hand, cold, lifeless in my own,

the sudden change found me alone,

I gazed upon lips turned so pale,

while outside raged a restless gale.

The fire brought life upon your face,

and once again began to trace,

the far off look within your eyes,

said nothing would materialise...


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Farmer Patrick

Farmer Patrick's drinking whisky,

deep down feeling mighty frisky,

rocking silent in his chair,

seeing things that just aren't there.


Every morning we'd awake,

chasing cobwebs by the lake,

frighten cattle, scare the sheep,

over fences we would leap.


Farmer Patrick didn't care,

if we were here or we were there,

we climbed his sacred apple trees,

scaled the barn on hands and knees.


Lived in haystacks by the score,

picked the lock on the stable door,

racing each other through fields of corn,

watched the fat sheep being shorn.


Old Patrick sits and sucks his pipe,

cleans his horse with just one wipe,

gives a sniff of country pride,

pushes us youngsters to one side.


Leads us to his favourite hill,

where life up there is sleeping still,

he speaks in prayer,his head bowed low,

our guilt is such, we beg to go.




© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Ode to Emily

Dear Emily you cannot see,

the damage you have done,

your family thought so well of you,

but now your face they shun.


You picked your way across the field,

coated in springtime rain,

thorns and nettles brushed your legs,

you cried in angry pain.


The morning saw you hot and tired

with the rain upon your face,

arms scarred with painful scratches,

thorns ripped your dress of lace.


What did you dream about,

lying still and sore in bed,

with the rain still damp upon your skin

a rainbow around your head?


Was it really as you thought

reality would be,

or would you be far happier

in the forest running free?


Oh Emily, you hold the key

to your life and to ours,

there's more to life than climbing trees,

and hiding behind flowers...


And there you sit at supper time,

pushing food around your plate,

scolded for shirking duties,

scolded for being late.


What really happened that afternoon

in the fields by 'Sundown Creek'?

But you excuse yourself from the table,

too tired even to speak. 


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Hopeless Dream

My heart is gone to another land,

where black and white walk hand in hand,

and people sing of ancient wars,

of guns that splintered strong, barred doors.


We used to hide out in the barn,

so we'd be safe from death and harm,

but it all died before the fall,

gone is the vow upon our wall.


Yes, we feared death, as all men do,

didn't want the grey, didn't need the blue,

all we wanted was to find a peace,

too hard to hope for, hate won't cease.


'Pop' sits in his rocking chair,

pondering on God -he says isn't there,

says if he was, he'd come and save

the people from an evil grave.


I want to go back to that broken down farm,

where the moon beams curl round, like a long golden arm,

wrappng around my head in the hay,

praying that night, won't give in to the day.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved



The sun makes circles in the sky,

shedding it's glow, on mountains high,

the weary traveller, lifts an eye,

and carrying his burdon, passes by.


The heart he owns, holds only tears,

and memories, of wasted years,

night time brings a wave of fear,

then at dawn, they disappear.


Walking the open road of life,

stones he trod, cut like a knife,

each mile walked, brought trials and strife,

a broken home; a dying wife.


The murderous sun, weaves a golden net,

the cruel heat; not over yet.

It will be hard, trying to forget,

farmland he owned, was rich and wet.


Sun plays havoc with his eyes,

burning out his head, with lies,

without a sound, he travels on,

no one will know where he has gone.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Wandering Minstrel

The keys you touch, are steps you take, in each day of your life,

to lose yourself in music, and forget the faithless wife,

each song is born within your head, they bubble beneath skin,

not noticing who's going out out, or those who stumble in.

A drink stands ignored, waiting, by your bobbing, dreamlike head,

no need to sip the wine, you soak in new-born notes instead,

your hazy head rocks back and forth,as arms stretch far, and wide,

around you lingers darkness, to the ivory keys you're tied.

Your music flowed eternal,'til the dimming candles died,

hands, motionless upon the keys, now hang spent, at your side,

still feeling the sweet ripple of a song that burns you through,

so turn towards the open door, a wandering minstrel you.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Pearls on Velvet

Sweet sentimental gypsy, said in the firelight glow-

'Have you no friends to talk to, have you no where to go?'

I answered her as best I could, I lived a lonely man,

she gave to me a hopeful smile,'I'll do all that I can'.


So Adela,'the Noble One', the 'Witch of the Black Cross',

spun the wheel of fortune, gave my coin a toss,

sweet silent star of wonder, spoke to her crystal ball,

her hands caressed the surface, with fingers jeweled and small.


Such power overcame her, I seemed to understand,

and under secret moonlight, I opened up my hand.

'There is nowhere to hide friend', her voice crooned faint and low,

'Your future will bring promise, but the reward will be slow'.


Entranced, I watched her movements, she made no sign or sigh,

her large dark eyes moved slowly, towards a velvet sky,

each star became a treasure, a priceless silken pearl,

that rippled like pure water like velvet on a girl.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Where am I going, what will I do,

with no one to guide me, or give me a clue?

Where am I going, what will I find,

how can you see, when the dark makes you blind?

How can you feel, down the long passageway,

wondering if ever, you'll see one more day?

Which road to follow, which star to chase,

how will I find it, another safe place?

Where am I going, how will things be,

oh what in the world's going to happen to me?


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


Effie, with blackberry eyes,

in her garden, softly cries,

tugs upon the crooked gate,

Kitty seems so very late.


Standing by the bedroom chair,

Effie kneels, in silent prayer,

'God keep Kitty safe and warm,

bring her home before the storm'.


Effie woke, to a distant moan,

the sound was a familiar tone,

a paw curls round the bedroom door,

the little girl jumps to the floor.


Head dipped in fur, silently cries,

she hardly can believe her eyes,

her beloved Kitty has come home,

no more will Effie feel alone.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


Hebe holds hands around the fruit bowl,

watching the fruits of life that she stole,

laughing, a mischevious look in her eyes,

she holds my hands right up to the skies.


Hebe looks into the old milk churn,

wanting to see, wanting to learn,

stretching her seeking hands deep down,

I watch in silence, as the leaves turn brown.


Hebe holds hands around a fruit cake,

her painted fingers are starting to shake,

maybe with joy, maybe in fear,

but never were both our hands so near.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


Her sunken face is faded, with the passing of each year,

alone she sits and hopes for love, that never will appear,

the plans she made are shrouded, with soft cobwebs of despair,

yet still she keeps on hoping, for a love that isn't there.


Hands grip the fragile string of beads, she's dying every hour,

she picks at crumpled blossoms, witnessing her youth turn sour,

sad virgin lips that move in prayer, now drowned among dried flowers,

she clutches at her rosary, and dreams away the hours


The dusty box of letters through the years are treasured yet,

sweet memories of a love-lorn girl, she never would forget,

she hungers so to see his face, to melt in his embrace,

the cobwebs hang like dainty shrouds, now covering his face.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

The Leaving of Mina

From her, all love was hidden,

the days were hot, then cold,

all dance and song, forbidden,

a fear, of growing old.

Her father preached, condemingly,

forgiving worthless sin,

while she would plan, in silence,

her new life, to begin.


No mother then, for Mina,

no tender hand to press,

no music and no laughter,

no pretty cotton dress.

Just one small room, to cry in,

a kitchen was her cell,

with daily chores, and blisters, 

gained drawing from the well.


At last, she could not stand it,

she packed her bag, and left,

leaving behind the misery,

a father, stunned, bereft.

To seek out, the big city,

to make a life worthwhile,

no more to sit in silence,

but laugh, and sing, and smile.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Sunday Service

Well, outside the litter blows down dusty streets,

and the dentist 'cross the way, sucks on his sweets,

Sherriff Webster thinks of better things to do,

like cleaning guns, and waiting for his stew.


The bar's for free, but there's no one inside,

and the air is smelling strong, with tough cow-hide,

on a Sunday, everything must watch, and wait,

like in silence, when school mistress cleans the slate.


So the service for thanksgiving was performed,

in the back row, old Joziah sat, and yawned,

and the children nudged and winked, without a sound,

Mayor Wentworth and his wife, in prayer were drowned.


There's the blacksmith, standing strong and mountain tall,

his brother sits behind, squinting and small,

Judge Butler bears the burdon of his woe,

head bent in prayer, muttering soft and low.


The proud and prosperous, huddle at the font,

praying for the rich, and not for those in want,

they say the youngest runs with the wrong band,

his ways are strange, and hard to understand.


It's true, candlemaker Peters knows his trade,

every candle on the alter, he has made,

Deputy Chester came to fortify the camp,

he's been heralded as Ohio's biggest champ.


Pastor stands alone, illustrious in his wit,

while outside horse Clyde, chews lazily on his bit,

old houndog Spike, who has never disobeyed,

crawls between four legs to stretch out in the shade.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved



Dale and Quinn work in the valley, where they dwell,

when they do a job, they really do it well,

cousin Spence, well he's a law abiding man,

helping out and trying every way he can.


Young Matt, is just as skilled and honest too,

he and Tom are just the pick of the chosen few,

little Dwight, is quick and light, upon his feet,

at a barn dance, he can fairly sweep the street.


Uncle Eb' is such an honest store of help,

in the back yard you can hear his houndog yelp,

his son Billy left him, years ago, they say,

and he'll never know, how hard it is to pray.


When Billy left, all the women wept in bed,

steadfast Izzy, rocked alone, inside her shed,

and big Betsy, who's as mighty as a boar,

for once, closed down  the blinds and locked her door.


It's said, that old Zeek's strength has about gone,

but Charlie, near the marshlands, carries on,

and when he dies, his son Tye, will take charge,

he's a useless boy, who calls everybody 'sarge'.


'Fat Harvey' mimes, instead of singing hymns,

and he doesn't feel the burdon of his sins,

he's a heartless man, who drains away the dregs,

turns his back on any honest soul who begs.


Wise Jesse was outstanding at his art,

of ploughing fields, and emptying the cart,

big brother Joss, was such a sickly child,

who wandered free and grew up to be wild.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved



Uncle Jonas, threw his bible to the floor,

the preacher's voice, he tried hard to ignore,

son Clay was of the church, and it is said,

that he'd rather die at 'Maisys', than in bed.


Twins Tad and Jamie, hold their heads up high,

as the tired Pastor, wipes a tear-stained eye.

Bart Maddox didn't pine away in pain,

for death to him, fell hard like summer rain.


'Missy' hobbles down the stairway, with a sigh,

makes her way towards the door, without goodbye,

and it looks like Brett is picking up his hat,

to avoid 'collection', and religious chat.


Addie fell asleep, through every single hymn,

so did Noah, who dreams of girls, a naughty thing...

I heard Belle is travelling westward, straight away,

with a handsome buck, his eyes as bright as day.


Old Skeeter, puts his coin into the box,

as the ladies rise, and straighten out their frocks,

in the background, the old organ gently hums,

while the children, circle round and suck their thumbs.


No one thought that Daisy Dean would show her face,

but Aunt Hetty dragged her from 'that drinking place',

soon another celebration there will be,

when our Quinn will wed the girl, next door to me.


For Reuben, there will be no wedding day,

with one year left to live, or less they say,

with faithful old dog Shep he doesn't fret,

there's a happy past that he will not forget.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved



Watch the way sly Turner springs up, like a fox,

the moment he claps eyes on Flossy's locks,

such a sad, pathetic fellow, you might say,

well, it won't be long before he's wheeled away...


Sam pays his dues, and greets the midday sun,

another sinless Sunday, has begun,

but Scott pulls off his shirt, to shouts and coos,

to reveal a chest, that's covered in tatoos.


Our Gill rode bareback up from Cactus Farm,

stood with the choir to sing her favourite psalm,

and beau Dan could only stand, and melt away,

as uncle Silas read the papers of the day.


Handsome Sloan is back from fighting in the south,

he won't talk about the scar beneath his mouth,

he was welcomed with a blast of cheers and cries,

and old Joanie laughed with joy, and wiped her eyes.


They say Mikey was a coward, and it's true,

he refused to join the 'greys' to fight the 'blue',

shunned by the ones who went away to fight,

keeps his thoughts close, for fearing words of spite.


Meg was cheerful, as she emptied out her purse,

knowing husband Tate, couldn't satisfy his thirst,

barman lifts his glass, and blesses everyone,

as stragglers tramp in, grumbling, from the sun.


And he blessed his brother Toby, who was saved,

and they blessed O'Leary, who had dug the grave,

they patted good Doc' Tyler on the back,

as he carefully placed his hat upon the rack.


'Weirdo' Tye, was far too weak to hold his beer,

Wade walked him out, as he began to leer,

the Thompson's from West Meadow fairly burst,

when Wade returned, to tell who came off worse.


Well, the service for thanksgiving came and went,

lunch was served, beneath a dusty, canvas tent,

spit- roast beef to carve, and cranberries for desert,

but before they eat, they'll wash off the church dirt.




© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Hey woman don't pull those blinds down

the day aint over yet,

don't quench the fire with water

got to go win me a bet.

'Jungle Joe' he dared me

to a single handed fight,

so pass me my old rifle

and cross your fingers tight.

Now old 'Jungle Joe' gets touchy

when opponents don't show up,

so hand to me my silver spurs

and fill me one last cup.

Well I can see you're shaking

but woman don't you fret,

whatever's waiting for me

I've gotta win that bet.

Now 'Jungle Joe' he's a-snarlin'

and chewing at the bit,

one blast from his loaded shotgun

then I guess that will be it.

I might be gone for quite a while

this day aint over yet,

if I'm not back by sun-up

you'll know...I lost the bet.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

The Ballad of Dingus McGee

Dingus McGee

was a man running free

his hideout was high in the hills,

a broken down shed

with a floor for a bed

and his diet...rye whisky and pills.


His face was a crust

from the heat and the dust

he had come through sandstorms and war,

with his gun at his hip

over rocks he would slip

he was running hot foot from the law.


Dingus was fleeing from a murder he'd done

he'd ended the life of a priest with his gun,

he'd been haunted by day, dreamed nightmares at night

the real truth was-he'd killed out of spite.


He had kidnapped the daughter

when really he ought'a

have asked for her hand there and then,

but he just couldn't wait

and the priest screamed in hate

as the cruel wheel of fate brought an end.


No lace at the window

no rug on the floor

just a glass of rye whisky

and a bullet riddled door.


Now Dingus was frisky

on fire with the whisky

deaf to a distant advance,

for the gang had closed in

knowing full well they'd win

the man inside hadn't a chance.


They yelled-'Dingus McGee

let the woman go free

then come out with your hands held high'

but Dingus just laughed

yelling back through the shaft

daring them all to reach for the sky.


The daughter she pleaded

as Dingus proceeded

to carry her off with his charm,

she scratched and she bit

kicked hard and hit

but still he had hold of her arm.


This was too much

and in one mighty rush

the possie burst in everywhere,

Dingus McGee pushed the girl to her knees

facing ten locked guns with a glare.


And...when it was done

each replaced their gun

watching the man on the floor,

the shots ripped apart

every inch of his heart

Dingus McGee more.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

First Night (Trial By Jury-Gilbert & Sullivan)

First Night-it has arrived at last!

Now the hour of fear has passed.

Now you wait with beating heart

For the music soon to start.

There it is! Curtains draw back,

Revealed, the chorus in solemn black.

Eyes light up as the judge walks on,

(Eyes shut tight as he sings his song!)

Minute by minute you wait in the wings,

Watching while the chorus sings.

Everything's fine - you walk onto the stage,

Carried into another age.

You sing your best, and when it's done-

Relax and make yourself at home.

Actors come, actors go,

You sing high, the judge sings low.

Then there comes a tug of war,

The defendant's left standing,

you're on the floor!

The end comes too soon,and with a shock.

Down hops the judge in his long black frock.

He takes your hand and you curtsey low,

The audience applauds, their faces aglow.

The curtain closes, you're happy inside,

Again they open, sweeping wide.

You take your bow with another smile,

Again they close for a little while.

Director's in the wings doing his nut-

It seems he didn't want them shut!

After the anthem it's over at last,

And now you wish time hadn't passed.

Still, there's two more nights to do,

And you smile 'cos you know you'll all pull through.

Finnished, done with, first night is over,

And you return home covered in clover.

Up to bed with a hot cup of tea,

To dream of the next night that's soon to be.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Crimson Angel (acrostic)

Calling all angels

Race to your phone

It's time to sort out

Many hearts prone

Sort out all problems

One would be fine

Nothing too difficult

And bring some wine!

Natural remedies

Great for the wings

Energise batteries

Leave healed heart-strings


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


Beckoning cavern covered with snow,

wondering should I really go...

echoes of winter bite at my ears,

bringing a shiver of unknown fears,

nearer and nearer,just within reach,

frozen I stand bereft of speech,

oh such beauty to behold,

what secrets does this path withhold.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

A warm October night brings an abandoned way of life,

where lovers seek it's meaning in a glass.

A husband may start flirting with a floosie, not his wife,

and ladies filled with bubbles make a pass.


'Throw caution to the wind' they say, and so these playful three,

fill glasses to the rim and bat their eyes,

at any wandering soul who has decided to break free,

finds solitude between warm satin thighs.


A giggle here a hiccup there, who really gives a damn,

the night is young with many hearts to kill.

A varnished claw is ready to latch on to any man,

and each pathetic secret gives a thrill.


Knock back the plonk why don't you, as we join the reverie,

before the bubbles die within the glass.

A warm October evening where the young live recklessly,

and ladies filled with bubbles make a pass.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Caught in a Moment

Caught up in the moment, not giving a thought,

that this love was something, it could not be bought.

His one fleeting glance would embolden my heart,

give birth to a love that was fated to start.


They say fools rush in, there I was at his feet,

submitting to kisses, admitting defeat.

But deep down inside, always haunted by doubt,

which led to deception- and secrets will out...


Tempestuous lovemaking and haphazard ways,

a madness too toxic, an obsessive craze.

To let go was easy, regrets are still sought,

caught up in the moment, not giving a thought.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

That November was the last time

they had spoken words of love,

stolen moments, secret meetings,

where their love walked hand in glove.

Tender kisses meaning so much,

memories treasured for all time,

why then did it feel forbidden,

like some undercover crime?


Just a showgirl, young and flighty,

falling hard without a care,

tall and dark, expensive playboy,

sexy Mr. Debonair.

Down the spiral tumbled heart ache,

craving every hour and need,

nothing seemed to be a barrier,

but this love would not succeed.


Hopeless now, all thoughts abandoned,

of the life they might have had,

such a good girl at the outset,

never thought she'd feel so bad.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


I hate it when he goes away, it feels like it's for years,

I smile and try to make a joke, but cannot hide the tears.

No matter how I really try,

It's difficult to wave goodbye.


I miss him when he goes away, our bed feels cold and bare,

I try so hard, avert my eyes, the ever empty chair.

The one thing that I can't deny,

I hate it when I wave goodbye.


I know it's not forever,I'm a selfish so- and- so,

I thought I would get used to it,

the casual come and go.

But every time I feel I'll die,

each time I have to wave goodbye.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Top Hat Time

Open the curtains and give me a chord,

savor the moment until you applaud,

feeling the rhythm it's top hat time.


Get your toes tapping, blow me a kiss,

wrap me in brass bands just loving this,

time to get with 'em, it's top hat time.


Glass floors reflecting the old Busby way,

crystal balls casting their rainbow array,

all through my body the beat of the drum,

slapping my thigh and slapping my bum.


Hey it's terrific when you're a star,

tapping your tootsies right upto the bar,

get to the rhythm it's top hat time.


Silver snow falling on black mirrored floor,

doing the thing that I always adore,

time to get with 'em it's top hat time!


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


Look not upon the gentle face

who wants so much to please,

the crowded room engulfs her inner fears.

Coquettish, yet a shyness

that becomes more of a tease,

she disregards the snobbish hurtful leers.

So hating to be here at all,

the minutes ticking by,

she strains to look, maybe he missed his plane.

Resolving in her heart

that she will never start to cry,

the clouds are bubbling up, it looks like rain.

Perhaps this was a big mistake,

what if he was a fraud?

His silken tongue seduced her to a tee-

'Dear May, I wish to shed

the yoke of high-fallutin' lord,

untie the bonds, come with me to be free'.

But now the minutes

turn to hours and still no sign of him,

a stupid love affair evolved into a reckless whim.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


Camino's Bar is just the place

to meet your perfect date,

and sip your cool Martini's, sweet or dry.

You see them merge together,

when the clock is striking eight,

above their glasses, locking eye to eye.

Camino? Well, he just looks on,

admiring every curve,

pretending to ignore each loving glance.

The music starts, the dresses float,

with every swish and swerve,

two lovers cling together as they dance.

Camino's Bar stays open late,

until the clock strikes one,

then smokey sleepy eyes call it a day.

Camino knows deep down inside,

the fun has just begun,

as couples leave to dream and love and play.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Do you remember long ago,

we took a little trip,

way back when things were really cool

and everyone was hip?

We travelled out to Surrey

in the hope that we might meet

a very special person,

down a quiet leafy street.


The place Virginia Water

was a tricky place to find,

I guess it was a case

of just the blind leading the blind!

We knocked on doors

and frightened some old dear,

and that's a fact,

but still we soldiered onward,

keeping steadfast to our pact.


It seemed that we would never

find the person we held dear,

defiantly we battled on,

until you shouted - 'Here!'

And there beside the leafy road,

a sign read 'Hercules',

we nearly tumbled in a heap

to land upon our knees.


A modest simple dwelling

with a driveway in and out,

I quashed the strange temptation

then and there to give a shout.

We braced ourselves

and walked up to the rather large oak door,

'I guess it's now or never mate-'

my heart began to roar.


A friendly face peeked round the edge,

another by her head,

it was his dearest mummy

and his stepfather called Fred.

They made us feel quite welcome,

but they gave to us bad news,

young Hercules was not at home,

oh boy we had the blues.


Yet we were still excited

that we'd seen his pad and all,

his manager John Reid appeared

(quite dapper-rather small).

He drove us back to London

in his Jaguar bright red,

with cream seats made of leather-

you were in the back with Fred.


We talked and laughed

and said some things,

we hadn't got a care,

well anyway, they dropped us off

at Picadilly Square.

Oh all those crazy things we did

in the good old 70's,

just you and I and an A-Z

looking for our Hercules.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved



Special Day

Although the summer sun has gone

and autumn breezes whistle in,

there's plenty more to bring a smile,

now tell me where can I begin?


Your special day draws very near,

a time to celebrate with friends,

and did you know that birthdays grow

into a day that never ends.


To spend in oh so many ways

this very special day of days,

relaxing with a glass or two

and sticky cake with naughty ways!


Awaiting mail that brings you joy,

a cup of coffee with a mate,

a present that will bring a smile,

or join up for a dinner date.


Ignore the call of autumn wind

and frosts that chill you to the bone,

relax, this is a unique time

to make the day your very own.



© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


Terrible Twins

Nobody could tell, they were twins,

seductively sucking mint thins,

the ship was quite long,

as they sashayed along,

busy planning a bevy of sins.


Lucinda was quiet and chic,

she studied in German and Greek,

enticed millionaires,

(she bumped off the au pair's )

all she does now is twitter and tweek.


Miranda connived and controlled,

she vowed she would never grow old,

with Botox and pills,

she avoided all thrills,

but her heart remained stony and cold.


Nobody could tell which was which,

caused many a person to twitch,

they'll end up alone,

just like many a crone,

and in fact they'd outdo any witch.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

So now, how do you want me, is it that way or this,

if I get it all right, will you give me a kiss?

Everyday is the same, with no ending in sight,

is there somewhere inside I can turn on the light?


Will you mess me around until I go insane,

is there somebody out there to slice through the chain?

How I wish there was some way to enter your mind,

there are so many sycophants making you blind.


So then, how do you want me, to the left or the right,

should I go for the corner without all the light?

If I stand on my head or turn cartwheels for you,

will you just keep on clicking, admiring the view.


Seems we never quite made it to Paris or Rome,

there are plenty of empty frames filling our home.



© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

He had the deepest bluest eyes,

a smile that wrapped around your heart,

he never heard my nightime cries,

when lambs are lost you hear their cries.


I loved him so much, I could die,

my lips longed for one loving kiss,

I laughed salt tears into the sky,

that empty, unforgiving sky.


No answer came to heal my soul,

instead, an unresponsive shrug.

and deep within I felt the roll,

a shipwrecked life on waves that roll.


I missed the chance, was born too soon,

he was so young I know it now,

we never sung a matching tune,

but I was always out of tune.


Too late to turn the ticking clocks,

nobody waits for missing souls,

no light to guide through battered rocks,

trapped in a net upon the rocks.


He had gold curls that brushed his brow,

so many years between us now.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Never Goodbye

What is good about goodbye,

does it make us want to cry,

lift a hand and bid farewell,

leave a sadness, who can tell?


Do we really mean adieu,

to a winter's scenic view,

welcome in the summer sun?

Up to now, there has been none.


Fondest kisses cannot hide,

empty spaces left inside,

lonely table laid for one,

sitting solo, not much fun.


Memories a joyous gift,

as the seasons start to shift,

tears will flow, I cannot lie,

I will never say goodbye.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

No Photo's

I'm sorry but no photo's, this is meant to be my break,

my tap shoes are in hiding and my pinkies really ache.

I know how much you love me and I know how much you care,

but please respect my privacy, pretend that I'm not there.


I'm sorry, please no photos, I so badly need to rest,

I hate this being pestered , I am never at my best,

my agent is possessive and he'll really blow his top,

if you're seen with that camera, you really have to stop!


I'm sorry, no more photos, flashing bulbs are not my scene,

okay then, here's my good side, only try to make it clean,

you say you're from the papers, but I think you are a fraud,

if you don't leave this minute, I will have to pull the cord!


I know that you adore me, but you'd never understand,

my lips are firmly sealed and all you're getting is the hand!


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

The Yellow Streak- Bradley Wiggins

They call him the silent yellow streak

who holds a medal Gold

they tell me that he has reached his peak

but on this guy I'm sold!


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

He walked out before breakfast,

one raw egg lay in the bowl,

it looked so damn pathetic and alone.

He walked out through the door

like he was going for a stroll,

I grabbed the bowl and threw it at the phone.


One rotten word, one rotten egg,

was all that it had took,

one insult- one too many it turned out.

I knew I was a failure

and I knew I couldn't cook,

just how on earth had this thing come about?


I watched the yoke slide slowly

down the lip stained telephone,

an instant Dali painting on display.

I listened to the kettle

and it rattled every bone,

outside the rain was crying on my day.


I didn't feel like breakfast,

I just sat and watched the door,

the one I'd thrown an egg at,

only just two days beforebefore.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Azure v Lilac (Personal)

You were softest lilac

without frills

whose soft watery eyes looked out for me

despite the pain

despite all

you held onto your amethyst aura

my azure eyes could not keep you

never hope to

never dream

you slipped away

dissolving into blue.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Remember me as scatterbrain, a sentimental lump,

who battled with a body which decided to stay plump.

A lady who loved music from a very early age,

and writing was a passion, words would cover every page.

Remember me as lovable, a touchy feely bird,

whose mother wished at certain times'-be seen and never heard'!

A listening ear, the softest heart which now and then would ache,

a child who used to run and hide the stuff she used to break!

Remember me as just someone you met along the way,

who scrumped the local apples, scaled the highest bale of hay.

Rode off into the sunset on her brand new Raleigh bike,

held 'meetings' in a garden shed (-good lord what was I like? )

Remember me as dirty knees and pigtails stuck with tar,

in bath water as black as coal, trapped beetles in a jar.

Held puppet shows and fancy dress made out of coloured crepe,

baldozing through sand castles, sneaking down a fire escape.

Remember me as Hilary with pigtails down her back,

in pinafores and buckled shoes, who never learnt the knack

of arithmatic, gymnastics -always got stuck uponthat horse!

Who fell in love with painting, writing poetry- of course.

Remember me and laugh out loud each time you're feeling low,

pretend your in the sand dunes when you're knee deep in the snow.

And when the clouds surround you and your world sinks into grey,

just think of silly Hilly and they're bound to go away!


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

A Love

I love to write because I do,

I always have and that is true.

Where would I be without a pen?

Think of a number one to ten...

What makes me write-I cannot say,

my inner thoughts I do convey.

My head fills up with endless rhyme...

oh golly me is that the time?

I live within a world of words,

sometimes I'm up there with the birds.

So much around me to inspire,

'why do you write?' you still enquire.

I love to write because it's me,

a way to set all feelings free.

To stop my brain from blowing up,

just like an overflowing cup.


But I believe we all can write,

our feeble pen displays such might.

For we are not the chosen few,

more poets will come into view.

Take up your pen fine poets all,

write in your notebooks-on the wall.

Whenever inspiration knocks,

kick off your shoes-rip off your socks.

Just let it flow, unleash your thought

upon the paper you have bought.

A million words wait in the wings,

oh- what a sweet release it brings-

To write in oh so many ways,

upon the paper there it stays.

Like precious pearls but please, do share,

for poets feel and poets care.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Birthday Tribute

This man they call Dick Turpin methinks wears a disguise,

for underneath his costume a kinder spirit lies.

The damsel feigns abhorrence of such a frightening foe,

but flee from him she cannot lest to the wardrobe go!


The face does look familiar but what now of his name?

Alas he is uncovered we’ve played him at his game.

The damsel gives a curtsey and giggles at the jest,

before she gets the vapours and swoons against his chest.


I do believe we’ve cracked it this photo is of yore,

the hand that holds the pistol I’ve seen somewhere before.

That same hand strums a guitar on Sunday’s after ten,

and sometimes if you’re lucky he plays it all again.


A masterly musician adept at violin,

plus trumpet and piano, it’s such a merry din.

But I had quite forgotten the reason for this rhyme,

oh yes, now I remember, it’s Brian’s party time.


We wish you every blessing this very special day,

just think of being six again take Turpin out to play.


Happy 60th Brian!


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Dreaming of Dragons

Flickering dreams that envelop the senses,

consummate passion divine,

who can invade heated thoughts of the moment,

sift through the mass and define?

She will continue her simmering slumber,

wrapped in a blanket of fire,

ignite the flame that continues to trap her,

fuelling a wanton desire.

Dreaming of dragons and heated exchanges,

innocent hearts crash and burn,

hot glowing bodies spin round in a turmoil,

gaining a hold at each turn.

She will endeavour to break through it's brilliance,

melt into hypnotic flame,

her dragon lover will kiss with a fire,

once more her heart he'll reclaim.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Untwined Lines (contest)

For two years I have been on here

and that's a long long time.

My words run into thousands

and are mostly done to rhyme.

But how then can you fathom out

the distance of each line?

It poses that old question mate

how long's a ball of twine?


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Psychedelic Southampton

We bid farewell to England

as the evening brought it's magic,

alas I'm no photographer,

you see my snap was tragic!

I pointed and I clicked

expecting all to be okay,

imagine how I felt -

a bad result that brought dismay.

A psychedelic picture

caused by such a shakey hand,

I would have liked one better

as I left my native land.

But there we have to leave it,

for our great ship sailed away,

I hoped my further pictures

would improve after that day.

We bid farewell Southampton,

as the lights played on the ocean,

already I was drowning

in a blurred distorted potion.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Sailing Away

I leave alas tomorrow morn,

to sail the seas long after dawn.

For eighteen nights I'll be adrift,

good weather please or I'll be miffed!

I'll take with me my pen and pad,

and write about the fun I had.

The places we will stop to see,

and all that naughty scrummy tea!

Please do not cry it wont be long,

before I'm back where I belong!



© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


What Now?

Now I fear for this land even more,

as I stare at the ten on the door,

for behind it you cannot ignore,

the one person still trying to score.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Goodbye Jack

Old scars run deep inside your mind,

you’re running scared, your're running blind.

Nowhere is safe, no place to hide,

you were betrayed by those who lied.

The streets run wild with more bloodshed,

another bounty on your head.

No hope of peace, no hope of life,

all love snuffed out, just like your wife.

Infected alleyways of crime,

you deal with dirt, you deal with slime.

With fists of steal to get you through,

your body beaten black and blue.

All friends are dead, no turning back,

determined, still you will not crack.

You cannot stay, you long to die,

look at the screen and say goodbye.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Goodbye 'G'

Tonight we few are gathered here,

let's wipe away that glistening tear,

to wish this geezer all the best,

as he departs to join the rest.

With knowledge bursting in his brain

(I doubt we'll see his like again),

an Irishman of subtle wit,

who knows I.T.-and all that shit.

So many film scripts learnt by heart,

the list is long where do you start?

Methinks he'll miss the 'quirky' folk,

his wrath they sometimes did provoke.

We'll miss the jokes, sarcastic quips,

exasperation, hands on hips,

let's hope he sails more gentle seas,

though still to watch his Q's and P's!

Fresh energy comes steaming in,

a brand new chapter to begin,

now calls the glorious Emerald Isle,

do I perceive a growing smile?

Please raise your glasses to this guy,

as we bid him a fond goodbye!


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

A day like any other it would seem,

the sky maybe could be a little bright,

which puts a dampner on my little theme,

resolved I am to fill you with delight.


Forget what age you are it matters not,

it's just another number like the rest,

try opening up the present you have got,

it's difficult to judge which is the best.


Maybe our thoughts are wrapped too tight to see,

perhaps you need not know what paper hides?

We have no hand in what the fates decree,

but look what else you have and more besides.


Your words are gifts like presents by the score,

they lift us up and bring a warmth within,

so let us give you verses to adore

and words to set your heart into a spin.


November 23rd is such a day,

when we should blow a kiss and give a cheer,

to one who lights our path and shows the way,

whose gentle words are treasured and held dear.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Goodbye is not Forever

Goodbye is not forever, farewell is just adieu,

there’s not one thing will sever the bond we have with you.

A man of many talents with umpteen gifts to share,

it all will seem so different to know you won’t be there.

Tall, quiet, unassuming, you had a willing ear,

to listen and to comfort and pray for those held dear.

No more to hear the guitar, the brass, the violin,

for you are going from us, a new life to begin.

Although you travel onwards discovering pastures new,

your heart will be here with us within our church so true.

We pray life treats you kindly for you deserve the best,

I’m sure that God will guide you and help you on your quest.

May you and your beloved find happiness and peace,

may all the lovely music within you never cease.

One day we hope to see you when you are passing through,

Goodbye is not forever, farewell is just adieu.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Engaging the Mouth

What is it with the 'reserved south' ,

so frightened to engage the mouth,

to form the words 'Hello' 'Good Day'

as you go strolling on your way?

With dog on lead and springy step,

I'm feeling full of fizz and pep,

it's nice to stop and say 'Hi there',

instead you get a puzzled stare.

Maybe I'm being rather hard,

there are a few not so ill-starred,

who make the effort, stop a while, 

to pass short moments with a smile.

We chat about the weather too,

and how all things are looking blue,

except of course the trees and flowers,

oh I could talk for many hours.

With head held high and striding out,

no need to scream aloud or shout,

just nod if shy or doff the cap, 

a simple sentence fills the gap.

Communication is the thing

which nowadays has taken wing,

too much of e-mails, texting phones,

which frankly gives me many moans.

Life is too short so if you please,

try something different for a wheeze,

Just say 'HELLO' to gawd knows who,

maybe they will acknowledge you.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Windy in Dorset

A windy day in Dorset, does it matter? Not a jot.

We picked the perfect moment and we found the perfect spot.

A windy day in Dorset, fancy free and well chilled out,

we sit and watch the people busy dashing all about.

A windy day in Dorset, by the picture you can see,

we're buffeted and blustered by the fresh air, him and me.

A windy day in Dorset, even Finty's ears are flat,

I hope she doesn't spoil things if she spies the old church cat!


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

I Will...

I will stride into the waving field

until I feel my legs brushed by spring flowers

my face to the sun

eyes tightly closed

I will stride into the flowing pasture

until the tall fronds drown me in their smell

my face to the wind

ears pink and frozen

I will stride into the sea of beckoning arms

until the soft ground beneath my feet

tempts me to rest

lulls me to sleep

I will stay while the earth rediscovers my body

until it has learnt every curve like a lover

I will open my eyes


I will know


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


Midnight velvet drapes beneath a silent moon

A million cobwebbed stars look down and smile

We melt together, bathed in the glow of love

Tired eyes fight hard to stay awake

Sleep will triumph over this tired mind

But oh my head is filled with many thoughts

Lifeless limbs sink slowly into cloud

Within the mists I see your face

Drawn safetly to the milky way

Your lips move but make no sound

Must I surrender now to sleep?

Your hand moves through mine

I am no more

I am gone


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


Jacintha goes to San Moritz it's always on her list,

to do a little flirting, she just loves being on the piste.

Complete with furs, designer boots, let's not forget the ski's,

and fluffly winter warmers to protect unblemished knees.

Her hats come in all sizes, she has one for every day,

they are a table topic plus they keep the flies at bay.

She stares across the mountain range and puckers up her lips,

to snare the ski instructor in the hope he'll give her tips.

The men are frightened of her but her ways they can't resist,

I guess it's down to perfume or from being on the piste!


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Pisa in the Sun

An afternoon in Pisa with the sun cascading down,

a break from explorations would be fine.

She sits upon the steps of this great building of reknown,

and with a smile she makes her own sunshine.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Fit For A King

I saw it in the window, had to stop,

such colours stirred my hand to reach for coin,

although my feet were tired, I had to pop

into this blissful place, whereto purloin

a silken garment, thus fit for a king,

each stitch immaculate beyond repair,

for only at this waistcoat could I stare,

a perfect fit for one so well admired,

one hundred pounds, it mattered not to me,

for I imagined thee so well attired,

resplendent on your throne for all to see! 


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Moon Magic

What a wonderful moon there was last night,

she quite took my breath away.

With her warm golden smile, you could see for a mile,

and I wanted her so much to stay.


What a wonderful day we'd had as well,

dear friends to embrace and love.

Table talk and fond smiles, thinking back through the miles,

lovely sunshine warmed us from above.


What a fortunate soul I am, that's true,

fond memories won't go away.

With my Suz and her smile, you could see for a mile,

in my heart all these treasures will stay.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

St David's Day

'Tis the first day of March and all red blooded men

will run down the Welsh hills with a whoop.

For this day is St David's their true patron saint,

so join in and carouse with the troop.


Pull on Welsh rugby shirts, wave those bright daffodils,

don tall hats, wave your leeks without fear.

See the red dragon fire as you march with the crowd,

all our lips are a-foaming with beer.


Twas the son of a chieftain in four sixty two,

from fair Cardigan and old St Non.

He was blessed and ordained thus a priest he became,

and his memory still lives on and on.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved



For Margaret

Was it the summer of ‘52,

when the sun shone down on those happy few,

and the days seemed long, filled with smiles and fun,

as you took the hand of your dearest one.

Was it then?


Was it the summer of ‘53,

when you dressed in skirts just above the knee,

play a round or more with your truest friend,

who would stick by you to the bitter end.

Was it then?


Was it the time when your heart beat fast,

and you knew that you’d found your love at last,

with that little diamond upon your hand,

someone in your life who would understand.

Was it then?


Was it a summer so long ago,

as you watched the ball flying to and fro,

and the days seemed long, filled with endless sun,

you had seen the face of your dearest one.

I think maybe it was……


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

For John

The sun shone on his picture

lighting up the church

it took the chill off the day


relinquishing our red roses

we watched them fall onto his heart

while the sea silently stood to attention


rows of flowers smiled

nodding a fond farewell


remembering him will be easy

missing him will be harder.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


Lou was a quiet and private person

The one who got left behind at home

Everyone left to get married

But Lou didn’t leave

Not for a long time


Lou worked in the city

Big grey buildings

An easy target for German bombs

And she remembered when they struck


When she walked through the London markets

They would shout-

‘Here comes ‘Red’ ! or, ‘Mornin’ ‘Red’ !

And she did have beautiful hair

Thick, wavy and red


With her shy smile

And blue as the sky eyes

All the Hammond girls had blue eyes

Eyes that would melt the coldest soul

Eyes that would make your heart ache

Oh-how I will miss those blue blue eyes.


But then-

I will always remember that beautiful red hair.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Wish Overload

If wishes were treats then I'd eat them all up,

I'm a greedy old thing don't you know?

With so many wishes I'd fill every cup,

until I was full down below!


I wish for a peace (and I know it will come),

I wish for those sad, a big smile.

Oh dear this old belly's as tight as a drum,

I think I can go one more mile!


I wish everyone on this site joy and love,

with poems of greatness to share.

I wish my new dovecote would house a new dove,

it's so nice and cosy in there.


I wish for my doggie a healthy long life,

and shake off the cold she has had.

I wish for my husband no more stress and strife,

good times he deserves, not the bad.


I wish for so much and I fear I'll explode,

I'm sure something's going to blow.

But wishes ARE treats I've just hit overload-

I'm a greedy old thing don't you know?


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

I Will Take My Lover's Hand

I will take my lover's hand and we'll walk along the edge

of the cliffs of green and white, where we made our solemn pledge.

We will laugh into the sky, as the wind whips through our hair,

with no fear inside our hearts, freely love, without a care.


I will take my lover's hand, hold it firmly 'gainst my heart,

make undying vows of love, we shall never be apart.

As the tide comes rolling in and the waves crash down below,

he will smile at me and say, 'Where you wander I will go'.


I will take my lovers hand, feel strong fingers bond with mine,

firm and big around my waist, holding fast like garden twine.

And our hearts will beat a song, like no bird has ever known,

as we sink into the green, where the seeds of love are sown.


While my lover's lips find rest, seagulls hover o'er the sea,

I will take my lover's hand, knowing he belongs to me...


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved



Daisy Mia

Such splendid news this springtime morn'

a brand new baby girl is born.

With smiles and cuddles everyday,

and ten pink tooties on display!


Delightful news to bring a smile,

you have been waiting quite a while.

Your dreams at last have all come true,

how very glad I am for you!


This lovely news of Daisy Mia,

will keep us spellbound through the year.

All eyes will watch this little girl,

a tiny bloom to yet unfurl.


Bless Jodi, Simon, Daisy Mia,

forgive me while I wipe a tear!


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


Nightime Magic

The nightime comes alive, just like a psychedelic dream,

with Pepsi Cola signs and flashy bars.

In theatreland the hoardings blaze in fiery red and cream,

and cars whiz by, like low-flight shooting stars.

New offices all sparkle, in a mass of diamond glass,

and floodlit churches ooze a spooky feel.

Beneath a flickering lamplight, lovers share a pizza kiss,

then hurry home to share another meal.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Two Imperfections

Despite the imperfections, flaws,

deep down inside your soul,

you know, that you are mine and I am yours,

and everywhere you go, I go.


Together we make quite a team,

the ups and downs of life we know,

true love and marriage, not a dream,

but everywhere you go, I go.


Old friends we are, old lovers too,

you cheer me up when I feel low,

we still hold hands like lovers do,

and everywhere you go, I go.


Decisions made by not just one,

takes two to tango, this we know,

we are aware, tasks to be done,

so everywhere you go, I go.


Your eyes still tell me in their way,

perhaps mine tell you, 'yes' or 'no',

here will I be, here will I stay,

for everywhere you go, I go.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved



The Bench

This is the place he comes to, when he wants to be alone,

a wooden bench to sit and gather thought.

He takes from out his pocket little memories, to atone

for all the times her teardrops fell for nought.


He wishes she was with him, everything be as it was,

a heart so empty needs the warmth of love.

And every time the family asks him 'why?', he says, 'because...'

his voice tails off , he eyes the clouds above.


On goes the dog eared raincoat and the crumpled tired old hat,

inside his pocket, pieces of stale bread.

The other holds a letter, from his dear beloved Pat,

a multitude of "sorries" in his head.


If only he was with her up in heaven, be as one,

instead he feeds the pigeons, as fresh teardrops blur the sun


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

May's Birthday

Hopelessly in-love but far too shy to let it show,

wished she'd never come, but too late now.

Gazing through the crowds to find the face she'd grown to know,

only so much feeling to allow.


God, it's hot and stuffy and the jazz band plays too loud,

still his face alludes her through the smoke.

Cigarettes create a stiffling fog among the crowd,

so much so, that one can only choke.


Suddenly she sees him on the terrace by the pool,

downcast face with eyes as sad as sin.

Wishing in her heart she hadn't acted quite the fool,

repressed guilt that twists and turns within.


Pushing through the huddle, turning from the gossips tongue,

faltering as he turns to face her tears.

Then he realises just how fragile and so young,

she has so adored him through the years.


'May, you silly sausage, I was wondering where you were,

come on now, the bubbly's getting cold.'

Everybody's looking at the brand new him and her,

suddenly she doesn't feel so old


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Manhattan Madness

They met one evening just by chance, a sip of wine began romance,

green eyes that spoke of dark desire, his devilish smile re-lit her fire.

Beneath a mad Manhattan sky, he rubbed a hand against her thigh,

with coyness did our Miss respond, a winsome glance, a look so fond.

The mink slid off, her shoulders bare, pale,satin skin beyond compare,

he whispered- 'babe lets steal away, forget champagne, the dessert tray'

But she was hungry as a hog, and spied a mini chocolate log,

always a sucker for a sweet, he joined her for a secret treat.

The last I heard they'd flown away, a beach hut out in Monterey.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Our Room

Each morning we'd awaken to the sound of lapping waves,

a gentle rhythm rousing us from sleep.

Our sun played on the water, moving through a cloudless sky,

I thought about the mysteries of the deep.


Hot coffee percolating and the clock still sits ignored,

no reason to speed up this special day.

We don't need television, magazines or dvd's,

we'll 'ocean watch' until it melts away.


Two chairs are sitting, waiting, such temptation, what to do?

It's easy just to stay in bed and dream.

Salt breezes nudge the curtains but the air inside is still,

our smiles are like the cat that got the cream.


There isn't an agenda, we don't have to make a move,

there is no place we really need to be.

Our room is somewhere special, something private just for us,

there's nowhere else that we would rather be.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


My Happy Valentine

I remember well, when I used to smell those red roses at my door,

I forgave you then, counted one to ten and ignored your awful snore.

Though the years whiz by, I just smile and sigh, there is nothing I can blame, I am still your wife, you are mine for life, and I love you just the same!


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Prayer for Rain (RED NOSE DAY)

We got sand in our armpits and sand in our tums,

sand up our noses and sand up our bums,

sand in our earholes, hey, please tell us mum-

when, tell me when, is the rain gonna come?


We got flies busy buzzing, they're big fat and blue,

they stick to our eyelids then buzz round the poo,

I heard through the grapevine ,is it really true,

are they're gonna build us a brand spanking loo?


We got sun shining down and the ground is so dry,

but oh what I'd give to have rain from the sky.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Are We Alone?

Are we alone, well I dare say we are,

is there some being up there on a star?

Do sad eyes look with a silent despair,

on a world hurting and needing much care?


If not alone- how on earth do we know,

where do they come from and where do they go?

Do they look like us and share the same fears,

hang on and hope they will see better years?


Are we alone-or do we wait and see,

how long it takes them to reach you and me?

Maybe they’ll get here too late to repair,

a planet  that's dying with no one to care.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Who Am I?

I looked at this list and I thought-'who am I ?'

I studied and pondered still trying to think why.

I really tried hard as my hardest could be,

I couldn't see one thing alluding to me.

I've not been a mother, just merely an aunt,

dear schools's far behind me a young'n I aren't!

I don't live alone I've a husband that's true,

my demons this moment are way in the blue.

I never aspire to heroics-but then-

if push came to shove it could happen-but when?

The term called 'in-love' covers so many things,

has so many facets and pulls many strings.

Of lost love I never have suffered that fate-

but if you are talking of people-then wait-

My father my mother my aunty and friends

if that is lost love well maybe my list bends...

I am just a person plonked onto this earth,

to follow my instincts and prove all my worth.

I might have a link to the list you have made,

but right now I'm thirsty- I need lemonade!!!


(with something strong in it!)


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

I Will Light Up a Candle For You

I can still feel the touch of her hand,

long fingers carressing my cheek,

I can still smell her perfume so sweet,

she twirled in her dress black and sleek.

I can still hear that hypnotic laugh,

blonde ringlets with soft shoulders bare,

I can still see that look on her face

when I told her I just didn't care.

She cries at night and longs for the man,

her pillow is damp from her tears,

she cannot see I played her so wrong,

I grabbed all the life from her years.

She walks the night in search of someone,

a picture of me in her mind,

she still believes I will come back,

not a trace of me she'll ever find.

Each night she lights a candle of hope,

her prayers are for my return,

each night I sing the blues through the smoke,

hot tears in my eyes start to burn.

I was a fool to treat her so mean,

I thought I could find someone new,

she used to say each time I walked out-

'I will light up a candle for you'.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

The Clock and the Phone (Personal)

Early morning 6 o’clock the phone breaks through the stillness

I pick it up dreading what I am about to hear-

What I know I will hear

Phil’s voice

‘He died at 4 o’clock’

We both cry

Choking words and tears

My dog looks quietly up

She senses-she knows

‘Grandad’s gone,’ I whisper

But the rest of the words catch in my throat

Along with tears

And a feeling of ‘oh well…..’


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Lovers Hand

Whose hand is this that leaves it's imprint on my heart,

carved deep and rigid on my oaken door?

Stark words of love that tear my very soul apart,

taunt every dream distorting all before.

It is my lovers hand whose fingers dart and play,

to tempt my thoughts upon the oaken door.

A door unlocked, the key I freely give away,

unto the dearest love, not known before.

Whose hand is this that decorates a scented page?

Sweet torment as I breathe each heady word.

At last to find a peace that nothing can asuage,

my lover's thoughts dance round me like a bird.


Whose hand is this that turns the key inside my heart,

slips softly through, no door can keep apart?


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


Lovers kiss

They kiss amidst the throb of life, ignoring those who stare,

enfolded in their web of love, completely unaware.

Together on a busy street where life just carries on,

warm lips stay joined, soft eyelids close, all shyness now has gone.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

No Fault

We are as little wooden ships

trying to be gallant

but failing

no fault of our own


We cling onto each wave

in the vain hope

we'll reach nirvana

we will never find it


as long as we fight against the tide

not submit to the lull

close our ears to the ocean

we will remain little wooden ships


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Our Island

Beyond our pink horizon green fronds play in the breeze,

and dainty orange blossom dance in the wind to tease.

I follow in your footsteps imprinted in the the sand,

the meaning of this journey I've come to understand.

I see you on the hilltop hands waving with a smile,

I know we'll be together in just a little while.

A pair of rainbow lovebirds escort me up the hill,

the balmy wind relaxes and all is quiet and still.

The sky an azure ceiling, our bed within the dunes,

our music is of bird song, soft serenading tunes.

And all around the blossom reflected in your eyes,

below us is the ocean relinquishing it's sighs.

You tell me of our future and all that is to be,

how wonderful to know that at last we can be free.

Our fingers link together to never come apart

for you now hold the secret that nestles in my heart.

The sun's a ball of orange reflected in the sea,

we sit and watch in silence, cocooned beneath our tree.

For hours we could stay here just listening to the world,

our souls so close together will never be unfurled.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Dorset Dreams

We've just got back and truth to tell we found yon Dorset very well,

our cottage cosy as can be just big enough for us 'the three'

with rippling stream and rolling hill alas I'm dreaming of it still

and plan we must a fond return for there is far much more to learn

about Tom Hardy's county great another month-I cannot wait

so not farewell for good it's true maybe methinks  pastures new...

but tis a dream to shelve for now we will return one day I vow.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

In-Laws...Love em!

There's nothing quite like families

to get you all wound up,

and I belong to one that does just that.

I love them all so dearly,

and will always share a cup,

but lately every word has fallen flat.


My in-laws are confounding me,

they have for many years,

it's taken quite a while to understand.

I love them all so dearly,

and have often shed some tears,

but lately there's been stress within the band.


The patience of a daughter-in law

is very often tried,

you fade into the background when there's strife.

I love them all so dearly,

but sometimes it's hard to hide

all the anger bottled up inside this wife!


To stand back and not say a word

is very very hard,

especially when you've heard it all before.

I love them all so dearly,

but I'm tired of this facade,

excuse me while I melt into the door.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

In winter Tom brings out his pots of paint,

all colours of the rainbow I might add,

his rooms are neither off the wall or quaint,

in fact I've seen his loo - and that aint bad.

Tom hates the rotten rain and winter chill,

and so to all his coloured pots he turns,

proceeds to paint bright pink his window sill,

each door is covered in a hue that burns.

With yellow walls, a colour for each chair,

he paints a scene where I would love to be,

with laughing eyes and multi-coloured hair,

we lay upon the floor and watch his 'sea.'.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved



Make your move don't be afraid,

in each square a heart displayed.

Don't look back stare straight ahead,

lose your place and bang you're dead.


All around are enemies,

they might bring you to your knees.

Plans afoot to bring you down,

steal your thunder and your crown.


Keep your head and keep your place,

stand your ground and don't lose face.

Think things through and take your time,

holding back is not a crime.


In your sights a knight in black,

primed and ready to attack.

One false move he'll have your heart,

tear your king and queen apart.


Make your move and follow through,

you know what you have to do.

Don't look back just play to win,

checkmate - now the games begin...


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

All is Vanity

Liposuction from the thighs

Wrinkles banished round the eyes

Jaws are shaped and eyebrows lifted

Noses straightened cheekbones shifted

Age will catch you up one day

All is vanity they say.


Boobs reduced there is a charge

Go for ‘gnat- bites’ or enlarge

Fat is suctioned by the bucket

If it goes wrong just say ‘fuck it'

Time to have another go

All is vanity oh no…


Mirror mirror cannot lie

Gravity you can’t defy

Hair once grey is now magenta

Bin the wig that someone lent her

Is it pride that makes you pay?

All is vanity hey hey…


For all this there is a price

Scars and bruises not so nice

‘Thinner knee caps if you please sir’

Hair implanted just to tease her

Wrinkles will reform too soon

All is vanity buffoon…


Dye my hair down to the root

Make my neck a champagne flute

Use some sense and stop pretending

It’s not broken why this mending?

Soon no money stony broke

All is vanity-big joke.


Nip and tuck will never end

Laser beam becomes a friend

Ears are flattened and made smaller

‘I’m too short please make me taller’

Tears will cloud those eyes one day

All is vanity they say.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Hello I'm Johnny Cash

Some say I am the 'man in black' I guess that much is true,

the reason being people, I will now divulge to you.

I got a 'dear John' letter from my sweatheart Mary Beth,

and now my blood is frozen and my soul is close to death.


She's met her mister perfect like she always wanted to,

somebody to rely on and depend on to be true.

And yet I don't begrudge him, though he beat me to the line,

but everytime I think of them it chills me to my spine.


The people used to stand and stare as we walked through the town,

and we'd make plans to buy a place a pretty wedding gown.

At times I'd get real jealous at the guys that looked her way,

I know it would upset her with my anger on display.


With her my world was wondrous, just to feel her hand in mine,

from babies through to childhood she became my valentine.

I know that I've been stupid, could have curbed my jealous heart,

and in the end this very thing just tore it all apart.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Selfish Tears

Why should I cry for you

Because I miss the strong arms

that used to lift me into the clouds

tucked me tight in bed you're still inside this head


I never said I would

but it's when I hear that song

or gaze across the fields

when the wind is blowing strong

I feel your arms engulf me

they start to pull me in

that's when my heart splits open

and selfish tears begin




Why should I cry for you?

Because I miss your voice on the phone

reassuring hugs

soft cooing in my ear

but you're not here...


I never said I would

but it's when I hear your voice

it captivates my soul

leaving me no easy choice

I cry into the wind

as it tries to pull me in

selfish tears dry on my face


so you see

I never win


Why should I cry for you

Because I love you


for always

most of all

because I miss you


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved



In Love

Give me love on a warm summers day,

in cool grass we will blissfully lay,

kisses linger and fragrantly stay,

what a joy to declare our true love.


We will savour the sweet summer wine,

as your fingers entangle with mine,

tranquil moments like these are divine,

what a joy to reveal our true love.


Words are whispered between silent sighs,

bobbing daises curve round to disguise,

I shall drown in the blue of your eyes,

what a joy to behold our true love.


We shall use these soft fronds as a screen,

share our magical kisses unseen.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

She Hides Herself Away

She hides herself away

disappearing into the yellow daffodil

and whitest snowdrop

beneath the willow she sits

gathering broken petals of the past



She hides herself away

retreating into green swaying grass

smelling the rain on her skin

walking in endless circles

retracing her steps



She hides herself away

so nobody sees her cry sad rainbows

her auburn hair wrapped round as a shawl

tracing the carved name

embedded in the tired oak



When daylight fades

dying into night

she hides herself away


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Missing You. (Personal)

I miss the little talks we used to have

when I had endless weeks and crappy days

I miss holding your hand

that sweetest of smiles

you being there was all that that I could wish for

now all I have are misty memories


I took so much for granted

I never stopped to listen

never thought you needed to talk too

now I need to hear your voice

and it's not there anymore

God how I miss you


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved



Rayeigh Library 75 Years

When the library came to Rayleigh,

there were many smiles and cheers,

for at last the font of knowledge had arrived.

Books of every shape and colour,

each encasing myriad words,

on this feast of new found treasure people thrived.

Like an acorn this occurrence,

grew into a sapling small,

as the populace began to join the queue.

Such an avid reading public,

they could never get enough,

great demand there was for more-a new venue?

From a small room to a building,

that would house yet more great reads,

everything from dictionaries to Peter Pan.

Books on travel and adventure,

grisly murders-making cakes,

Enid Blyton and the insides of a van!

Then came high-tech 'telepenning'

with more tickets for each book,

Mobile Libraries plus book exchanges too.

With deliveries to the housebound,

bringing pleasure far and wide,

there was nothing that this library could not do.

Motor manuals, tips on gardening,

how to build a garden shed,

architecture through the ages, art and health.

Music scores and famous people,

from King Tut' to Zeta-Jones,

every page held countless facts and untold wealth.

'Til at last a brand new building,

which now stands on history,

and it gives you every fact from A to Zed.

There's a lovely children's library,

holding books for every age,

bedtime stories now when baby goes to bed.

Our computers are on offer,

with flat screens and cool wii fi,

covering courses on arithmetic and such.

You just click to find the answer,

or create your own CV,

with kind staff on hand to give that helpful touch.

There are toddler times and story hours

where parents can unwind,

and on Friday mornings tea and coffee served,

You can trace a long lost ancestor

and delve into the past,

find that book with just one click and it's reserved.

We can help out with the homework,

find the book that solves the prob',

consult documents on threatening motorways.

Ordnance survey maps and guidebooks,

spoken word, dear Mills & Boon,

dvd's, cd's and all the Shakespeare plays.

There's an annual Reading Challenge,

for all youngsters big and small,

with certificates to hand out at the end.

Well known authors sometimes visit,

we have Reading Groups galore,

local writers compare offerings freshly penned.

There are numerous applications

that this library can access,

information is the keyword that is used.

If you wish to start a business,

or look up some rare disease,

search no further, we unravel the confused.

So at last this is the history,

of how Rayleigh came to have ,

it's own library service, great in every way.

Give a cheer and thank each other,

we deserve an accolade, individually we had a part to play.

You can keep your television

and it's endless repartee,

it is not the be and end all to survive.

Here's a building filled with treasures

and it's called a library,

and today we celebrate year 75!


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

The Bond (Kyrielle)

Without true friendship where are we?

A stronger bond could never be.

Familiar fingers wipe a tear,

warm arms surround, repelling fear.

A voice that bridges many miles,

and wraps your heart in endless smiles.

A sincere heart and patient ear,

warm arms surround, repelling fear.

Please raise a glass to friendship true

it does not age, remains as new.

All thoughts are linked and crystal clear,

warm arms surround repelling fear.

Without true frienship where are we?

A stronger bond could never be.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

My Message 2

The Past-

we would sometimes love to grab back

but we cannot

memories are like fragile cobwebs

we cling to them like a raft

we have to


The Present-

is to cherish each day -keep close

it is all we have

every day is given for free

a gift

we must spend each one wisely


The Future?

it takes care of itself

we have no hold

we can only watch and wait

keep the light burning within

love each other



© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


When Lewis blows his magic sax,

he sends you high above the world,

where mellow mixes with the blue,

and notes of heaven are unfurled.


He'll take you to the highest high,

wipe out your fears, forget your lows,

swing you around his funky heart,

his music is the wind that blows.


With jumpin' jive and rockin' rap

and fingers rippling up and down,

he'll shake your hair loose with each note,

hitting the high spots in your town.


So come on now, hear Lewis play,

chill out, turn on, get on the spot,

chase all your sorry blues away,

his magic sax is blowin' hot.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


Should I stay or should I go, is it worth my while,

enter in commit the sin feel your viscious smile,

put this life into your hands only for a day,

gamble all give in to fate, let you have your way?


Is this wrong or is this right, will the guilt return,

times before you slamned the door, would I ever learn?

Tried to trust to instinct, but my heart betrayed my love,

nearer to the door are you, at my back you shove.


Will I win or will I lose, do I really care?

Knowing from experience you never have played fair,

smugness shows from head to toe, victor now you are,

stuck to you like tar to shoe now I've gone too far.


Am I drowning in this mire while you take me down,

or just drifting on the edge  just as you grab your crown?


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


Hidden powers hold you in the cradle of my arms,

they will never find us as you submit to my charms,

too long I have waited, for this moment to arrive,

I will take you with me, where sweet lovebirds swoop and dive.


Gentle is the wind that sends us further from their search,

clouds will hide our cover as we turn to silver birch,

you'll impart the secret and entrust me with the plan,

floating to our destiny, to smell the sweet yulan.


High above the mountains topped with snow as cold as sin,

hidden caves will beckon, keep our bodies safe within,

there beneath the stalactites your secret you'll impart,

misty passwords spoken, taken deep inside my heart.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


My mistress comes here everyday and bids me sit and wait,

in rain or shine or thunderstorm, we never arrive late,

I watch in total silence as she stares towards the sea,

still praying for the miracle we know will never be.


We both know he's not coming back, her love of many years,

the hungry sea snatched him away, just like it steals her tears,

I'm powerless to help her to move forward with her life,

as long as she still needs, me I'll support her through her strife.


She'll linger here an hour or more until the tide rolls in,

her shoulders slump resignedly, once more the waves will win,

and so we walk back through the rocks, where laughter echoed round,

now hidden coves lay cold and dark, no birds to sing, no sound.


I look up to her face and see the tears that fill her eyes,

a tender smile that trembles and a tired heart that dies.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


Maisie waited up all night,

knowing something wasn't right,

no life moves within this mite,



Maisie hoped her husband would

stand beside her if he could,

left them both for something good,



Now an outcast in the town,

people pass her by and frown,

tiny little life is lost,

hands are colder than the frost.


Maisie wants so much to die,

hasn't enough strength to try,

never hear her baby cry,



© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


The Woman in Me

You hang around with liars and cheats

come midnight and you're on the streets,

you have no time to sit and talk ,

well now it's time to walk the walk.


You don't care how you spend your time,

you treat our love like it's a crime,

one day I know you'll leave for good,

given the chance I know you would.


Then I confront you and you say-

'It's the woman in me needs to get away'.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved




Dusk settles on my face

it hides the tears

words left unsaid

they need to be spoken

I can't breathe

heavy air closes in

all is lost


love has gone.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


Can it be I am in heaven,

withsweet angels high above?

Wings are warm, sweet music uplifts,

feeling safe in arms of love.


Can it be that I am drifting,

to a place yet to be seen?

Where a sweet king waits, my true love,

and in peace will reign as queen.


Can it be this is in my dreaming,

magic has engulfed my heart?

Will I wake to smells of jasmine,

and sweet pain of a lovers dart?


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


Often he comes to that place by the sea,

to gaze at the ebb and flow of the tide,

memories flood as the waves hit the sand,

and cushion the tears that he carries inside.


Softly the salt wind caresses his face,

closes his eyes and pretends it's her hand,

her smile serene as the day they first met,

placed on her finger a gold wedding band.


People walk past in a world of their making,

laughing and talking the sun in their eyes,

nobody notices nobodybothers,

as behind closed eyelids he silently cries.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


My what a tangled web we weave,

when trying hard not to deceive,

our muddled minds keep branching out,

we keep calm when we want to shout.


Intricate net not always strong,

to keep in touch we tag along,

which path to take, which way to go,

to take things fast or really slow.


Caught up in life's big tangled mess,

a knot each end, hard to address,

to unpick all would take an age,

and so you snap the twigs of rage.


Oh to escape this confused state,

that twists and turns your mind to hate,

shake loose the sawdust from your head,

make tracks to smoother climes instead.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


Shall we dance around each other, until one of us gives in?

Must I always feel I'm standing on the outside looking in?

Let us wave a flag of truce and settle scores, wipe out the hate,

goodbye anger, hello happy, start afresh and meet our fate.

Life is too short to hold grudges, let me see a smile unfurled,

put me safe inside your pocket and we'll dance around the world.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Hold my Hand

Hold my hand, I'm walking on the edge,

I don't want to look down anymore,

keep me near  the beating of your heart,

I don't want to suffer like before.


Hold my hand, your warm and mine are cold,

I don't want to shiver anymore,

wrap your love, a blanket around my heart,

I don't want to be scared like before.


Hold my hand please, here from dangers edge,

I don't want to fall down like before,

bring back home the faces that I love,

I don't want to be lost anymore.



© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Life is like a game of chess,

we are always thinking about the next move,

sometimes it's the right one...


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


Descending from her midnight sky

transluscent silk afloat

skin opal as the moon above

arms protective of her heart

diffident and shy

but quietly brave


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Not Interested

'I'm not interested you know,'

and she turned her pretty head,

the guy just stood infront of her

wishing he were dead.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

The Waiter and the Girl

They said it wouldn't last this holiday romance,

that I was chasing rainbows in the sun,

but deep inside my heart I knew I had a chance,

too many races I had never run.


A simple well worn tale of the waiter and the girl,

whose eyes had met across a midnight bar,

a smile that said 'come on' his hair a rafish curl,

sweet vino and a battered old guitar.


So quiet this little mouse always picking the wrong guy,

romance for me was bottom of the list,

too scared of getting hurt and so painfully shy,

until I realised how lover's kissed.


He'd take my timid hand so unhurried and unplanned,

soft golden beach a world beneath our feet,

we'd listen to the sea roll together on the sand,

white hot sparks exploded when our lips would meet.


A year on down the line still together by the sea,

we make our plans and build a million dreams,

I feel our baby move as my lover kisses me,

while the early morning sun sends down it's beams.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Through darkened halls of pillars, a figure weaves and dances,

heart beating fast, a drumming pulse, in life we all take chances,

blue marble cool beneath her feet, an anklet beats a measure,

brown eyes keep searching through the night,

to find their secret treasure.


Her secret treasure waits within a dim mosaic room,

discovery of this secret tryst would send them to their doom,

his stifled breath he holds, as molton blood invades his head,

wrapped tightly round his wrist a perfumed veil her body shed.


Her body shed each perfumed veil upon their bed of love,

deep in the crypt below the sand, where soldiers stood above,

his satin cloak a coverlet to shroud their first embrace,

skilled hands so eager to untie a bodice of fine lace.


A bodice of fine lace that came undone in heated bliss,

a silken skin unblemished, feeling every hungry kiss,

he hears the gentle ringing of the anklet as she calls,

thin floating veils of perfume end her quest through darkened halls.


Through darkened halls two figures merge,

to share a secret treasure,

hearts beating fast, a love so deep, no one could ever measure,

blue marble cool beneath their feet, in life we all take chances,

brown eyes close tight, bodies ignite, to weave mysterious dances.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Two Leaves

Windswept we meet as two leaves brushing close,

I feel your breath on my face,

soft sugared raindrops alight on my lips,

sacred this moment, this place.


Love truly blessed as our love surely is,

only the wind intercedes,

lost in your eyes as they reflect my own,

knowing our wants and our needs.


Treasured fond kiss that we snatch from the wind,

knowing that this is our last,

holding forever one moment in time,

soon to melt into the past.


Soft blossoms blown gently fall to the ground,

sadness is scattered not bliss,

fickle the breeze that can pull love apart,

stealing our one final kiss.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

The Walk

This pathway is familiar, the one we used to walk,

when you were here beside me we'd  laugh and cry and talk.


The sun was aways shining, warm breezes touched our skin,

when you were here beside me, we watched our love begin.


Barefooted now I wander, fond thoughts stored in each stride,

when you were here beside me, you'd kiss the tears I cried.


I watch the sand make patterns, across the path I tread,

when you were here beside me, your fingers stroked my head.


A voice within my heartbeat, tells me I must move on,

now you are not beside me, I realise you're gone..


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Fantasy Man

My fantasy man appears at night,

with two strong arms to hold me tight,

he whispers sweet words in my ear,

it feels so good when he is near.


My fantasy man is good and kind,

to all my fears he's never blind,

he kisses my tears of hurt away,

and stays with me 'til break of day.


My fantasy man speaks words so sweet,

his gentle hands don't miss a beat,

he tells me I'm his only one,

turns stars and moons into the sun.


My fantasy man protects my heart

his crooked smile a work of art,

those dreamy eyes so dark and deep

within his arms I drift and sleep.


My fantasy man lives in my head

all stifled passions I have shed,

my secret inner-self he knows

a side this woman never shows.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


Reflections. Personal



We sit on the edge of her bed

the one with the pink patchwork quilt

tired eyes gaze down at thin swollen wrists

shaking fingers rub tissue skin

her voice trembles

God how I have missed it


'These are not my hands!'


Hands that were once smooth

nimble pink healthy

wiped tears away

plaited hair

made cakes

darned socks

mended dresses

sewed on buttons


'No they're not mum'


I look away

hating the lie

hating myself for saying it.





Two Words


Her lips do not smile

her eyes do

I wipe lemon mousse from her chin

voice of a child replies



Four spoonfuls

we did well tonight

I make a funny face


Her eyes remain still

her lips do not

I rub her arm feeling bone

'Was that yummy?'


Voice of a child replies






No Surrender



tarnished leaves surrender

kissing frozen grass



my lips touch your warm cheek

blue eyes wide open



filled with fight


We talk

we laugh

I stroke your hand

until blue eyes close

surrendering to sleep



through blurred eyes

I smile up at the moon

my heart swells with love

no surrender




Her Eyes


Her eyes were quite the deepest blue I'd seen,

within them you could see a thousand smiles,

a happy life and laughter that beguiles,

sweet memories where we will ever lean.


I wander back to when I was a teen,

no misbehaving nights out on the tiles,

or causing havoc within dark church aisles,

sweet memories where we will ever lean.


Oh such an imp to nurture and to wheen,

a girl to tempt so many with her wiles,

who loved to cycle many happy miles,

sweet memories where we will ever lean.


Her eyes were quite the deepest blue I'd seen,

sweet memories where we will ever lean.






I said goodbye to you in that quiet room today

you looked so very small

so fragile


I touched a kiss to my finger placed it on your forehead

you looked so very peaceful

so at rest


I told you how much I loved you

laying your tiny crucifix on your hands

my lock of baby hair

a perfect curl


I cried how how much I miss you in that quiet room today

you looked so very small

so fragile


a pearl in cream satin









I remember your face above the blanket

like a small child

I gently pressed my finger to your nose

told you how lovely you were

how much I loved you

your blue eyes floated in misty pools

looking into mine


It's three o'clock

the moon is full

no wind

but the clouds move past her face

no sound

a huge pearl floating in the sky

lighting up my heart like your eyes


I see your face everywhere

I hear your voice

but you are not here

you are gone


My sister is in the kitchen

shredding papers

my husband is on the phone

cancelling things

I sit and look at photos

telling myself everything is fine



© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved







Brill ! Tribute to a Poet

I see you are a clever man,

with magic in your pen,

the script you write just captivates,

a true ten out of ten,

with rhyme and flow unstoppable,

imagination strong,

AP is your true home my friend,

and here you do belong.


Amazing are your stories

and heartrending are your facts,

I never tire of reading

your imaginative tracts,

your mind is like a treasure chest,

each word a precious stone,

like songs of true perfection,

you aquire a faultless tone.


Like ebb and flow of oceans,

quiet calming winds of peace,

your pen continues writing

and your insight does not cease,

we poets look toward you

for encouragement and skill,

dear Legend to be honest,

I must say your writes are brill!


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


Prayers for a Friend

She sends me her letters, about twice a year,

but this time her shakey hand brought forth a tear,

her news always gave me a lift from a 'down',

these words she had written, gave birth to a frown.

Seems only a year since her sister had died,

so many hearts broken and many tears cried,

unfair to come up against personal fears,

more sadness to sign off this mother of years.

She tries to stay strong, but is finding it hard,

how come sister fate has to turn the last card?

A life that was gentle, a friendship so rare,

does anyone matter, do they really care?

I pray for her daily, that's all I can do,

I write to her saying that she will come through,

but words seem so empty and she's far away,

so all I can do now is kneel down and pray.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


At last I'm in the spotlight,

to show just how it's done,

read out my lines with confidence,

they'll see I am the one,

my voice will knock them over,

my actions hold all sway,

the crowds will come to listen,

they will never go away,


I'm warm within the spotlight,

tonight it will be my night.



© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


The Pledge

Rest your constant hand upon this heart,

where all life and death will ebb and flow,

press your silent lips against my own,

words not needed now as we both know.



I would take you far beyond these walls,

leave deceit and jealousies behind,

enemies no more we will find peace,

hidden in our love where none can find.


Give me just a while to drown within

eyes as blue as lapis lazuli,

smelling scented orchids in your hair,

in the heavens I must surely be.


Skin of palest cream brushes my face,

rosebud lips in solemn silence wait,

nightingales disolve into the night,

gentle stars tell us the hour is late.


Here we make our vow forever strong,

pledgeing our two souls to be as one,

Juliet, one kiss will seal my fate,

love me not- my life is truly done.



© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Will We...?

Will you meet me there where the sea disolves to sky,

and moonlight ripples softly from above?

Will we still be friends holding hands until we die,

and twinkling stars tell secrets of our love?

Can you touch the moon as it smiles upon the land,

and gently lulls to sleep my searching heart?

Will we still be friends if you let go of my hand,

and leave me on my own to make a start?

Is this just a dream have you really gone away

or are you merely someone I can touch?

Will we still be friends if I do decide to stay,

though deep inside I love you very much?


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved




Each day I sit at the place by our wall,

waiting for your safe return,

threading the daisies and counting the clouds,

when would this heart ever learn?


When would this heart ever learn how to fly,

just like the dandelion fluff,

gently cascading to find a new home,

gone with one unhurried puff.


Months have passed by and my young heart grows old,

gradually bitterness comes,

never forgetting your silly salute,

hearing the sound of the drums.


Hearing the sound of the drums stopped my heart,

knowing they took you away,

tearing apart all the plans we had made,

our make-believe wedding day.


Once more I lean at the place by our wall,

watching the trees change their hue,

nothing has changed, all our secrets I keep

inside my heart just for you.


Inside my heart just for you are such hopes,

soon you will come home again,

people pass by me they just shake their heads,

maybe they think me insane.


Hundreds of dandelion clocks I have blown

sending a message from me,

maybe just maybe the breezes will blow,

finding your heart on the sea.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Tribute to Jeff-a poet. Love Bumpy x

A waistcoat adorns this poet chap,

his sonnets strong will never sap,

as words flow out of every pore,

we find ourselves entranced once more.

Of cricket he has fondness too,

is stuck to it like 'UHU' glue,

but writing is his greatest love,

poems and Jeff walk hand in glove.

I listen well to his advice,

he always tries to play it 'nice',

not wanting ever to offend,

which makes a true poetic friend.

Here is a poet of renown,

where is the orb the ermine gown?!

Please raise your glass to this fine chap

whose name we cheer and back we clap!


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Fave Rave-dedicated to poet friends

Raise your glasses if you please,

time for kisses and a squeeze,

salutations to my faves,

forget alchohol and raves.

Dearest 'Bob' I wish you well,

your writes they really ding my bell,

sweet 'Dalaney' charms the birds,

with astounding magic words.

'DB's writes are truly blessed,

these have surely stood the test,

where's my dear friend 'LittleMoon'?

Hopefully she'll be here soon!

Hanging garlands on her toes,

there she is, Miss 'Jasminrose',

while dear 'Legend' decks the tree,

with lots more words for you and me.

'Lily otv' and 'Quill',

 ideas on ice, it's time to chill,

who's that waiting for the dawn,

could it be 'Simply Siobhan'?

'Ear'l is rolling in the snow,

see how big his snowballs grow!

Come on 'montez'' where's that smile?

read out poems that beguile.

'Haunted Memory' and 'Tawk,'

returned from their long Christmas walk.

What's that waistcoat doing there,

hanging limply from a chair?

WHOOPS!!! 'cricketjeff' is in the tub,

wonder who his back will scrub?

Just let me roll up my sleeves,

bolt the door, nobody leaves!

Whoops too late the limo's here,

bringing with it Christmas cheer,

gliding up the frosty path,

witnessing this aftermath,

Sue(the cardwell) - curtsy low,

to this poet we bestow,

grateful tidings and our love,

steady now, don't push and shove!

Here we are my 'faves' and me,

gathered round our Christmas Tree,

what a merry sight, and more,

'DO NOT DISTURB' sign on the door!


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Unlucky or What

Had a preference for sweets but my teeth fell out

had a yen for red wine but the bottle ran out

had a hunger for true love -it went down the spout...


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Heaven's Music

Music from above flowing through the universe,

taking us down rivers separate, then to disperse,

running over rocks to expose hidden treasure,

for us to explore and enjoy at our pleasure.

Music from above echoes in the heavenly places,

engulfing our bodies and lighting up our faces,

guiding gently onwards on a sea of destiny,

enjoying the sounds, silky and satiny.

Seeking and endlessly pondering each wonder,

ignoring the sounds of threatening thunder,

wrapped up in the magic, spellbound in the thrall,

marvelling at the beauty of it all.

But still we are drawn to the altar of music,

cascading fountains of rainbows fantastic,

 blissful soft melodies sending such shivers,

as the music disolves into myriad rivers.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved





Her mind is always on a host of multicoloured things,

not knowing who commands her or who even pulls the strings,

she flits from day to day within a rainbow of a daze,

and like a butterfly she never ceases to amaze,

those eyes that always captivate, blink soft like feathered wings,

a dancing smile that flutters on a  peach cream face that sings,

though lacking concentration maybe not always her fault,

Miss Scatterbrain she is just watch her ideas somersault,

with wild cascading hair held fast with rainbow coloured comb,

brushed strictly every evening when her butterflies head home.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Night Traveller

Travelling at night, always on his own,

just a way of life, far away from home,

thinking of the ways, try to make amends,

forgive and forget, repair damaged friends.


Travelling at night, tired and depressed,

craving for some peace, just a slice of rest,

honest working man, tries to play it straight,

up against a wall, left it all too late.


Travelling at night, same station ,same train,

walking home alone, always in the rain,

eating just for one, louder ticks the clock,

neighbours overhead never want to knock.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


Please try to look inside your heart,

perhaps you'll find me hiding there,

a silent smile that gently prays,

patiently waiting for your care.


But you won't look, you will not seek,

you will not even try to touch,

never seeing reasons why,

I want your love so very much.


The flame of love is burning me,

it wants to be part of you,

but how can I make it reach out,

until you can prove to be true?


You think it's not you hurting

but cold hidden love within,

my heart is on a losing streak,

I do not think I can win.


Perhaps you'll turn the other way,

just try to see things as they are,

maybe somewhere there is a love,

that stetches deep and wide and far.


It's not your fault, I realise,

and you were never bound to know,

this candle I keep in my heart,

continues burning when you go.



© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Blue Bird

Say no more pretty blue bird,

every song has to end,

every question an answer,

every lover a friend.

But I have no lover,

I only have you,

but you are too fickle,

flying high in the blue.


Between us no secrets,

we've nothing to hide,

pretending is child's play,

this can't be denied.

But you have no burdon,

to weigh down your wings,

come and go when it pleases,

live a lifetime of kings.


I fear we are losing touch, sands are shifting too fast,

I know by endless waiting, this frienship will not last.

So won't you please fly, with not one song to sing,

back home to your castle, shake off your gold ring.


A long time ago,

I was sent down a dove,

so soft and so pure,

cradled so much in love.

Each night by my tired head,

it coo'd me to sleep,

when morning brushed my eyes,

to the skies it would sweep.


But my pretty blue bird,

it never returned,

I wandered in silence,

deserted and spurned.

It seemed out of nowhere,

you'd come to my aid,

one shimmering rainbow,

a turquoise cascade.


That did not last did it, our frienship that was?

Times of song and laughter, all over now because.

You decided to fly, with not one song to sing,

you flew back to your castle, shaking off the gold ring.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


There is not a day goes by, when I do not think of you,

magic memories held so close, all the things we used to do.


There is not a week goes by, certain something's jog my mind,

and I see you in my dreams, as the memories unwind.


There is not a month goes by, when I see your lovely smile,

wishing so it could be real, stay here for a little while.


There is not a year goes by, still remembering your face,

all those silly jokes you made, silent moments, our own space.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Free Gift

Love can mean so many things,

but to me it means just this,

love is a teacher of the heart,

not just in a passing kiss.


Love teaches us to rise above

the craziness that comes with life,

looking beyond the madness too,

looking beyond the strife.


Loving ourselves, accepting who,

why and what we are,

doing the best that we know now,

no matter how near or far.


Love is the precious gift we have,

a treasure there to use,

spread it round the best you can,

my friend you will never lose.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Single Handed

Brought her kids up on her own,

even though a danger zone,

prairie dogs in search of food,

learned to protect her young brood,

fixed the barn he left undone,

worked the field in baking sun,

had to sell her best prize sow,

have to muddle through somehow.


He aint never coming back,

headed down the rairoad track,

turned her back on other men,

not get fooled like that again,

children growing, finding out,

want to know what life's about,

sit them round the old wood fire,

never thought herself a liar.


'Daddy went away to fight,

he believed in what was right,

fought for likes of you and me,

so our people could be free,'

but at night the lies would taunt,

those blue eyes return to haunt,

stifle back the painful tears,

push away the wasted years.


Up at dawn to tend the herd,

feed the horses make the curd,

paint a smile upon her face,

push that stray hair out her face,

live to survive one more day,

keep bad memories at bay,

carry on as best she knows,

fight the canker that still grows.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


Fond thoughts of you still linger on,

like some eternal magic song,

that warms my heart my very soul,

as overhead the white clouds roll.


Unknown to you in slumber deep,

into your silent heart I creep,

and you will roll onto your side,

beneath the blanket try to hide.


No you will never feel me there,

of me you will be unaware,

never knowing every night,

I 'God bless you' with eyes shut tight.


I'm not afraid what you may think,

I know perhaps from me you shrink,

maybe you'll face it like a man

straighten things out the best you can.


Unknown to you this aching heart

has loved you from the very start,

I hope one day all this will seem,

not just another wasted dream.


I wonder if you pray also,

when darkness comes, and whisper low.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Little Heart

Little heart you try so hard, to win the love that cannot be,

restricted by such painful bonds if only you could break, be free,

my touch is feeble weak and frail, it's just thin air that you can feel,

there's nothing for your hand to hold, it's just the eternal unreal.


So you seek but never find, still looking out from oh so far,

the ache of time has made you tired, snatched away your faithful star,

no other one had stirred your life, you shake but do not fall apart,

and if you fell, as well you might, the final break would be your heart.


Little heart you try so hard and you deserve so very much,

a hand to hold, a voice to cheer, an honest heart that you can touch,

but nothing else makes any sense, so no one else but him for you,

for everything is meaningless and no one else will ever do.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved



Little One

Oceans blue cannot steal from you, your innocent sleep tights,

nor sky above deny you love, from stars up in the heights,

you have your world of magic sounds, and coloured fairy lights,

but none will seem so magical, as the kisses and goodnights.


Tucked in your bed, resting a head, that's filled with daytime dreams,

of sandy hills and daffodils, of seesaw's and ice creams,

oh little one, you've just begun, to know what love can mean,

time didn't plan for tiny hands, to reach and touch a dream.



© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


I breathe you in and hold you close, inside my sleeping silent heart, delighting in the gentle quiet, that comes each time when you depart,

oh just to hold the very breath, that you impart upon my skin,

to treasure every magic thought, that leaves me slowly breathing in.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

At First

At first I did not feel it, maybe I did not see,

like magic out of nowhere, love opened up to me,

I never knew it's meaning, it all seemed so unreal,

a feeling that is fickle, a something you can feel.


At first I just ignored it, and brushed all doubt aside,

there was no point in hiding, for where was I to hide?

I'd have to face it one day, I'd have to understand,

love also can be something, untimely and unplanned.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


You came and thanked me with your smile,

that so did warm me for a while,

you came knowing you conquer still,

this faithful heart that has no will.


And you were shy and so afraid,

was this the best move you had made?

I just sat looking up at you,

I hoped deep in my heart you knew.


Yet you must know I love you so,

I always hate to see you go,

hating the dreaded sad goodbye

but then you are so very shy.


You came and took my tender hand

so unexpected and unplanned,

and here was I your silent love,

who came and went the peaceful dove.


I wait again for your return,

when once again my cheek will burn,

rose lips will tremble with a smile,

bring warmth and safety for a while.


You came knowing you conquer still,

this tired heart that has no will.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Love Lost

I saw you once again today,

but crazy silence struck my mind,

I wanted you so much to stay,

the words got jumbled, hard to find,

they would not come, and so you went,

upon my heart, there grew a dent.


You are young, and you are free,

the bottom of your list is love,

with no restrictions, so you see,

the things you want are those you shove,

with no emotion in your soul,

inside your heart, is black as coal.


How could you love one such as I,

why wish for love, that is not there?

Fooling myself to even try,

indulging in a love to share,

and still the hunger in me stays,

too scared to speak of such displays.


Cool, calm, relaxed, world at your feet,

such stubborn pride, long legs that pace,

a person who is so complete,

no single movement out of place,

I ache inside, wishing that he,

could really be in-love with me.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Artist as a Lover

Things that I try to touch,

do not really mean that much,

just one thing I need to do,

is to see the sun and you.

So it's very hard to show,

how I love and need you so,  

you perhaps will never know,

that I die each time you go.

Although it's autumn time,

the sun gives warmth sublime,

so I sit drawing your face,

trying to fill in empty space.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


Do you know what I am doing, sitting in my chair,

trying hard to relax, fussing with my hair?

I'm thinking of you always, lying in my bed,

reaching for my pillow, pretend it's you instead.

I'm thinking of you every day,

the night brings no repose,

I think of you in every way,

and no one but me knows,

I'm thinking of you now my love,

trying to see your face,

I find it hard to concentrate,

on other things in space.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Secret Clown

In my dreams with my secret clown,

with hair as soft as eiderdown,

a warmth so rare, a smile of gold,

strong arms protecting from the cold.


In my dreams with my secret clown,

makes not one movement or a frown,

I feel so lost when he's not there,

I make him come from anywhere.


I lay my head upon his lap,

flames perform dances hot coals snap,

then comes the dark my fire dies fast,

loud ticks the clock, the hours have passed.


In my dreams with my secret clown,

with hair as soft as eiderdown,

a smile of gold, a warmth so rare,

it's good to know he's always there.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved



The Game

That is the way things go I guess,

life is just an orderly mess,

throwing unwanted things away,

wearing the smile you bought today.


Like something new my first love came,

bringing with him winter rain,

silent looks and sleepless nights,

so conscious of my laddered tights.


Always feel must look your best,

otherwise you fail the test,

yet such a happening invites fate,

thinking sensibly comes late.


Love came in and I passed out,

not knowing what is was about,

thought best to treat it as a game,

not knowing why or when it came.


I know perhaps we try to hard,

let friend fate play the final card,

you find yourself alone again,

face pressed against the window pane.


Watching the couples hand in hand,

still I will never understand,

how it can be that just one boy,

can make me sad yet bring such joy.


I seem to be so out of touch,

at times I speak in double dutch,

but where can this thing hope to end,

in blatant fact, or make pretend?


So all is lost, as it will be,

whatever will become of me

whatever will become of this?

When every day it's him I miss.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Morning Glory

Swathed in floating silk, diaphanus in white,

satin lashes sweep, opening petals to the light.

Unblemished scented skin, dew-kissed rosa lips,

hands slender and soft, delicate finger tips.

Enticing breeze that stirs, cooling dainty feet,

a blissful sleepy joy, tender smiles to greet.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


Disembodied faces float like venetian glass,

upon the evening tide where silent figures pass.

Gondola's rest peaceful beneath a bridge of sighs

multi-coloured faces reflect hypnotic eyes.


Undercover charade awaits enquiring look,

move as marionette's from some strange story book.

Red cruel smile unreal no more you need to ask,

all is but silent mime behind the painted mask.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


Night after night I'm left alone, outside the raging wind makes moan,

each dismal dreary day I live, to meet with those who take not give.

I don't know what to say or do, I need to share some time with you,

to stop the clock would be unfair, no point if you are never there.

If you would give me half the chance, to give this frienship some advance, then things would settle easily, with one true word to set me free.

The problem is one-sided though, my mind will never let you go,

this love has lasted far too long, I need you here where you belong.

Night steals the warmth from my sore heart, it taunts and rips my mind apart,

sleep will not come, tired eyes that stare, because I see you everywhere...


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


Silently Loved

I will always see you there, laughing cider, not one care,

unnoticed goes my silent smile, as music moves you for a while.

I hide behind masquerade smiles, that linger on for miles and miles,

never to read me as a book, sift secrets with a teasing look.

No, you will never take apart, the thoughts that fill this silent heart,

you, oh youth will laugh in fear, not knowing that you have been here.

Inside this heart, inside this mind, hard to forget, easy to find,

I know now I have love to give, enough to share a lifetime with.

Enough to circle the whole earth, that is how much this love is worth,

and you, oh youth will never know, how much I really loved you so.



© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Letting Go


Sometimes when I'm alone, I sit and ponder in my mind,

if I am doing the right thing,  not let things just unwind,

at times I feel a fool because of what I say and do,

what is the point of worrying, when it all comes back to you.

Day in day out the faces blurr and words just pass me by,

minutes turn into hours and the hours they just fly,

the nights I dread, for they are not as easy to live through,

my eyes will not stay shut, because I am far away from you.

If only you were here beside me always day to day,

that is too much to ask I know, there is no other way,

something holds me back, and I can never push it down,

the hunger just gets stronger and I feel that I might drown.

You cannot know how hard I try to make you see I'm living,

I am aware we both are shy, nature is not forgiving,

the problem now for both of us, is where we can begin,

have you become a trophy, that I know I can never win?

The world spins on around us, people have their lives to live,

fragments of a puzzle, caught inside life's busy sieve,

if only I could stop the clock and tell the hands to stay,

instead I see the one I love turn around and walk away.

So do I follow, do I run, catch his hand and say,

'stay with me, for just a while ignore looks of dismay,

or must I stand alone surrounded by the milling crowd,

let it all go, and disappear behind this lonely shroud.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Fast Asleep

What are you doing now my love, are you awake like me,

sitting propped against your bed, book resting on your knee?

Reading in solemn silence, brows knit deep in thought,

eyes soaking in each sentence, honing a mind well taught.

Perhaps you sit night after night, while pages slowly turn,

sipping at your night-cap drink, ever willing still to learn.

I wish, my love, you could be here, instead of where you are,

I feel so empty inside now, and you are oh so far.

I often wonder to myself, what you would ever say,

if you found these, my poems, that I write from day to day,

Maybe you would just laugh at them, because they sound so weak,

and you my love are strong in youth, and I need strength to speak.

For always will I have this fear, not knowing what to say,

fearing that the words I speak, will bring you some dismay,

And you can only grieve about the work you have to do,

while I, in silent agony, try hard to look from you.

But oh, it is so futile, I just cannot bare all this,

I even dream how it would be, to feel your secret kiss,

but you are fast asleep and I will not be in your mind,

beneath sheets you are buried, to my love you will be blind.



© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Frightened Heart

So it will be,

life will weave it's web of fate,

on the ground tomorrows footprints wait,

but the troubled heart knows no rest,

forever so to travel on, and stand the test.

So the young heart wanders, taking the path,

journeying toward tomorrow and threatening aftermath,

hearts run free and fickle, jesters win,

wind curls clouds, setting dead leaves to spin.

Such danger yet such hypnotic mystery,

to tread the open road of future wistfully,

it fears nothing, entwining round the years,

searching out myriad routes and new fears.

Would it but discover a way to this heart,

this oh so secret heart, that hides itself apart,

if I were a bird I'd skim each cloud,

wear no binding ring but sing out loud.

My nest would be the ever golden sun,

and through sweet dreams of azure I'd run,

floating high, rain washing tired wings,

watching a world beneath on strings.

Still I pine away the hours, no chance to fly,

to dreams of blue I wave a fond goodbye,

forever to wear chains, tethered to this path,

journeying towards the threatening aftermath.

Calm is the night, soft mother moon above,

a million smiling stars look down on me with love,

I gaze at them eternally, eyes unblinking,

disappearing into velvet skies, mother moon is sinking.

Distance around me, space surrounds me,

darkness envelopes where light cannot be,

so it will be,

the path of tomorrow that stands apart,

one dim candle flickering, like my frightened heart.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


Love will turn cold, dreams will grow old,

his years are not dead, mine have all fled,

submerged in work, feelings still lurk,

the long days unwind, he's still far behind,

to have been mislead, I'm so way ahead,

and hour by hour, life becomes sour,

sweetness just dies, my lonely heart cries,

I wish for the years, instead of these tears,

never to return, this tired heart will burn,


And across the heavens, the silent stars creep,

and I wish, how I wish, they would just let me sleep.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Forgive and Forget

You don't have to say again, what you said to me that morning,

there's no need to explain, it was obviously a warning,

nothing more we can say, all the love has died away.

Don't remember me in music, no song can ever bring love back,

no flowing stream keeps on reflecting, what we have and what we lack.


Throw the silver ring away, doesn't look right on my finger,

the chance might come again, another fatal glance will linger,

our lives no more to meet never to be a true repeat.

I won't remember you in music, into a corner I am backed,

my hidden mirror keeps reflecting, what we had and what we lacked.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved




In your face I see a lonely life time,

built around some secret hidden fears,

inside you're searching for a guideline,

down your cheek are tumbling many tears.

Tears, they run forever,

tears, meant just for one,

tears, soft as a feather,

you can count them one by one.


Gone is all the hope to love you,

dried up is the love you had inside,

gone are the dreams that never came true,

shut out from your heart of selfish pride.

Pride, can't last forever,

pride, belongs to one,

pride, cannot bring pleasure,

keeps you hidden from the sun.


In your eyes I see an empty life time,

built on a tragedy of years,

you are still searching for that guideline,

all you see are falling tears.

Tears, can't fall forever,

tears, can't hide the sun,

tears, are like the weather,

first there's rain and then there's sun.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

The meaning of Love

How marvellous it is to love,

to give your heart, offer your hand,

a heart that flutters like a dove,

and oh so hard to undrestand.

You cannot think how it began,

no sudden beating of the heart,

no stars appeared, no loud bells rang,

that made this pang of longing start.

It was a figure that you saw,

cold and wet from wintry rain,

edging through the sliding door,

a face reflecting workday strain.

Guitar case clutched in his hand,

alone, dishevelled, standing there,

perhaps a stranger to our land,

a long hand combed through curled blonde hair.

Months went by, he went and came,

each time you'd freeze, feeling quite numb,

as summser sun replaced the rain,

you lived for the moment when he'd come.

Never more will love depart,

it's not some great imagined dream,

it fills the space within each heart,

and now you know what love can mean.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved





.I yearn to say 'I love you',

but words refuse to come,

all I do is stare at space,

sit solo in the sun.

I pray that you will speak my name,

laugh free along with me,

you know it's all a waiting game,

not for reality.

I don't know what's come over me,

feel like I'm full of air,

and all I can remember,

is the colour of your hair.

I want to say 'I love you so',

but courage melts away,

perhaps it will return again,

to see me through the day.



© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved



Texting Talk

Treacle tea at break time,

texting talk with no mime,

by the misted windows,

mangled weeds like dead crows,

banging at computers,

faces of bored tutors.

Outside in the playground,

inviting joyous sound,

rope tapping to a beat,

teacher straightens her pleat,

Johnny slips in the sand,

no one to lend a hand.

Blind anger in his eyes,

runs in the bush and cries,

wallbars to cling and clout,

no safety there to doubt,

to dream to climb to fly,

of things you cannot buy.

Winter wind hits the ground.

blow tangled leaves around,

remember years behind,

people seemed so unkind,

friends met fell out again

closed eyes and count to ten.

Never more times to see,

one silent memory,

back to the present time

texting talk with no mime,

on with the motley now,

got to get on somehow.



© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


The hand I look for is not there,

it disappeared with dying winter,

the new born sun turns the earth fair,

inside my heart, there hides a splinter.

Here am I, upon the ground,

far from the world, waiting to be found.

I say a silent prayer each day,

that I may grow wiser and stronger,

it's always guilt that seems to stay,

I wonder could it last much longer?

Here am I, wondering why,

thinking still, overshadowed by the sky.

My heart is still carelessly free,

knowing no boundary no temptation,

how is it then that still I wait,

with baited breath for my salvation?

Here I stand, lost then found,

my feelings all still underground.

I'll keep on looking for the face,

with eyes I silently adore,

love is the most important thing,

it's what everyone lives and dies for.

Here am I, waiting still,

for that one face that will evade all ill.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved





I saw you once again today,

and wanted you so much, to stay,

but crazy silence struck my mind,

and words I tried so hard to find,

they would not come, and so you went,

upon my heart, there grew a dent.


Oh, you are young, and you are free,

with no restrictions, so you see,

the only things, that you can love,

are those you want, and those you shove,

there's no emotion, in your soul,

your loveless eyes, are black as coal.


How could you love one such as I?

So mad to think you would even try,

wishing for something, just not there,

a Polish boy, with wavy hair,

a youthful grin, a snubby nose,

tight fitting jeans, knowledge that grows.


Cool, calm, relaxed, world at his feet,

no single thing that's incomplete,

such stubborn pride, his long legs pace,

and not one movement out of place,

oh, how I wish that only he,

could really be in-love with me.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Green Eyes

Waiflike she walked through crowded streets,

her green eyes mirrored secret thought,

and heads would turn though she ignored,

so many hearts for her had fought.


Brushing a playful strand of hair

from skin as pale as mother moon,

heels clicking softly on the ground,

humming some long forgotten tune.


Weaving a web she only knows,

avoiding faces seen before,

she reaches base, a jazz cafe,

and passes through a gothic door.


Stepping through smoke towards the sound,

green eyes mist over for a while,

but if you look beyond the dark,

green eyes will light up with a smile.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


Just Someone

Play the game,

tease at love and give it a false name,

push aside my look of silent wonder,

welcome in the rain.

Head held high,

not even one thought to say goodbye,

dreaming only of tomorrow's fortune,

greet it with a sigh.

There you stand,

everything should be just as I planned,

but I guess my heart knows when it's beaten,

shake it by the hand.

There you go,

blind to all you see and what you know,

here I stand to watch you brightly walking,

out to give a show.

You are young,

and your life has only just begun,

time will change us all , you will forget me,

I'll be just someone.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Talking Strangers

We used to sit a while,

and talk of cabbages and kings,

and in between each languid smile,

plan out the strangest things.

Two people talking into space,

eyes firmly on the sky,

to feel the sun upon my face,

as our words circled high.


Talking strangers, silly things,

words mingling in a cooling breeze,

the emerald lake had rippled rings,

red blossom, showering from the trees.


You said it had to end,

we'd covered every patch of ground,

you know it was just make pretend,

two hearts finally drowned.

Now knowing no more room for tears,

the talking will  now stop,

tears will give way to wasted years,

our bubble will go pop.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


In the morning I will miss you,

when mother light brings the first snow,

cold night arrives we will not be,

an empty chair nowhere to go.

What use is there treading backwards,

when I should turn and start anew?

Tried forgetting these memories,

but every one leads back to you.

Inside my heart there is sadness,

such moments never seen again,

all the years of fun and laughter,

and now it all seems so insane.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


I did not think that you would write,

I dreamt about you all last night,

missed you like I miss the sun,

it rains all day on everyone.

Missing you is hard to hack,

wondering when you're coming back,

I long to see your face again,

instead of watching all this rain.

Mooned around the place all day,

thinking of you far away,

thinking of my holiday,

thinking things I dare not say....

Never thought you would think of me,

I find this difficult to see,

they say that some dreams can come true,

I never thought I would hear from you.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


I have tried and it's no use,

as for me there's no excuse,

been tied up while you roam loose,

took for granted.

There is no more I can do,

knew I'd never get to you,

guess that all along I knew,

took for granted.

There is no time to decide,

this is love I cannot hide,

all my patience has been tried,

took for granted.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Secret Love

My love is a secret,

a secret kept true, in silence,

and only seeing, is believing,

and I see his face, wherever I may go.

It may not be there often,

but one glance, lasts forever,

floating round me, like a feather,

giving everything, a rosy glow.


My heart begins to tumble,

trying hard, not to stumble,

my secret love is fast approaching,

and not one single word, to pass between.

Like a burning ember,

I shall always remember,

how one laugh hit my frightened heart,

and every day was spent, in a dream.


So soft, strong, yet gentle,

and so sentimental,

I'm high on a rainbow,

whether he is far, or he is near.

But only in silence,

my worship increases,

my love holds the pieces,

that fit together each perfect year.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

The Role

From our quiet place,

should we care

about their vulgarities?

Are we humbled,

because we protect

them from violence?

When attacked,

they take refuge,

here we ease

their anxieties away.

Like babies they cry,

we nurse them

through struggles.

Training our souls,

to restrain the viscious riches

of their passion.

Do we sigh

or do we sob,

or remain silent,

until they slumber?


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved




Just forget me when you're sleeping,

with your head sunk in the clouds,

don't remember last November,

when we hid from prying crowds,

while you're dreaming I'll be leaving,

heading down a lonely road,

won't stop thinking I'll be blinking,

back the tears your face will goad.

So here I am like one lost lamb,

what to do which way to go,

which road is best, that is the test,

should I turn back, take it slow?

This time's hard, troubles stretch farther,

farther than the eye can see,

I'm without you I won't doubt you

this is how it all should be.

Keep on sleeping I'll stop weeping,

I know you're not crying too,

there is no time love was not fine,

plane starts climbing into blue,

please remember, last November

a love already turning sour,

snowflakes will fall, others will call,

I'm forgotten in an hour.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Living the Lie

They said I should forget and push you from my mind,

it hurts to hear these words I know I can't be blind,

I've got to face the facts not make my life a lie,

this is the end my friend it's time to say goodbye.

They said it's best that I should put you out of sight,

not worth the trouble such a tongue trained hard at spite,

but they don't understand how much my heart can take,

to give up searching when I have this empty ache.

They said I should forget but it's so hard to do,

I know deep down inside I won't get over you..


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


Come join the merry-go-round in my mind,

magical wonders you are sure to find,

words by the thousand are ready to use,

lining up ready so many to choose.

Come poets all for our playtime is here,

beat out the rhythm we so love to hear,

ever increasing the speed that we write,

flashing like neons far into the night.

Come playful poets let image unwind,

leave all the hangups of life far behind,

let down your hair and surrender your heart,

parchment and paper such marvels impart.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


I paint my love with tender care, silver thread spools of angel hair, ,

gossamer blankets, warm and light, painting my love is pure delight.

To kiss, then wake from fairy dreams,faces weave tales in magic streams,

lingering kisses melt to night, painting my love is such delight.

I wrap my heart around your own, gentle arms guide to paths unknown,

butterfly touches brush against white painting, my love is sheer delight.

I paint my love with tender care, quiet she sits a thoughtful stare,

silently waiting for the night, painting my love is pure deight.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Ice Dance

Effortless grace

twirling in space

weaving in dance

split second glance

blades glide and gleam

white showers stream

dancing through time

moving in mime

entwining shapes

shimmering drapes

snowflake sequins

ice dance begins


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


The rain poured down like frosted stone,

sifting through grass like a shimmering comb,

when it ceased all life stood alone,

covered in colour a huge rainbow dome.

Tears trickled down an ice cold cheek,

mingled with raindrops too tired too weak,

when they dried up she could not speak,

no laughter could this poor frightened heart seek.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

Moving On

Moving on isn't easy sometimes it's unplanned,

emotions get muddled you can misunderstand,

young lovers play games, little knowing the outcome,

until love turns sour and life all becomes humdrum,

pick themselves up and dust off remnants of the past,

to find themselves a friendship that will truly last.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved


They were asking about Kathy, 'haven't seen her for a while',

we've missed those twinkling eyes, and that warm, welcoming smile.

Like a little family, working hard, down at the gym,

when somebody stops coming, you think, it's just a wim.

Maybe it was the dreaded flu, too weak, to venture out,

perhaps a New Year holiday, that could dispel the doubt?

This morning, I met Kathy, looking tired, and slightly frail,

her eyes, had lost thier sparkle, her face, was drawn and pale.

But her smile seemed strangely brave, with no falseness, or pretence,

her voice was soft, and measured, as she spoke of her absence.

Her husband, had been very ill, the last couple of years,

the diagnosis, not so good, confirming family fears.

On the 11th of December, hearts and minds, were torn apart,

a mother, with her children, wondering where to make a start.

With smiles, and hugs we greet her, knowing she must carry on,

I marvel at this lady, with a heart so quietly strong.


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved



always waiting

always waiting on my own

for you to call or phone



always watching

always watching for your face

to fill this frigid space



always stumbling

always stumbling into things

still letting you pull strings



always lying

always lying to myself

filed failures on the shelf



always sleeping

always sleeping cold alone

for my sins I atone



always crying

always crying on my own

aching for barbitone



© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

The Visit

I cannot say how I came to be here,

the sun guided me down this narrow lane,

where I headed my feet had no control,

far inside a dream I cannot explain.