Photo of me is by Sue Fry circa 1990's


I'm just an old fashioned girl deep down

scatty young brain

hidden inside a mature frame

a little bright

not too smart

I like to think I have a good soul


I deplore hate

adore love

music art writing

my home is within my heart

my heart is with those I love


I scare easily

I try to keep secrets

I'm gullible

but I do believe always


© HILLY KENDRICK. All rights reserved

An Essex Girl With Attitude

Born in Dagenham 22 July 1950. Now living in Hemsby, Norfolk. A beautiful place not far from the sea which is my favourite element EVER!

Started writing stories and poems while atttending my Secondary School in Ingatestone Essex. Had a mad crush on my then English teacher who I used to use as a soundboard for my writings while secretly worshipping him in adoration from a distance!

Started publishing my poems in 2015 after being bullied and nagged for years by friends. I love writing. I love how it releases pent up emotions and deep cleans the soul. 

I love music, art, countryside walks and of course my big love, the ever present intoxicating sea.

I thank my family and my friends for always being there for me but most of all I thank God for making all things possible. x


'Words from the Honeycomb'   Published 2015


'Memories and Shadows'   Published 2016


NB. Available from myself or on Amazon.

Our beach xxx

Up And Running !

So folks, here it is, my first very own website and boy am I excited! I hope you enjoy reading the various offerings I will be posting on here. Hopefully there will something for everyone.

Poems on here date way back before I joined AP in 2007 (you can tell with the earlier poems that I was struggling with rhyme and meter!) to the present, poems in various guises, romantic, dark, funny, 'adult', along with my first short story -'A Man Alone' and  short narratives, ie.  'Sam's Diner', and 'Scent in the Air'.

Please be aware that not all my poems are drawn from real life, these are works that have been written for various contests (AP) and occassions.

I look forward to hearing from you, and please feel free to comment.

Enjoy the journey, for me this is a new one altogether and my head is in a spin of excitement at the moment.

Thank you to my mate Shaz who has opened up new vistas for me!.

I think my mum and dad are smiling down on me xxx


NB. AP stands for a website called - which I joined in 2007. I still post on there occassionally-when I have time!

December 2018